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A perfect place for my pockets.

Perhaps you remember my denim skirt?  I spent a couple of days trying to decide whether to sew on the back pockets, or not.  Well, I have found a perfect place for them!

A while ago, I found the FREE pdf pattern from By Hand London, the Polly Top.  I knew it would be perfect for the leftover fabric I end up with occasionally… and I certainly had some left when I finished my denim skirt.

Does anyone else piece together pdf patterns the same as me?  I always seem to piece together one pattern piece at a time and then immediately cut it out.  I guess I feel like I am accomplishing something that way?  Here you can see my first piece taking shape – like putting a puzzle together.


There are only three pattern pieces to the Polly Top, so not too many pages to cut and tape together.  Bonus – it’s a good one to start with!


Sophie doing her inspection of my pattern assembly!


Now since I was using the leftovers of my 100% cotton denim fabric, I didn’t quite have enough fabric to lay this one pattern piece out … so I just added in another seam to join the two sections together.




It turned out rather well!


Here all my front pieces are sewn together.  The extra seam I put in looks like a dart that was meant to be.  I also put in a front and back seam, just for the fun of it… you’ll see…




There are no facings for the arm and neck holes, like I said a simple pattern.  I used single fold bias tape instead.





More TOPSTITCHING on the back seam!


The best part?  My POCKETS!


Even though it was a lovely “almost Fall” day – warm and sunny – all I could muster was headless shots.  Where’s is Mad’s talented photographer when you need him.  Needless to say, I was suffering from my first cold of the season and relaxing with my sewing won over getting all dolled up for photos – so sorry!




“Five thumbs up” for this easy to assemble and sew, FREE, comfortable top.  I’m going to save the pattern pieces and try another in a knit fabric with colour blocking – I will have to see what kind of fabric scraps I have stashed away.

Has anyone else out there found a favourite FREE pdf pattern that works well?  Let us know in the comments… I say you can never have too much FREE stuff!

Happy Sewing!

28 thoughts on “A perfect place for my pockets.”

  1. I LOVE THESE TOPS! 🙆 You can dress them up for work, wear them casual. I would love a closet of these tops. If it’s cold out, throw on a cardigan. The pockets look great. I really really like the top stitching because it adds a decorative touch. 👌

    1. wow! I didn’t even know that Alexander Mcqueen had a pattern to download. Thank you for sharing this, it’s very interesting to see the pattern shaping

  2. I made a polly a couple of years ago (I think) in a drapey fabric and have worn it loads. I never thought if using a denim but it works so well! My first few pdfs I cut out your way but then always had bits and found it really hard. Then I discovered sticking it in one go. I tend to lay them out and work out which won’t have to be stuck together. And I find glue easier than tape too.
    You’ve got me thinking I need another polly in my life.
    PS so glad you found a home for those cute pockets 😃

  3. What an interesting front detail and I like how the top-stritching accentuates it. (And always good to have kitty approved patterns 😉 )

  4. That’s such an interesting link from the material lady. I need to see what else they have to download?? Is there nothing that can’t be found online by these clever sewing ladies.
    Anyway, I digress, that’s a perfect outcome for those pockets! I think denim often softens best with wear! I can’t stand facings on a top like that, give me a binding or binding facing anytime! Looks great.

  5. So pleased you managed to find a use for those pockets! They look great on your new top 😀

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