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It’s DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER! And I’m So Pleased!

It’s done!  And I’m so pleased!  For a while now, I have been eyeballing this outfit from Marina Hoermanseder.  I just had to have it!  Of course, it’s not my style to wear short shorts to work, so instead I opted for the longer look of wide pants, or  culottes.  Here’s Marina Hoermanseder’s ORIGINAL…





I’m keeping an eye on Sophie – she wants to sneak closer to the Christmas tree! 



How do you like the hem length?  I made it stop mid-shin.  This is such a warm pair of wide pants, I figured that the longer length would be appreciated in the colder weather.

This pattern, McCalls M6965, was marked “EASY” and I certainly didn’t have any problem with it.  It even gave me the length variations that I wanted.  My fabric is a lovely Navy Blue, 80% polyester, 15% rayon, 5% lycra Ponte de Roma Knit.  If you would like more details about the construction of the wide pants, I have them here and here.


My jacket pattern was Vogue V7975.  I can’t really tell you how “friendly” the pattern instructions were as I did my usual glance over the instructions, they were familiar, so I proceeded by memory – besides I wanted to “bag the lining” and they didn’t give instructions for that.  I am also unsure of my fabric content for the jacket.  It was called “Home Decor End”, and I grabbed it from the sale bin at my local fabric shop.  Lucky!  I suppose I could do a burn test but with the luck I have been having lately, I should stay away from fire.

If you would like more details about the construction of the jacket, I have it here.


Altogether, the jacket cost $17.59: jacket fabric $9.14; jacket lining $4.95; jacket closure $3.50; plus thread.  The wide pants cost $17.31: fabric $15.96; zipper $1.35; plus thread.

I decided to “bag the lining” instead of following the pattern instructions and sewed it like this… (Click the first image to start the slide show.)

I’ll give you some detail shots on “Dolly”.

The Front.  There is one dark stripe running across the chest.  It matches up when the fronts don’t move or slip away from each other.


I slip stitched the hem and the sleeve hems to prevent the lining from slipping down too far.
And my favourite detail – the hook closure!

I thank you …

Remake Remodel Recycle

Elle Gee Makes

Life in A “Mads” House

Sew Deputy

for letting me display your Designer Originals and YOUR COPIES!  I have enjoyed doing this and plan on doing the same next December.  I’ll be searching all year for some lovely Designer Original to COPY in December.  Keep your eyes open too – Why buy when you can make it yourself? – join me in the Challenge and give #DESIGNINDECEMBER a try!

I am going to take two weeks off from blogging, I have injured my right hand (“Public Service Announcement:  Don’t get too close to a steaming kettle!”) and I also have some family matters to attend to, but if you keep sewing and blogging, I will keep reading and commenting!

So see you around the January 16th weekend – Happy New Year! and Even Happier Sewing!!



49 thoughts on “It’s DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER! And I’m So Pleased!”

  1. Lovely! And finished just in time! The culottes are a great length and the jacket looks like it’s exactly how you wanted it, with a beautiful detail! Well done to us all. Hope your hand recovers soon! And a very good and happy new year!

  2. Your outfit looks great Linda! Love the jacket and clasp detail, the whole outfit really suits you. I wish I had been able to take on this challenge but time was against me. I’ll definitely will be taking part next year!
    Happy New Year to you and yours! x

  3. Urgh, I can’t believe I missed this!! I would have loved to take part. Maybe I’ll do a sneaky late make in January! Your jacket and culottes look fab, great line matching too!

  4. Love the metal clasp instead of the buckle one on the model. The fabric and fit are just perfect. We all need a little break the beginning of the year to re-charge and nurse our wounds before Spring fever hits us and we charge into a new season of sewing.

  5. Lovely outfit. Sorry about your hand – hope it gets better soon.
    Yes, I’d like to join in with you next December – seems so far away but it’s not! I have a wedding between now and then…
    Best wishes for 2016!

  6. Beautiful! The length is perfect on the shorts. And that jacket – wow! I’m in agreement with others, the clasp is lovely, and a big improvement over the original’s buckle. Wondering if one (meaning me) could use a single button on this jacket…maybe with a loop? Happy New Year to you, Linda!

  7. Your outfit is better than the original! I love that jacket fabric… What a lucky find! I appreciate your summary of the cost of your jacket…I forget to do that sometimes and when copying a designer original it’s so satisfying to see how cost effective seeing a special garment can be. Thanks for the refresher on bagging the lining too. Enjoy your time off and take care of your hand. See you in 2016🎉

  8. Hi. I’m having my coffee break at work and catching up on blogs. The culottes look great. I LOVE the jacket. I love stripes. I also really like the colour and the little fine detail with the clasp at the top. Awesome job. 👍 Happy New Year. 🎉🍷

  9. Hope your hand gets well soon and that it doesn’t hurt! Your outfit came out great and it is so much like your inspiration! I wish you have a wonderful New Year eve with your family and looking forward to what you make the coming year!

  10. Super-super outfit! Gorgeous closure! Thank you for all the details, too. But, oh, your poor hand! 😢 So sorry. You’ll be missed, but it’s good to know you’ll still be reading. Take Great Care!!!
    And have a delightfully hands-off New Year celebration! 🎉🎈🎉 (That’s when everyone else has to lend a hand whilst you sit like a queen! 👑 )

  11. Great Job Linda!!!!!!!..Love the entire look.. Trust you had a Merry Christmas.. Wishing you all the best in 2016! 🙂

  12. Love it! I could steal that jacket, looks soo good and great fastening. The trousers are the perfect length. Wonderful interpretation of the designer version. Have a very happy new year and enjoy the break!

  13. Absolutely gorgeous work! It’s been a lot of fun following Designing December and perhaps next year I’ll be able to take part – I just have myself far too much to do this year and time ran out! Happy new year ☺

  14. Beautiful, what a great job! Particularly liking the jacket, but the whole outfit looks great 🙂 Will def. be heading back to check your bagging the jacket post, looks really useful.

  15. Well done – your outfit is just great. Sorry I couldn’t join in this year – time ran away with me. Also hope your hand is healing well. With best wishes for a great 2016 Linda!

    1. Thank you! There is always next year! Next time you see something you want to copy (you have copied a designer before, and done a fantastic job of it!) save it for DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER! My hand is healing quite nicely, although I am still getting help with the chores around here! 😄 Happy New Year to you too, and Happy Sewing Adventures!

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