Oh my! Oh my!

So I am imaging a busy couple of weeks/weekends ahead. A friend has invited my sister and me to bring “our stuff” to her… let’s call it a “neighbourhood craft fair”. I think she has rounded up about 15 crafters. I’m not sure about my sister, but it is the first such thing for me. I’m more used to someone asking me to do some sewing for them for a fee, whether a small mending job or sewing together a whole garment. I am looking forward to it and getting very excited!

I had planned on finishing off my black Melton pea coat in the next week, but that has to be pushed aside for now. I must get “my stuff” in order!

Have I told you I love sewing? Well it is true. I would do it for people for free, and have, except for the fact that I have to put aside my own pile of projects to do a garment or whatever for someone else. The exchange of money for my sewing helps me decide to do their’s first and get it done nicely! So now my pile of projects consists of:
a half done pea coat,
material for a tailored shirt (a special job for Dolly),
a silky no sleeve top – by the time I get to that one it will be summer and I can actually wear it!
a lovely blue print top and skirt,
and a lovely silky suit jacket for the day job.

(I am looking forward to sharing those with you when I get a better grasp of putting photos in my posts!)

Back to the craft fair! HELP!! I already have made a couple of light hoodies, a couple of dresses (she asked if I had clothes to display or sell) and some kitchen sets (pot holders, tea cozies, hanging towels). What else should I make… any ideas for something quick and easy? Doggie coats? What about infinity scarves – the newest thing! Baby booties? Any ideas anyone?

I would love to hear any suggestions you may have!

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