Looking for Inspiration? Designin’ December 2021!

This is the 6th year of the DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER Sewing Challenge! Are you looking for Inspiration?

I have been. This has been a really weird 18 months. My wardrobe has consisted of VERY VERY casual clothes, with not much drive to sew anything else! But I have decided to check out the designers, specifically for Designer Jackets! Something to wear between summer and winter, something medium weight, something to cover my butt when it gets a bit windy!

I found this Prada, Fall 1996. I like it … but it’s a bit too shiny and lightweight for me!

Then there was this one, Dolce & Gabbana – $7510 by the way – still too shiny and lightweight!

Then I found this whole collection by ETRO, Fall 2021, that is pretty cool! I love the brown and the khaki and the paisley and the animal print, but none of these were the right style.

I did find this ETRO … it was wrong for me, but it did get me headed in the right direction!

This “BY WALID” Jacket is almost perfect! But a bit too pastel for me and a bit short in the hem. Lovely idea though!

Hmmm … how about in a warmer, medium-weight denim? Like this “BY WALID”? I think I’ve got the PERFECT large buttons in my stash too! Although the Sashiko Stitching might be difficult for me to pull off.

I’ve decided … this “BY WALID” will be MY INSPIRATION for the DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER Sewing Challenge! (I am going to make it a bit longer and with a shawl collar though, for warmth!)

I dug though my pattern stash for the perfect pattern … or at least one that was close!!! McCall’s M6657, view A without the fur collar, or view B shortened up and with pockets of course … just toss in some large blue buttons!

“Why buy when you can make it yourself – better and for less money?”

Won’t you join the DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER Sewing Challenge? Start looking for your “Designer Original” Photo!

Check out last year’s participants and prizes right here!

Take a look at my “DESIGNER FASHION” Pinterest board here, OR on Facebook, join the DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER Facebook Group.  Get ideas! Post and discuss your progress! Let’s see your “Designer Original” ideas and your “Designer COPY” progress!

What will inspire you? Remember Designer Vintage fashion is allowed, as is Designer Casual, AND Designer Handbags!  Good luck in your search!  

How to participate in the DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER Sewing Challenge and be eligible for prizes:

  • BLOG PARTICIPATION: Follow this blog and leave a comment that you’re joining in. Post a photo of your “Designer Original” with the Designer’s name and your finished “Designer COPY”, mentioning the DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER Sewing Challenge in your post with a link back here.
  • INSTAGRAM PARTICIPATION: Post a photo of your “Designer Original” with the Designer’s name and your finished “Designer COPY”,  tagging it #DESIGNINDECEMBER and follow/tag me on Instagram @nicedressthanksimadeit
  • Remember: Tag #DESIGNINDECEMBER and follow the blog “Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!” OR on Instagram @nicedressthanksimadeit Whether you have made it already, are in the process of making it, or plan on making it … LET ME KNOW! 🙂
  • For the final voting after DECEMBER 31st, voting will take place on my blog and on my Instagram, I will repost your “Designer Original” with the Designer’s name and your finished “Designer COPY”, with a link back to you. Votes will be counted from both my blog and my Instagram.

Only entries using these above methods will be entered into the Sewing Challenge and be voted on and eligible for prizes. Closing date for entries is 31st December 2021 Midnight PST.

I always am so grateful for the extremely generous Prize Sponsors, to be announced in the months leading up to December!

Happy Sewing!SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave

19 thoughts on “Looking for Inspiration? Designin’ December 2021!

  1. I will be participating this year!

    1. Perfect! 🥳 if you have any questions, just ask! 🤗

  2. Good choice, Linda! Will you keep that hi-low hem from the pastel “BY WALID”? I do like that, and it would keep a certain area warm. 😉

    1. Thanks! You know I didn’t even think about the hi/low at first but everything about that pastel jacket is so perfect, except the pastel, for me … so I think the hi/low will stay too!

      1. Yeah! Delighted you’re keeping the hi/low!!!
        (Agree with you on the pastels.)

  3. Yay!!! Thanks for hosting Designin’ December again! I will try to get around to making something for the challenge, but no guarantees 😉 I’ll do my best, but either way I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s inspiration and sewing creations. Hoping it’ll give me a boost in sewing mojo!

    1. I hope you join in but I understand that life can be busy sometimes! We need voters as well as entries, so please do tag along, if you don’t join in yourself! 🤗

  4. #designindecember I’ll be joining for the first time this year! 🥰 excited to tackle this project I’ve been drooling to make and now I’ve got motivation to do it!!!

    1. That’s great! The more the merrier. 🥳🎉 We are on Instagram and Facebook too if you want to share your progress or see others!

  5. Oh. it’s nearly end of the year and your starts again! I’ll be joining too.

    1. Nice to have you join in! I’ve been watching your lovely Instagram account. Very entertaining!

  6. I am going to try to get a project done this year! Fingers crossed 🙂

    1. I’m probably going to have a ‘crunch’ time too! I have cut my denim a million ways and still see one more way the next time I look at it! 😂

  7. I am joining to DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER Sewing Challenge!!

    1. I’ve seen your dress on Instagram! It’s perfect! I’ll post it with the other entries when it’s time for voting, after the deadline for entries! 😊

      1. Thank you Linda, I am so glad that you my dress

  8. Looking forward to joining in Design in December again this year!

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