🎷 Summertime … and the livin’ is easy … 🎺

The Great Ella Fitzgerald sung that song.  Such talent.  It sprang into mind as I sat there looking at the dozing cats …

and beautiful sunshine and flowers this afternoon …

calgary 6

as I pondered what to pack.

Yes, “Nice dress!  Thanks, I made it!!” and Jerry the Minion are off on another adventure! This time visiting another sister, susanonthesoapbox, and the Calgary Stampede, among other things.  Now susanonthesoapbox won’t allow me to bring my sewing machine along, not even my petit Featherweight, or if it’s not her, then it’s the airline?  I dunno.  I’m not quite sure who is the greater power between the two … so as a result, there will be no sewing here for two weeks.  ☹️  BUT! Yes I say BUT!  If I do see something sewing related in my travels, I will share it with you – like last time I went to Calgary and saw THE Biggest Sewing Room in Canada!

I will positively be posting over on Instagram while I’m gone – so come visit me there! (@nicedressthanksimadeit) and I will attempt to keep Jerry the Minion under a bit more control this time, than when we went to MEXICO, as I am sure susanonthesoapbox would not approve.


So keep posting and I shall keep reading.

Happy Sewing!

16 thoughts on “🎷 Summertime … and the livin’ is easy … 🎺

  1. Enjoy your trip!

    1. Thank you! Hopefully I will find something interesting to share with you! 👋

  2. Have a great time, I am sure you wiĺl come across something sewing related as it seems to follow you where ever you go. Happy trails! 😎

    1. Thank you! You’ve given me a great send-off with the “Happy trails!”

  3. Have a wonderful trip!

  4. Have fun! And you know, you could always do some hand sewing…

    1. Now don’t say that or my sister will get me working on her mending and repairs!

  5. We’re all ready for you. We have tons to do, but if you get bored we’ll take Jerry to the Rodeo and give him a spin on the Mechanical Bull (you might have to hold him). Ya Hoo!!!!

    1. I guess I’ll have to get a photo of that! It’s gonna be a blast! Ya Hoo!

  6. I love Ella Fitzgerald singing that. I shall have to get up and put it on now.
    Have a lovely trip

    1. She had a beautiful voice, didn’t she? Thank you for the good wishes!

  7. Love the Minion!

    1. Thanks! My sister bought him back for me from Maui, since then I’ve taken him on a few trips, like a blog/holiday mascot. There will be more of him on Instagram.

  8. Hope that you have the best time. Xx

    1. It was a wonderful time! Thank you! We are just gearing down this week. I have a lot of photos to sort through! 😃👍

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