Hello Zsa Zsa!

Say Hello to the Lányos Zsa Zsa Clutch Wallet! Our newest pattern!

So where did Zsa Zsa come from?

Let me tell you … she started with my sisters!

You know how it is. Someone says to you “You sew, do you think you can do this for me?”

My sisters are usually more subtle though, usually it starts with one of them saying “I have this bag that’s falling apart and I really love it, but I can’t find a replacement anywhere!” or “I really wish I could find a purse like Susan’s.” Then there are those sad, quizzical eyes. 🙁

This is how most of my patterns start out.

Here’s Susan’s purse. It was the inspiration for the Zsa Zsa. Actually doesn’t look anything like the Zsa Zsa!

But of course there was more to it than that – and I do love a challenge – my sister wanted Susan’s purse but with pockets, lots of pockets – one for her phone, one for her stuff, one for her cards, money, mask, etc.

So my next step in this process was to try this and that and this and that, cutting and sewing while filing myself up with coffee and chocolate! As usual there was a lot of ripping and re-sewing too! I always use a really inexpensive fabric to start with, during the trial and error planning stage. When I end up with a “wearable muslin” for myself, then I take my notes and start all over again, this time with the proper materials and some hope, improving on my notes and taking photos as I go along. When I have a few more finished again and have nailed down my instructions and hopefully my photos, I send the works out to pattern testers and make another, this time for the Lányos Handmade Youtube Channel!

Sadly I don’t have any photos of the flops I’ve made during my Zsa Zsa process, or perhaps I do? Like this one? I am honestly not sure where I was going with this one here. Very happy it was sewn with scrap fabric and zippers though! Cause it ended up in the garbage! 🙂

Seriously … this time … while plodding through the Zsa Zsa process, I ended up going in two different directions at the same time! I succeeded in finishing my first Zsa Zsa, at the same time as finishing the draft of my next pattern! Not sure how that happened, but what a BONUS! 🙂

Since “Variety is the spice of life”, I usually sew up my patterns on a different machine each time. This time I sewed a couple on my 1961 Singer 500 Rocketeer and others on my 1954 Singer 421G. It’s lots of fun using these vintage machines and thinking about what the previous owners might have sewed on them too.

The name? Where did the name “Zsa Zsa” come from? Well that’s the simple part for me. Most my patterns are named after their inspiration. Sometimes named after the person’s darling doggie, other times named after the person themselves!

Well Zsa Zsa is a Hungarian name. My sisters and I are of Hungarian ancestry, there are no Hungarian names in our family, as everything was Canadian-ized, but since the Zsa Zsa was inspired by Susan’s purse, I searched for the closest Hungarian name I could find for Susan … and got Zsa Zsa!

What programs do I use? I started off with an inexpensive design program called “Graphic” which has merged or has been taken over by IDraw, or vice versa, I think? It was a good, easy to learn program, but I had real difficulties exporting to other file formats, like SVG’s. So I’ve moved on to Affinity Designer. So far, so good! Actually, I liked it so much I bought Affinity Publisher too!

What about Pattern Testers? Well here’s my chance to Sincerely Thank my Pattern Testers – those fabulously helpful people! The more they correct me, the more I love them for their contributions! If you would like to see my Pattern Testers’ Zsa Zsas, check out the Shop link here!

With the Zsa Zsa Clutch Wallet launch, we had the honour of the YouTube tutorial being provided by Brandy of Bean’s Bags and Handicrafts. Brandy knocked this pattern out on her industrial machine using all Cork. Thank you, Brandy!

This weekend I plan on uploading my YouTube on our channel Lányos Handmade using a domestic machine and Cork and cotton. Something for everyone!

This Feathered Zsa Zsa is finally headed off to my patient sister, but I’m looking forward to seeing more! Have you got a Zsa Zsa in your future? You should!

What should the next one be called? Who is going to be my inspiration?

Have you an urge to make a sewing pattern? or make something from scratch without a pattern? Please share, I’d love to hear your story!

Happy Sewing!

5 thoughts on “Hello Zsa Zsa!

  1. Lovely to read your stories here

  2. Excellent remake & design work on the Zsa Zsa hand bag Linda!

    I loved reading how the Zsa Zsa name for the hand bag came about.

  3. I didn’t realize that. You have “concept” cars shown at swanky events, you have concept purses as you’re test-driving the pattern. The purses look lovely. I’m very curious about Affinity Publisher. Hmmm. Great job Linda.

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