… and it’s the last of it!

Last week I made a lovely dress out of my Tower print fabric, here.  I purchased enough for a dress and a top so I was determined to get a dress and a top out of it, even if I made an error cutting out the directional print on one of the skirt pieces last week!

This is one of my favourite patterns for piecing tops together.  I also have had success with the “By Hand London – Polly Top” and the “Teach Me Fashion – Two Tone Singlet“.  

The back piece squeezed on to my mistakenly cut skirt piece, but I did have to shorten it it a few inches.

Otherwise, the front piece fit on well …

and the front wedge piece fit on well.

I was very satisfied when I used up all my fabric, except for this.

I used a black ponte from my fabric stash.  Just a scrap, but big enough for the short sleeves – even these funny shaped raglan sleeves.

Every time I make this top I have to sew the point of the sleeve shoulder dart into more of a curve.  Can you see on the right how pointy the small shoulder seam is when sewn as drafted out on the pattern piece?  I sew over this point again, rounding it out a bit, as you can see on the left.

I hemmed the sleeves, neckline and bottom of the top with single fold bias tape.

My completed Tower top!  Lovely weather for a photo shoot!

Oh!  Surprise!  It’s the last of the piping!

Back view.

Looks like I’m getting some comments/suggestions/unwanted advice from the deck.

Ah!  Apparently I need a prop!  Even if it is an unwilling prop!

Ok, that’s better!

Did you know it was International Cat Day on Tuesday?  I found out late in the day, but just in time – check out the Instagram!  #internationalcatday

Happy Sewing!



  1. Cute top and you used up every bit of that fabric! So satisfying when that happens, and I love your ‘prop’. My cat acts reluctant too but I believe he secretly enjoys having his photo taken!

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  2. Again, I’m the caboose in the comments. That is really cool that you can get two items of clothing out of one purchase of fabric. 🖒I don’t think it’s colour blocking but I like the black sleeves as a contrast. As I scrolled through the pictures, I thought “is that the piping I like?” And yes it was. You created a lovely short-sleeve blouse and your cat is destined to become a celebrity. 🐺

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    1. Yes, I think, it is called colour blocking, but contrast is fine too! I was never one to nit pic words! 😃 Yes it is the last of the piping. I got a whole bag of it from my sister (the other one, not you) and I’ve just finished it up! Haha don’t tell Sophie she’s a celebrity – it will make her even more aloof! 😂


  3. I am totally impressed by your clever use of fabric. A lot of patterns call for way more than they actually should so being able to use it up is a complete bonus. I have a ton of bits that are too small for much else.. What a beautiful cat. Thanks for the info about Cat Day.

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  4. Using almost everything of your fabric is always something that can make you happy. I’ve been sewing my own clothes for about three years now and I buy fabric after I’ve drafted or copied the pattern and done some lay-outs to find the most economy way to cut the fabric. And for Zero Waste Daniel. I came across him a while ago and his makes are briljant.

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