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Linda loves spending time with her family, and jogging, but her next love is SEWING! Linda became seriously addicted to sewing in the 70’s!

Linda’s Aunt was a trained seamstress in Hungary and her Mother always had a sewing machine on the dining room table. Linda’s Aunt could make an evening dress out of a pile of fabric, without a pattern, and her Mother was thrifty and always had a sewing machine out on the dining room table, mending an old garment to make it new again. Linda has always been surrounded by sewing projects. Her Aunt and Mother inspired her and taught her how to sew at a young age. She remembers sewing Barbie clothes in elementary school and outfits in middle school. Her proudest moment was designing and sewing her own wedding dress. 

In 2013, Linda started her sewing blog, Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!, with a desire to share her sewing projects with her readers and join the wonderful online sewing community.

In 2015, Linda took on a #RTWFAST Challenge, no more store bought, well … except undergarments, socks and shoes.  Everything else was going to be #memade!  She also created and organizes the annual #designindecember Sewing Challenge. Join us!

In 2018, Linda started to design, make and sell her own handbags and accessories and the PDF sewing patterns for them in her Shop, Lányos Handmade. A small shop with BIG sewing mojo!

In 2020, Linda started her own YouTube channel, Lányos Handmade, Linda loves sharing her sewing patterns, sewing tips, tutorials and videos to help you with your sewing journey!

Linda loves learning about and sewing with vegan, eco-friendly, sustainable, up-cycled and/or repurposed materials on her Vintage Sewing Machines.

Lányos Handmade would like to send out a special “Thank you” to all its Pattern Testers who work so hard and diligently to check every “left/right” and “period/comma” are in the correct place, and everything makes sense!

Linda had wonderful news recently when her “sewing room” was moved from a little wheeled cart in the family room to an actual SEWING ROOM!  She still has to put up the shelving and figure out the storage, but it’s just heavenly!  There are no complaints when she is “sent to her room”!


You will find quite a few sewing machines in Linda’s possession … two toy Vintage Sewing Machines (a Necchi and a Singer) and six VSM’s:  Maria the Ford deLuxe (she still needs to be cleaned up), a still unnamed White (needs a bit of work yet), Winnie the Singer 221 Featherweight, Amber the Singer 421G, Barbie the Singer 500 and Ilona the Singer 15-88. Ilona is fine, although her treadle cabinet needs work and her belt needs replacing. Until then, she’s got a hand crank attached so she is functional!.  Linda also has a few domestic sewing machines: a Janome 3160QDC, a Janome HD3000 and a Janome MC8200QCP SE (both great for bag-making) and a Janome MyLock 334.  Check out her posts on all these machines – just do a search for “sewing machines” in the search box!

Linda uses her Janome HD3000 and her Janome MC8200 QCP SE, both domestic sewing machines, and her Singer 500, the “Rocketeer” and her Singer 421G, both vintage sewing machines, to draft her patterns and sew up various styles and sizes of bags, totes and wallets. 

Every year Lányos Handmade creates a fundraising project and donates all proceeds to the ALS Society of British Columbia, for patient support services and research, and also donates 10% of all Shop profits.  Thank you for your support!

Don’t forget … Nice dress!  Thanks, I made it!! is the home of the DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER Sewing Challenge!  Join us!

Thank you very much for your support and for reading and commenting on my blog!

Happy Sewing!

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Before you go, let me introduce you to my apprentices, Simon and Sophie! (Edited: Sadly, Simon passed away January 11, 2022. A good buddy that will always be remembered.)

These are my original photographs, content and creations, unless otherwise indicated.  If you use a photograph or any content from this blog or my shop, please link back and give proper credit.

Unless otherwise stated, all opinions given are my own. Affiliate links will be clearly indicated. I use on-line courses a lot. We live in a rural area and actually attending a sewing class is not easy for me. On-line courses are easy to access. I also use books, other blogs and on-line reference material. I’ll let you know every time I source information from somewhere else, in case you want to look it up too. I just want to spread the information and education I possess and have found!

Copyright © 2013 – 2023 by Linda Maki of Lányos Handmade.  All Rights Reserved. Thank you for honouring the copyright.  Feel free to sell any products you make from Lányos Handmade patterns, as long as you are a home sewist, in your Shop or Market Stall.  Please do not post photos of pattern instructions or pieces on social media. It would be kind to give credit to LanyosHandmade.com on all your online listings, so others can find the pattern too.  The scanning, uploading, duplicating, amending, or distribution of Lányos Handmade photographs, content, creations or files without permission is a theft of intellectual property. If you would like permission to use Lányos Handmade photographs, content, creations or files in any way, please contact me at lanyoshandmade@gmail.com.


32 thoughts on “Welcome to Lányos Handmade / Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!

  1. Hi there,
    you try to read novels while on the treadmill? I do too – haha, never really works, does it?!

    1. Well it was pointless with pocket books, even if I propped them up on the treadmill console… And it was difficult with hardcover books too… No matter what I tried either the book or I would fly off the treadmill! Now I prop my e-reader on the console and I do a bit better. I just have to make the font HUGE so I can see it when I was jogging! Trying to read sure makes the time fly though!

      1. try audio books on tape

  2. I know this has nothing to do with reading books, hardcover or paperbacks, on the treadmill, but I tried to hold puny little dumbbells while walking on the treadmill…almost killed myself. Moral of the story, don’t do anything on the treadmill but watch TV!

    1. Don’t even blink! My eyes were tired this last week so I tried closing them while walking on the treadmill, glad I was holding on because it could have been really, really bad!

      1. OH OH, I’d say it’s time to give the treadmill a rest!

  3. Hi There

    I love your blog and I am nominating you for the Liebster Award. Please see my blog for the rules. I will have the nominations and questions posted today.


  4. question. I was given a my home 334d and it did not come with a manual. I have been trying to get the rolled hem setting perfect and its not happening. Can you share the perfect rolled hem setting for this machine please?? TYIA!

    1. Hello! At the moment I’m sitting here rushing through my lunch before I have to go back to work, thinking isn’t there something interesting that I could be doing right now – so I read sewing blogs and I come across your question! I would be happy to help, but I usually only post on Friday night or Saturday morning, so it will have to wait until then, so sorry! But I will see if I can get some photos together, or something, for the weekend post! Thanks for reading/commenting!

  5. awesome! Thank you so much!

  6. Hi Linda, I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award because I love reading you blog 🙂
    You can find more information here: https://creepingthyme.wordpress.com/2014/11/23/one-lovely-blog/

    1. Thank you! I love reading your’s too – your knitting especially is quite lovely! I shall go take a look at the information.

  7. You are Nominated again!! Thanks for doing so. I truly appreciate your expertise here as I learn. ( How do I get the PIN on my site as a button…lol Help)

    1. Do you mean the PIN IT red and white button about your LIKE button? On my IPAD, which I am using now, it is in MENU, under Settings, and under Sharing. It is one of the enabled services. Then it has a bunch of questions about what you want to share with and how you want to share. I learned how to do it by Googling “how to get a PIN it button on my wordpress blog”. It’s amazing what you can learn about by googling it! Thank you for the kind words, by the way!

  8. Hello there! I just chanced upon your blog and I just want to say hello.

    1. Well hello to you too! I hope you can join in on the conversation sometime! Looks like you have a blog too. I shall go take a peek!

  9. Hello! I have been reading your blog for a while however (like above) thought I would say a proper hello 🙂

    1. Hello! So nice of you to introduce yourself! I always look forward to talking to people about sewing and such!

  10. Hi! I just found your lovely blog and had to read 1000 things….it’s been a long time, but I’ve done some of them….I was once a wiz with bound buttonholes. Don’t ask me why, just always loved them. Will be reading more of course, but wanted to greet you and let you know I’m now following!

    1. Thank you for saying Hello and the compliments. I have done welt pockets with some success, but not yet bound buttonholes – they strike me as similar though? I have checked out your blog and am following you too. Look forward to reading you!

  11. Hi Linda,

    You won the sewing feet! So can you email me your postal address to xxxxxx please.

  12. My mom has a Janome Mylock 334D Serger that has never been used and is still in the box. She’s trying to sell it and doesn’t know for how much and it will need to be oiled. I was wondering what you would recommend since it’s probably over 20 years old. I just hope that someone can be able to use it ….Thanks…..Glenn :>) Nanaimo, B.C., Canada

    1. A 334D is a step up from mine. Try checking out “Used Victoria” or “Used Nanaimo” to see what others are selling their machines for. I did just find one ad now on Used Victoria for a Janome MyLock 334D serger that said “…in excellent condition. Bought new at Sawyer Sewing centre and maybe used it 15 times. Paid over $700. Will include lots of spools of thread too. $325.” So that can give you an idea of the sale price. Put it on Used Nanaimo and see if you get any interest.

  13. Thanks for following my blog (and finding me on Instagram)! I can’t wait to check yours out. I laughed when I read about your Barbie school project. I once made a Ken doll into a mummy! Looking forward to “meeting” you through your posts. 🙂

    1. Oh so cool! I would have loved to have made a Ken Mummy Doll! He could have chased after my Queen Elizabeth Barbie! 😂

  14. Just found your blog, and I really like it. I too started sewing as a kid (9) and like you I don’t have sewing buddies to talk shop with. My husband says sewing makes him sleepy lol. But I have been studying sewing and crafts for decades and totally addicted to textiles, techniques and up cycling. I just hate when something “looks up cycled”. I’m a huge fan of couture and quality and really try to give my items “polish”. I also live in a more rural area (Pennsylvania) and so classes are a hassle to find, plus YouTube provides and it’s free, yay! Anytime you want to talk shop shoot me a line. Can’t wait to read the rest of your blog.

    1. Hello! Thanks for the compliment and the follow. I just went over to take a look at your’s and I like it. I’m following you too so I don’t miss anything. Thanks for stopping by!

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