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Request ONE colour print out of ONE PDF Sewing Pattern from us.  The Sewing Pattern of your choice will be printed out in its entirety by us on US Letter paper, scale checked and mailed to you, saving you having to print the pattern out yourself.

After adding your PDF Sewing Pattern to your CART, this product “Printed Pattern Option” will show up, so you can add it to your CART too, pick one for every Sewing Pattern ordered, for the extra printing fee of $10.00 CDN per PDF Sewing Pattern, plus taxes and shipping.  Over estimated shipping costs more than $5.00 CDN will be refunded.  Local orders can also be picked up or delivered.

If you have any questions, please contact me through the Shop, or message me through Facebook or IG.  I’m here to help!


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Dimensions 22.2 × 29.2 × .5 cm


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