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My Designer me-made Copy …

Happily, I have managed to get everything finished on time and was only waiting for some nice weather to take photos outside.  This is not a photo of MY weather but the weather in Calgary, Alberta.  I’m so happy we don’t have this kind of snow!  We actually have had some pretty good weather here for photographs!


I wanted to copy this Designer Original, this kimono jacket from zasue.com and this dress, but I was hoping I could make it a skirt and top instead of a dress.  I have been searching for the name of the dress designer but I must be cursed, whenever I look for it on Pinterest (where I found it) it only circles me back to my blog!


I chose these McCall’s patterns, M7200 and M7574.  I love the sleeves on the top/dress pattern.  I plan on using both of these patterns again!


How did my Designer me-made Copies turn out?

My solid blue fabric was a Ponti de Roma 62% polyester and 33% rayon, which now that I see it only adds up to 95% so the bolt label was incorrect.  LOL!  It’s a beautiful blue which felt fabulous though!  

When it came to the kimono jacket, for the first time ever, I actually wrote the names of the pattern pieces on a bit of painter’s tape and attached it to each fabric piece right away.  They were such odd shapes I was afraid of making a mistake!  I also sewed seam binding on all the edges because the fabric frayed so badly.  A sort of cheating way to do Hong Kong seams?  But it did the trick!  The blue print fabric was some unknown fibre from the upholstery department but it was soft and lightweight.  


It was easy to draw in and sew the collar portion of this kimono jacket.  And the hemming and sewing on the facing went well.  I used a blue thread for the hem and a white-ish one for my facing.


When cutting out my blue fabric for my top, I added an extra inch in the centre back for a small pleat – thinking back, I probably should have made it bigger as it is not actually noticeable as a pleat on the finished top.  The knit fabric doesn’t help much neither, it would have probably been more noticeable as a pleat if made in a woven fabric like the Designer Original.


I am in love with the method they used to sew in the sleeves.  It gave me the opportunity to do some fun topstitching too.


Back pleat almost finished!


Topstitching the raglan seams down with the help of Wonder Tape.



I used one of my favourite toys to turn my tube for my bow tie.


My Designer me-made Copy of my zasue kimono jacket is done and I love it!  (How do you like the tiny amount of snow we had for our “White” Christmas?  LOL Calgary!)


By the time I finished all the pieces of my Designer me-made Copy the little snow we had was washed away by rain and all that was left was the chance of a drizzle!




I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season, Designin’ December, and a Happy New Year to you all!


Happy Sewing in 2018!





47 thoughts on “My Designer me-made Copy …”

  1. Okay, I may be a little prejudice here cause I love blue and that colour blue is just heaven and the jacket is beautiful. Another lovely outfit. It is amazing what you can find sometimes in the upholstery and drape section of the fabric store. I can remember making bridesmaid dresses out of curtain material. They were beautiful.

  2. Such a pretty outfit this is. The fabric you found for the jacket is perfect , I love those huge swirling leaf shapes on the simple kimono cut.

  3. My Designin’ December is a bust, it being 31/12 and the fabric not even touched for my velvet cape. It will happen though! I reverse image searched on your inspiration pic and got this
    Evening dress 1968, Jacques Tiffeau

  4. What a beautiful out fit and I love your gorgeous kimono jacket. The bias tape finish looks really cool and I’m sure it will keep that Fabric in check. The topstitching on the jacket sleeves is cool. I’m such a fan of the kimono shape so I just might have to add that pattern to my collection! I really enjoyed seeing everyone’s Designin’ December makes. Thanks for dreaming up this lovely annual event!

  5. Linda, your outfit is beautiful and your weather is much better than ours here in Calgary.
    Happy New Year to all the Designin’ December participants…you’ve posted some lovely pieces!

  6. Good to hear we can be thinking about designers throughout the year. I will be looking for high-toned fashion magazines with scrumptious examples in them. Does anyone have any ideas where to look for them? I live in an area where there will not be much of those available. Maybe the library would be a place to look for books about famous designers. They can get me books from all over the state, I think. The back covers of Threads magazine feature various designers often, and beautiful details of the fashions. Lots of vintage styles. How about a vintage month?
    Linda, your outfit is lovely. I love that blue. LOVE it! I have also used decorator fabrics for clothing. Have to be sure to pre wash or however to prep them before using them. They are not all made to be washable. The dyes used in decorator fabrics are usually better than the ones used in garment fabrics, more resistant to sun fading.

    1. Yes, DESIGNIN’ December has been evolving over time, and I felt bad for those who worked/sewed hard in December and did not finish. The rules are not concerned with when you start your project, just that you mention my blog post or Instagram for others to participate and hashtag #designindecember so it can be found. Projects and photos must be done and uploaded in December for voting purposes. I don’t have access to a library so I use the internet. On my Designer Fashion Pinterest board I save some lovely Designer fashions I find, so join in there and we can share our finds. I put everything on Pinterest. I just started the Facebook page this year so I was hoping to add designer images there too, join in and let’s share! When it comes to vintage fashions I have not tried too many myself but I believe everyone should copy what they want in Designin December so copy a vintage design for the Challenge, like Seam Racer did! Thank you for your kind comments on my outfit! And thank you for the tips and facts on the fabric!

  7. Good for you, and I especially love the jacket. Then again, I especially love the gorgeous blue of the rest of it…so maybe I love it all!

  8. What an absolutely gorgeous outfit. the colours are gorgeous andI especially love your kimono. The detail is fab and the seam binding makes for a lovely finish. Wishing you all the very best for 2018. Xx

  9. Gorgeous! That blue is just stunning. I love the kimono, that’s a wonderful pattern for a large print. And the finishing is lovely. Going to find all the challengers now, and choose my favorite.

  10. Finally your big reveal! I think separates are a good idea…you will wear them a lot more because you can mix and match. It is a lovely outfit – the bow is gorgeous. I think you left a comment for me on IG but there is so much happening with organising Make a Garment a Month for the year, I think I may not have replied!

    1. Thank you! I have put the jacket away in my closet, but the top and skirt… I’m still thinking about those. 💙I love the blue, but am not fond of the top and skirt idea. I think I might go back to my dress idea and sew the two together with an elastic waist. Isn’t it wonderful that we can sew and do what we like! 😁👍

      1. Absolutely wonderful! Sewing is a pastime that is still going strong. I love reading about it and doing a project when I get a chance. Thanks Linda!😊

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