A new (old?) pattern release!

I hope everyone is doing as well as they can in these trying times.  My prayers go out to you.

Things have finally settled into a pattern (LOL) around here.  I have survived the change from working in an office to working from home.  I have even found a bright side to the change!  Like … an extra three hours saved each work day by NOT commuting to and from work, I get an extra hour of sleep work day mornings, and there is more time in the day to go for walks around the neighbourhood and to exercise on my treadmill!

Now that I have found my rhythm again, I am back sewing and designing patterns! This is fabulous, as sewing is such a great stress reliever for me.  I am sure it is for many of you too!
I sincerely hope you too have settled into your new routine.  Remember, “This too shall pass.”

I would now like to announce another new pattern release … well perhaps not new to some of you.  I have finished the revisions to my Coffee© Purse pattern.  I call it my Coffee© Purse II.  NEW and IMPROVED!  I sewed up a few Coffee© Purses a little while ago and realized that there was a better way to get the job done!  So the changes have been made to my original pattern and it’s definitely NEW and IMPROVED!

I’ve already loaded it up into my shop, Lányos Handmade, so head on over and grab a copy for yourself!

Listening to some sewists on social media talking about their lack of ink and paper or sewing supplies, and not wanting to go out at this time to get more, I just want to reassure you that you can read the Coffee© Purse II PDF sewing pattern directly from your laptop, no need to print instructions or pattern pieces, and the only supplies needed are small scraps of fabric (the largest being 16″ x 7″ or 40.6 cm x 17.7 cm for the inner pockets) and a 13 1/2″ (34 cm) zipper.

Oh yes!  Before I forget, the Coffee© Purse II PDF sewing pattern is still a FREE PDF download!  To celebrate its release I am offering a 15% discount on all my PDF sewing patterns, one time per customer, until closing Sunday night (10:00 pm PDT Sunday, April 5, 2020), just enter the code PV4XSDH8J509 on checkout!

Let’s see your Lányos Handmade!

Now back to pattern designing for me!  I’ve got another great idea!

2 thoughts on “A new (old?) pattern release!

  1. Cool. I really like my little coffee purse. Take care of yourself.

    1. Thank you! And you take care of yourself too!

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