All Lányos Handmade Sewing Patterns are an instant download PDF, many have other file formats included at no extra cost.

Devices and Downloading PDF files:

To start off, sometimes customers have had problems downloading a PDF Sewing Pattern, mine or anyone else’s, because they are not using a laptop or computer.  I browse the internet all the time on my cell phone and tablet, but it is not the best way to download, open and print your PDF’s.  These devices don’t always have the proper up-to-date or correct programs for file management, downloading and printing to scale.  Sometimes the browser or programs are not even optimized. Sometimes security settings are too high.

It is recommended that when you download a PDF, you use a computer or laptop and always use an up-to-date browser, like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari (only Safari on MACs though, not PCs, I’ve heard).  Also, always download first and then open and print your PDF Sewing Patterns with an up-to-date Adobe Reader, a free downloadable program.   

After purchase, you will receive an email (like the photo below) with a link on the right hand side to download your Sewing Patterns to your computer.  Please check your junk/spam folder if you cannot see your email. SAVE your Sewing Patterns on your desktop or into a file folder where you will always find them, perhaps one called Lányos Handmade Patterns! Remember if you open your own account on the Lányos Handmade “Account” Page, your download links will be there too!

Opening PDF files:

Lányos Handmade, like most sewing patterns, uses PDF files.  This is a standard file type that is best opened with the free software from Adobe. Most computers have Adobe Reader installed already so the PDF file will open quickly and correctly with one click.  If you don’t have Adobe Reader installed or perhaps not the most up-to-date version, get the program free from HERE. Don’t use MAC Preview to open PDF files.

Printing PDF files:  

Please do your part for the environment and only print the pages you need. Most Lányos Handmade PDF Sewing Patterns come in A0 Copyshop, Projector, A4 and Letter format (with metric and imperial measurements), so you only need to download and print the pattern format you use.  Some Lányos Handmade PDF Sewing Pattern pieces are Letter format only but the pieces are placed in the printable area of your paper, whether you print on A4 or Letter format, so they will print properly on either format. Lányos Handmade patterns are always print-tested before the pattern is launched.

Before printing, always check that the default settings for each print job in your Print Dialogue Box is set at “NO SCALE”,  “CUSTOM SCALE 100%” or “ACTUAL SIZE”. Sometimes it helps to check or uncheck the “Choose paper source by PDF page size” box.

Usually each pattern page has a 1” x 1” (2.54 cm x 2.54 cm) test square, some also have a 4 cm test square, so after you print each page, measure the test square to test your printing.  If the test square you print is extremely different you will need to check your printer options again to ensure that each page you print is not being resized.

Downloading and Unzipping SVG files:

At the moment Lányos Handmade patterns have PDF, SVG and PNG file formats to choose from.  SVG file formats can be used with Brother Canvas Workspace, Cricut Design Space and Silhouette Studio, although some other file formats like PNG can be used too! Lányos Handmade SVG and PNG files are tested by pattern testers with various types of cutting machines before the pattern is launched.

SVG/PNG format files must be delivered in .ZIP files. Start by downloading the .ZIP file and saving it to your computer. For Mac users, find the file location (download folder) and unzip it by double clicking on it and the files inside will appear automatically. For Windows users, you have to right click and use “extract”. Then when unzipped, a new file (or files) will pop up. The unzipped file (or files) now have to be loaded into your cutting machine program.   Open your cutting machine software and either browse for the file you would like to cut or drag it over. Some Lányos Handmade patterns only have one pattern piece inside the unzipped file, others have many.  If there are many pattern pieces in the unzipped file, each SVG/PNG inside the unzipped file will be named after the pattern piece it contains. 

I have been advised by an IT person that the rare time, a computer or laptop system has such high security protection that it won’t allow for a zip file to be downloaded or unzipped.  Customers have restarted their systems, moved to a better location to receive wifi without interruptions and sometimes used a different device (someone else’s laptop?) with success.  I have read that some have even needed to consult with their internet service provider. Customers have also had the best luck with laptops and computers, instead of tablets or cell phones, when downloading zip files that contain SVG/PNG files.


It is really important that you check your software has loaded the pattern piece in the correct size.  Each pattern piece comes with a 1” (2.54 cm) square, some also have a 4 cm test square, which you should remove after checking and before you cut your pattern piece. You can also check size with the original measurements given for the pattern piece in the PDF format or the Pattern Instructions. If your software has loaded the piece incorrectly, you can make size adjustments in your cutting machine program. SVG format files are easily adjustable, without losing their original shape.  

Be sure to use the materials, mats and blades suggested by your cutting machine manufacturer for the type of project you are completing. 

Given that I am not a Cutting Machine instructor and everyone has different computer systems and cutting machines, I cannot teach you all how to use your cutting machine programs, however if you need some assistance, I have found the following YouTube instructional videos to be very helpful, whether you use a Brother, Cricut or Silhouette. I will add more videos to this list as I find them!

Mgrahamsews has done a video “Using SVGs in Cricut Design Space“. She is using Windows to extract her zip files and load them into her Cricut Design Space. Click here for the link to that video!

Rosie’s Art Studio has done a video “How to Upload a PDF Sewing File to Cricut Design Space“. She is using an iPad to load the PDF for cutting with her Cricut Maker.

Here is Jennifer Maker to explain downloading (Video 1) and uploading (Video 2) SVG’s with various operating systems into various cutting programs!


There is also a wonderful resource on Facebook, the group “Cutting Machines for Sewists“.

You are responsible for knowing how to download, upload and manipulate file formats. Please do not ask me to fix issues as I am not an IT person, nor a cutting machine professional.

Due to the nature of all digital downloads, returns and refunds are not available.

Copyright © 2013 – 2023 Lányos Handmade by Linda Maki.  All Rights Reserved. Thank you for honouring the copyright.  The scanning, uploading, duplicating, amending, or distribution of Lányos Handmade photographs, content, creations or files without permission is a theft of intellectual property. If you would like permission to use Lányos Handmade photographs, content, creations or files in any way, please contact me at lanyoshandmade@gmail.com.

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