Yet another purse?

A good friend at work goes for walks with me at lunch hour. Gotta get some fresh air and exercise! she says. Our path quite often takes us through the Mall with all it’s great shops. She is very careful to keep herself between me and the purse store, she jokes, because she thinks I am spending too much on purses (finger shaking) and every purse I buy puts me one step farther away from my much desired retirement date. (Still many years away, but one can wish can’t they?)

I always tell everyone that purses are the only things I can buy, pretty much, well … and shoes and belts, which I don’t really buy much of actually. I feel there is nothing else I can buy because I prefer to sew everything for myself. Countless times, I have seen clothing in shops that is poorly made and far too expensive. How many times have I bit my tongue to prevent saying out loud “That much? I could probably make it better myself, and for less.”

We all know that we can sew it probably at less cost than in the shops, and definitely with better quality! Needless to say there is also the satisfaction and pride in doing it yourself!

Oh yes, the last time I was in my fabric shop I bought two kinds of knit fabric for dresses I am planning to sew someday, and I had to grab this pattern too ….


I wonder what my friend at work would say if she knew I bought yet ANOTHER purse!

Happy sewing!

4 thoughts on “Yet another purse?

  1. I get it…there’s no such thing as too many purses. My question is this: how do you convince your loving hubby of that? Mine says, “What? Another purse?”

    1. Like the old saying… “Different strokes for different folks!”

      1. Ah, you point to the electric drill and say, do you really need another drill bit???

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