If you are like me, sometimes technology throws you a fast one!  So let me pass on to you what I have learned so far.

Devices and Downloading PDF files:

To start off, the couple of times a customer has had problems downloading a PDF Sewing Pattern, mine or anyone’s, is because they are using a mobile device.  I browse the internet all the time on my cell phone and my iPad – I do it on the commute to work every day!  But it is not the best way to purchase, download, open and print your PDF’s.  These devices don’t always have the proper up-to-date programs for file management, downloading and printing to scale.  Sometimes the browser or programs are not even optimized.

It is recommended that when you download a PDF, you use a computer or laptop and always use an up-to-date browser, like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari.  Also, always download and print your patterns from an up-to-date Adobe Reader too, a free downloadable program.   

After purchase, you will receive an email with a link to download the pattern to your computer.  This link will allow you two tries, so please SAVE your PDF Sewing Patterns into a file folder on your computer where you will always find them, perhaps one called “Lányos Handmade Patterns”! If you open your own account at Lányos Handmade, your download links will be there too!

Opening PDF files:

Lányos Handmade, like most sewing patterns, uses PDF files.  This is a standard file type that is best opened with the free software from Adobe. Most computers have Adobe Reader installed already so the PDF file will open quickly and correctly with one click.  If you don’t have Adobe Reader installed or perhaps not the most up-to-date version, get the program free from HERE

Printing PDF files:  

Lányos Handmade PDF Sewing Patterns come in both A4 and US Letter format (metric and imperial), so you only need to print the pattern pieces you need! Pattern Pieces are placed in the printable area of your paper, whether A4 or US Letter format. Also, to save paper, you don’t need to print the Pattern Instructions, just read them from your device!

Before printing, always check the default settings for each print jobDO NOT “auto fit”, “shrink” or “scale to fit” the Pattern Pieces, as the printing will then be resized (stretched or squished) to fit your paper. 

Instead, FILE – PRINT and in your Print dialogue box under PAGE SCALING or PAPER HANDLING ensure it is set at “SCALE 100%” or “ACTUAL SIZE”.

Print a page with the test square first 1” x 1” (2.5 cm x 2.5 cm) to measure and test the printing.  If the test square you print is extremely different you will need to check your printer options again to ensure that each page you print is not being resized.

Here’s an idea!  If you want to TEST your device, browser, programs or printing ability, try downloading, opening and printing one of the many FREE PDF Sewing Patterns from Lányos Handmade first!  

If you are having any problems downloading or printing, please contact me through the Shop, or message me through Facebook or IG.  I’m here to help! (or do what I usually do … ask a young person!  LOL!!!)

Due to the nature of all PDF digital downloads, returns and refunds are not available.