I’m back!

Last weekend started out as a busy weekend and turned into a challenging week, but let me show you what I did!

I am still working on my sister’s dress – part of my “Sister’s Sewing Project”.  She would like this dress, in this 100% cotton border print and I am using this pattern, Butterick B6089 (sorry for the flash glare).

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What can I say? I still had some denim strips left!

And I’m certainly not one to waste recycled denim!  So let’s make another bag.  This one is not quite big enough to hold my iPad, not like the last one I made.  This one seemed to go together quicker too!  Perhaps it wasn’t as “fancy” or perhaps I’m actually getting used to throwing them together?!?

Again, I started by sewing my strips together, pressing them, ironing on the fusible interfacing, and trimming the two outer bag walls to the right size.

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How to sew a recycled denim handbag. Part 2

Back again!  To recap last week’s post … I wanted to make myself a 100% recycled denim bag, using denim strips like those bags I saw on Pinterest.  Last week I cut up my denim jeans, pieced and sewed the strips together and fused on the interfacing for my outer bag walls.  I sewed the pockets and the zipper pocket on my bag lining.  I sewed the bag strap.  I did my topstitching – I love topstitching and Amber, my Singer 421G was a work horse!  

This week, I continued on.  I prepped the opening zipper, cutting it to the right length and topstitching the zipper tabs on the ends.  I switched from the brown zipper to this blue one as it fit around my iPad just right.

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How to sew a recycled denim handbag.

I was trying to think of an eye-catching, mysterious title for my blog post.  I couldn’t.  I have too been immersed in bag making lately – sewing creatively, instead of blogging creatively!  

The only other handbags I’ve made I posted about here and here.  I made one of them for my sister – she’s seems to be happy with it.  I made her’s by copying something she already had.

This time I wanted to make a handbag for myself out of 100% recycled materials, specifically denim.  I have been collecting a few images on my Pinterest and I’m quite inspired by this recycled denim Chobe Bag with the denim strips sewn together.

Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!

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No fitting problems last weekend!

Happily you do not have to do much fitting when making a bag for your sister.  A while ago I posted on Instagram this photo – asking “What do you think my next project will be”.  There are some clever sewists out there that guessed the answer correctly.  (Sorry, no prize for the winner!)

My sister wanted a bag that was 5″ deep, 11″ wide and 8.5″ tall.  No pattern?  No problem!  Then she let me run with the idea – and so was born the “TA-DA BAG“!

First I drew out my pattern pieces and taped them together to get an idea on the size.

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I should buy a lottery ticket…

I’m considering myself to be quite lucky!  A couple of weeks ago I won a giveaway (sewing machine feet) from Saturday Night Stitch.  (Thank you again!)  And now…

sewtakeahike recently had a giveaway on her blog … and you guessed it… I won!

I had my eyeballs on the “Runaround Bag” pattern from noodlehead that was part of her giveaway, thinking that one can  never have too many handbags, purses, etc.  Before my RTW Fast, I couldn’t walk into a handbag store without buying something.  Co-workers, friends and my sisters would strategically place themselves between me and the handbag store entrance to make sure I didn’t make a run for it or try to Ninja past them! Continue reading

Whoot! Whoot! Whoot!

It’s time to announce the winners of last week’s giveaway!  I used a List Randomizer on Random.org to pick the winners.  I typed in all your names, pressed “go” and it randomly sorted your names, with the first two names being:

1. UtaC
2. Sewing with Scoobys

I did the same for my two pattern names and came up with this:

1. Simplicity 9224
2. McCalls 4106

Nice dress!  Thanks, I made it!!

Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!

So that means UtaC won Simplicity 9224.

Nice dress!  Thanks, I made it!!

Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!

Sewing with Scoobys won McCalls 4106.


Ladies please email your mailing address to me at imadeit362436 (at) gmail (dot) com.  And thank you all for playing along with me!

Now for some more exciting news (for me only, I suppose)!!  It’s karma, it’s zen, it’s fate….  PatternReview’s newest contest for November is “The Handbag Contest”. MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE THING TO POSSESS… HANDBAGS!

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Yet another purse?

A good friend at work goes for walks with me at lunch hour. Gotta get some fresh air and exercise! she says. Our path quite often takes us through the Mall with all it’s great shops. She is very careful to keep herself between me and the purse store, she jokes, because she thinks I am spending too much on purses (finger shaking) and every purse I buy puts me one step farther away from my much desired retirement date. (Still many years away, but one can wish can’t they?)

I always tell everyone that purses are the only things I can buy, pretty much, well … and shoes and belts, which I don’t really buy much of actually. I feel there is nothing else I can buy because I prefer to sew everything for myself. Countless times, I have seen clothing in shops that is poorly made and far too expensive. How many times have I bit my tongue to prevent saying out loud “That much? I could probably make it better myself, and for less.”

We all know that we can sew it probably at less cost than in the shops, and definitely with better quality! Needless to say there is also the satisfaction and pride in doing it yourself!

Oh yes, the last time I was in my fabric shop I bought two kinds of knit fabric for dresses I am planning to sew someday, and I had to grab this pattern too ….


I wonder what my friend at work would say if she knew I bought yet ANOTHER purse!

Happy sewing!