Look at this!  I have stared and measured, measured and stared, and finally I have gotten the placement right (and the nerve) to sew my toggle closures on to my pea coat!  First one done!


Oh… wait!  I can’t sew the lining in now.  There is no seam allowance to sew it to!  Sewing the toggle on has sewed it shut!  I have to sew the lining in BEFORE I sew on the toggle closures!  Or not sew the toggle closures to my facings!  That’s what happens when I work without a pattern!


😖 Now I have to take the toggle off, sew in my lining, then sew on my toggle closures!  Or make sure I don’t sew my toggle closures to my facings! Grrr!


ACKKK!!!!  I don’t think Simon cares. Yes, time to call it a night!

Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “ACKKK !!

  1. Ohhh, that is going to be VERY NICE!!!! I have always wanted to sew something with toggles, but haven’t yet.

    Simon is beautiful!!!

    1. Thank you from me and from Simon. Before I took the photo he was trying to EAT the pins! I had to cover them up quick, so he gave me a “look”. I am close to finishing so there will be more photos of my coat soon.

  2. Oh I hate it when that happens! Good luck.

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