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The Rosie© bag

I've always got my eye out for "the perfect bag".  Even when I bought RTW I stuck to the same couple of perfectly functional bags - wrapped in different materials and styles to change things up. Now that I am making my own, I am attempting to find the perfect bags for myself.  I am… Continue reading The Rosie© bag

I made it!! 2014, Sewing

Only my second “up cycle”!

I was asked by a friend to fix up a set of curtains for her.  She had 3 panels of store bought drapes with large grommets at the top for a rod to pass through and she wanted them changed to 2 wider panels of drapes, wide enough to cover her window, with some fullness,… Continue reading Only my second “up cycle”!

1000 Things to Do with a Sewing Machine, Activewear, I made it!! 2014, Sewing

My first “up cycle”?

My sister's co-worker is traveling to Mexico very soon to avoid our rainy winter - the rain just goes on and on and on...  She asked my sister if I would be willing to sew her "tankini" for her before she leaves.  Sure, I love a new project! What we have here is her tankini top… Continue reading My first “up cycle”?