I became seriously addicted to sewing in the 70’s.

In 2013, I started my sewing blog, Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!! and joined a wonderful on-line sewing community.

In 2015, I took on a #RTWFAST Challenge, no more store bought for me, well … except undergarments, socks and shoes.  Everything else was going to be #memade! I also created and organized my annual #DESIGNINDECEMBER Sewing Challenge. (Join us!)

In 2018, I started to design, make and sell my own handbags and accessories and the PDF sewing patterns for them at Lányos Handmade. A small shop with BIG sewing mojo!

In 2020 Lányos Handmade started its own YouTube Channel.  Come join us!

I love learning about and sewing vegan, eco-friendly, sustainable, up-cycled and/or repurposed materials on my Vintage Sewing Machines. I want to try everything, learn everything and talk about it with you!


Sewing Patterns – Sew-it-Yourself Products

Are you a Sewist? Purchase a Lányos Handmade Sewing Pattern here to Sew-It-Yourself! One of my favourite activities is browsing through my own pattern collection trying to decide what to sew next! Add one of the Sewing Patterns from Lányos Handmade to your collection and make it even sweeter! For everything I design and sew, I draw up a Sewing Pattern too, so you can Sew-It-Yourself! I love it when one of my patterns is chosen for your new project.

Lányos Handmade

Lányos Handmade on YOUTUBE!

Come join us on our YouTube Channel for Sew Alongs of Lányos Handmade patterns, “How to Sew” videos and other small, quick projects! Thank you for subscribing!

Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!! THE BLOG

You can find all my Blog Posts here!  If you think of something you’d like me to blog about, contact me!  Thanks for reading and commenting!

Handbags and Accessories – Ready Made and Custom Orders

Check out the photos and details for each of my creations! If you don’t see a style or material you want here, check out the Material Gallery or contact me. Perhaps you have a favourite handbag, tote or make-up bag that you would like to replace. Or a vintage leather coat collecting dust? I can copy your handbag using your repurposed leather, giving you “The Handbag of your Dreams!” I also have an extensive collection of materials, including hardware, fabric, repurposed leather, cork vegan leather, Kraft-tex and other materials, and can always source new materials to make that special item for you.

About Us

Hello!  I’m Linda – the Owner, Designer and Sewist behind the Shop “Lányos Handmade” and the Sewing Blogger behind the blog, “Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!” and the sewing challenge #designindecember. You can also find us on YouTube at Lányos Handmade! Thanks for stopping by!

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