My Ambitious Rainbow.

I am now able to get back to my own sewing.  The craft fair is done (very happily and successfully).  The additional Infinity Scarf orders have been done (Thank you to my customers).  I am now on my three week holiday from work (Yippee!). My Christmas presents have been done or purchased, whatever the case may be (still need wrapping).  Our Darling Daughter has moved back home (I have lost my sewing room).  Our company has arrived, the house has been decorated and we are surrounded by loved ones.  The baking is also almost complete!  (It would help if the eating of the baked goods was slower than the baking of the baked goods!)

I am now able to get back to my own sewing.

So now I return to my pea coat.

That’s it!  That’s all I’ve done.


Although I do love that back seam, so neat and tidy and flat!  Dolly wears it well!

I did make a PLAN though, for when I am finished my pea coat.  After a couple of trips to the fabric shop to pick up a spool of thread, or whatever, and walking out with bags of goods, well, I did make a PLAN for my wardrobe for next year!

Now it is very difficult to see from this photo, but I am going to make item C, the short blouse, McCalls M6606, putting 3/4 length sleeves on it though.  I love the pattern on this black and white fabric!    I haven’t decided yet whether or not to put on a solid black collar too.  I think I might!  I love that the blouse is not fitted, it is quite loose and billowy around the waistline.  A great idea after Christmas Baked Goods and turkey dinners!

Next these two shirts (I am obviously lacking in shirts).  McCalls M6076, one in grey and one in beige.  The beige feels like silk, such a find!  Slightly fitted, but not too fitted!  Another great job for Dolly!

Gosh what a terrible photo!  I do like the 3/4 sleeves on the top, Butterick B5562, but I am still unsure which collar style to make, along with a ruffled bottom skirt, New Look 6433.  This material has a lovely white, beige, shades of blue and black throughout it.

Next this royal blue material is so silky, it would look great using Simplicity 1886, and the jacket material is a crisp silky linen look, New Look 6921, both would look great with the blue patterned skirt above.

Lastly, a beautiful white top, Butterick B5988, with a dark green lace top over it.  Short sleeves this time.  I know, I know, I never wear white because I always manage to slop something on it, but I figure with the green lace over it I might be safe.  Maybe…

So that is my PLAN.  My new spring outfits.  The green lace top doesn’t really fit in with the rest but I just HAD to have it!  Such beautiful fabrics and patterns.  Hopefully I will get it all finished before something else catches my eye and I change my mind, which has happened many times before!  But so far that is the PLAN for the New Year.

Therefore, I present to you My Ambitious Rainbow of fabrics and patterns!

More importantly, I wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year!


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  1. Love your plan…you’ll be styling!

    1. Yes, thank you, if I get it all finished! I usually plan lots and change my mind half way through, but it would be lovely to have it all, wouldn’t it!

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