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It’s January … and you know what that means …

It means it’s JUNGLE JANUARY 5! #junglejanuary5 

Seriously, I never wore animal print until I “met” Pretty Grievances on WordPress. I always thought that animal prints were used for those lycra tops and pantsuits that Carol Burnett used to wear on her show!  (Do you remember Mrs. Wiggins?)  

I love Carol Burnett

I was wrong!  So wrong!  Pretty Grievances, and her JUNGLE JANUARY Challenge, has bought me out of my shell, or should I say skin.  If you would like to meet Pretty Grievances too and find out all about JUNGLE JANUARY 5, head on over to her blog here.

Way, way back in the beginning of December, in anticipation of JUNGLE JANUARY 5, I purchased two animal prints, one was a Ponte de Roma Grey Cheeta, 96% polyester and 4% Lycra Spandex and the other as a 100% Rayon Challis (ivory, black, mocha).

Hopefully I can get both of them sewed up and shown to you before the month is out.  

For my first animal print garment I used the Ponte de Roma Grey Cheeta, 96% polyester and 4% Lycra Spandex, and the same pattern I used for my DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER top.  This pattern was meant for a woven, so I knew that there would be adjustments for a knit fabric.  The pattern envelope (McCalls M6896) said it was “EASY”, but I couldn’t have made it less EASY on myself.

Because I was using a knit fabric, I cut my fabric a size smaller than usual and yet … I still altered the bodice three times before it fit me … and it still might be a bit big!

The rest was smooth sailing though … well, until I just about finished all the hemming.  I used single fold bias tape to hem the bottom and the sleeves and I ran out right here … 

But here I am.  I survived.  You can’t keep me out of the JUNGLE JANUARY Challenge.  Bring on the animal prints!

One JUNGLE JANUARY 5 garment down and one to go!  And it’s only half way through the month! AND I was so clever (pat on back!) I even planned my next JUNGLE JANUARY 5 garment into my #2017makenine Challenge on Instagram!  It’s going to be the dress in the bottom left corner, in the 100% Rayon Challis (the ivory, black, mocha).  Fingers crossed!

Are you taking part in JUNGLE JANUARY 5 on WordPress and Twitter or are you doing the #2017makenine Challenge on Instagram?  

It looks like it’s going to be a busy month no matter what, so Happy Sewing!

31 thoughts on “It’s January … and you know what that means …”

            1. I don’t think it’s sheer or see through. I am making a summer dress. I might line it or wear a slip in the skirt part to give it more body, but I don’t think it is see through. The top part of the dress should be fine. I think it would be fine for a blouse. 😂 I hope this makes sense/helps!

  1. There’s lots of jungling going on in your sewing space! Love your first make and looking forward to see the rest of the tribe! I’ve made a tigger style moneta which has been on IG and will be on my blog before the month is out. 😀

  2. YES! I love animal prints! That top is so cute! I used to have a really great purple leopard print sweater. While wearing it out shopping a stranger stopped me and asked why I would wear something like that. (Rude!) I told her, “Because I’m an animal! RAWR!” Ask a stupid question…

  3. I love that print, and the way your top ‘blends’ with the coats of the felines that live with you. I think that means your make is officially jungle worthy. it’s a really cute style on you!

  4. Oh, I’ve been waiting for Jungle January! It’s always such a fun challenge, and Ann is hilarious. I just sewed up a pair of skinny yoga pants in teal ponte with gold zebra stripes. Your top is a great animal print! It looks like the cats approve.

  5. Your top looks great – and the kitties seem impressed.I am still rounding up the prints but have managed one JJ5 garment so far (not blogged yet!). I might just manage a second but I’m really not certain about the last piece – it may take more stalking time than I have available 😉

  6. I love both your fabrics and this finished top, but I cannot get over that blurry close-up of Sophie’s snout–it’s amazing!! 😀 And I see that the fabric and pattern are both feline-approved, which is especially important for a Jungle January garment!

    Anyway, back to your new top! I think the shape is amazing on you, as is the neckline. And the animal print gives it that extra “RAWR” factor. 😉

    1. Thank you! My son took the Sophie photos. She had her back to him and ignored him, he kept shooting, and then she turned around and marched right up to the camera. It is a funny shot! I have one more JJ to make, hopefully this weekend. It will be a dress. That top is my favourite now. I will have to make more! 🐯

  7. I’m going to try this again. My first comment had a connection error. I love the style of your animal print shirt. It looks light and comfortable. Are those 3/4 length sleeves? Love those too. Your blurry kitty photo is adorable–a cat mug shot. And…Carole Burnett RULES!!

    1. Thank you! I love 3/4 length sleeves – they keep you warm but stay out of the office equipment and your lunch! The Sophie shot was taken by my son. He was trying for a few minutes to get a good shot of her and she just marched up to the camera! Carole Burnett and Lucille Ball are my favourite comedians! 😍

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