Winnie and I go on a road trip…

and there are strange goings on in our hotel room…

I spent last weekend out of town, with one night in a hotel, with nothing to keep me occupied.  Well, nothing except my 1952 Singer Featherweight 221, or “Winnie” for short.  (If you would like to learn how I acquired Winnie and all her deets, just check out this post.)

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I love December … holidays, family, giving …  DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER!

Have you chosen which Designer Original you would like to copy?  Or perhaps, like me, you are already working on your COPY of your Designer Original?

There is so much inspiration out there to feed our DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER ideas … dream garments in the stores, in magazines, on social media … the Fashion Runway… so many beautiful garments!  I say, “Why buy when you can make it yourself – better and for less money?” Continue reading


It was a cutting weekend…

… but I had a chance to sew too!

I was cutting out my DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER outfit, when I realized that I did not have any lining in my fabric stash at all!  Oh poor me, this meant a trip to the fabric shop on Black Friday weekend!

I found this lovely lining.  I wish I had written down the fabric content.  If I don’t, it’s impossible for me to remember afterwards.  The most I can remember is that it was mostly “Bamberg something” with a bit of polyester.  That’s all I can remember.  But it’s going to look and feel lovely inside my DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER skirt.

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and the winner is …

I’m very pleased that I had this post all ready to go – except for the winner’s name – as I have been, probably like a few of you out there, lying on the couch with my blankie, nursing a cold/flu, dozing and reading sewing blogs for two days now.  Thank you for entertaining me when I’m down.  I am hoping to be back at the sewing machine soon!


But enough complaining… let’s continue, shall we …

Thank you for stopping by to say “Hi” last week and leaving your lovely comments.  I have met so many friendly, talented bloggers over the past three years, it’s just wonderful!  

After closing off comments, I put all your names into a hat for the GIVEAWAY (the “Hot Hemmer”) and pulled one out and the winner is … *drumroll please* …  Janey B of Jane Makes.  Congratulations, Janey B!  Please send me an email ( imadeit362436  at gmail dot com ) with your mailing address and I shall mail the “Hot Hemmer” to you.

I just want to say thank you to all of you out there who read and comment on my blog and all of you out there on IG, WordPress, Twitter, just everywhere, who give me so much sewing education and inspiration!

Thank you! and watch out for those germs!

'Good lord, Mrs. Frost, how long has he been running a fever?!'

Happy Sewing! 

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Happy 3rd Anniversary “Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!”

WordPress has a lovely little feature that reminds you of your blog’s anniversary.  “Nice dress!  Thanks, I made it!!” is three years old now!


Time has flown by and I have learned a lot about sewing, photography, writing, blogging and social media.  I always look forward to reading your blogs and sharing mine and I can’t wait to learn more. Continue reading


Which personality do you like the best?

Last week I cut out my Hunter Green Chevron knit fabric (85% polyester and 15% rayon) and a white linen-look fabric from my stash (actually a fabric given to me, along with a few others, by a friend) to make my first reversible garment.  I put a lot of thought into cutting out this Chevron fabric as you can read about here – matching it up the best I could.  I used Butterick 5789 a cardigan pattern that I have used before here.  I really like this pattern and all its versions.  This time I wanted to make view B – it has only two pattern pieces and I was short on fabrics.


At one point, the instructions for this view made me think: What the heck are you talking about?  It was easier for me to do what the diagrams said, than the words… sew the two end tabs together, then spread it open across the back and sew those together.  (the words still don’t make sense to me!)

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Hopeful for a new cardi and avoiding some tension problems …

A while ago I purchased two fabrics – both 85% polyester and 15% rayon knits – a Chevron pattern, one a Hunter Green and one a Red.  Just on a whim.  These fabrics spread out are a bit overwhelming for my taste – but they were too beautiful to resist.  I had to figure out what I was going to make with them.

I thought I would make a cardigan with one, perhaps the darker one, and a skirt … or culottes … or a skirt … or culottes … with the brighter one.

My favourite cardigan pattern is Butterick B5789.  I’ve made my red one successfully before here.  Now just to be brave and try new things, this time, I thought I would try making a cardigan that was reversible.  The green Chevron pattern on one side and a white linen look on the other.  That way if I didn’t feel bold I could wear the Chevron fabric on the inside, just peeking out, and if I was feeling BOLD then I could wear the Chevron fabric on the outside.  I thank my friend, Nadine, for giving me the white linen looking fabric (and quite a few others!).


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For those who were asking:  

Below is an image of the DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER button.  If you right click (on my program) you can save or download this image to your computer and use it in your blog and your DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER posts … OR …


a smaller version? 


This photo and the code is in my sidebar menu too.

Good Luck with your DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER creation!  I look forward to seeing them all, as I am sure the other readers are too!

Happy Sewing!


Not quite a Rocketeer…

My new Baby is a 1954 Singer Slant-o-matic Convertible, model 421G.  I’m calling her “Amber”.  She was “Made in Germany”.  She’s not quite the Rocketeer (the 500 models) I have been looking for, but being in the 400 series, Amber is close!  My sister says Amber’s just a Rocketeen!  :)  


Amber not only has an extension bed, but she has a free-arm too.  Better yet, the free-arm has a compartment to hold all her bobbins, throat plates and Special Discs (that’s what they are called in the manual, but I prefer the name from the internet “Top Hat cams”).

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