Pockets that sit in the side seam

One of my sewing buddies, if I may call her that (her real name is Linda at Remake Remodel Recycle) has given me a wonderful new way to do side seam pockets. I vaguely remember doing them like this once, but have since forgotten the details. I have reblogged it here as it is lovely!

Remake Remodel Recycle

A Happy New Year to all! I was hoping that I might have caught up with myself by now! But I haven’t! I have a couple of posts for pocket constructions that I had almost completed, when I was making up student sample garments back in August/September so here is one of them.

The photo below shows a side seam pocket in a panelled seam of a dress. These pockets are not stitched by me! I quite often forget to take a before or after picture, but I want to be clear about the type of pocket that I’m describing, and it’s order of assembly.


This is my preferred way to make up pockets that sit in the side seam.  I know there are other ways of sewing these, but this is how they were produced in the factory and this method gives defined, structured edges and doesn’t waste fabric!

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    1. That image is inside the Calgary Stampede Costume/sewing room. I think my category cloud (on the right? Depending what you view this blog on, has a category “Calgary Stampede”) with a full post with more photos. I had insiders (my sister and brother in law) give me a tour! 😍 I’ve never seen anything like it before!

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  1. Very nice. I don’t sew but the pockets are very flat. You need to make another pair of pants and show us this method too. 😊 Cheers.

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  2. Thanks for sharing. That’s a great way to do it. I always get so caught up in making the actual clothing I forget about things like pockets!!!

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      1. Haha I’m more of a make it up as you go sewer so it’s not till I have something bought on that I think – here, this is useful having these pockets!… Hehe

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