My first “up cycle”?

My sister’s co-worker is traveling to Mexico very soon to avoid our rainy winter – the rain just goes on and on and on…  She asked my sister if I would be willing to sew her “tankini” for her before she leaves.  Sure, I love a new project!


What we have here is her tankini top and a sample of the bottom she would like to have made out of the material which covers her tummy.  She wants that material taken off so that she can get some extra sun.  “Might as well! Hey?”

So I cut it off.


I used this excellent stitch to hem up the stretchy knit material of the top by hand.


imageTop hemmed.  The strap has to be changed yet though.

Then I make a pattern from the pink bikini bottom, remembering to add a seam allowance when I cut out the blue patterned material.

image Front and back right here.


Then I cut my pieces out of the extra tankini tummy material.  Remembering to cut seam allowances when I cut out the pattern!  I was happy the tankini tummy material was lined because I used that lining to cut out additional pieces for lining the bottom.  More savings!


I did have to make four ties out of extra black swimsuit material I had, two for the new straps she wanted on the top and two for the side ties she wanted.  I put swimsuit elastic on the waist and legs of the bottoms with my serger and used my twin needle on my sewing machine to turn the elastic under and sew it in place.  I also sewed in the side casings for the two ties on my sewing machine with a narrow zig zag.


Bottoms done!  How do they look – same as store bought?


Adjustable straps sewn on the top!  All done!

Have fun in the sun in Mexico!

Now what am I going to do with myself?  Where’s my umbrella?

8 thoughts on “My first “up cycle”?

  1. Wow. I can’t tell which bathing suit bottom has been up-cycled! I like the black ties a lot. Adds to the swim suit. How was it sewing that stretchy/light weight material? I have some light weight knits for fitness gear which I just got from the U. S. and I’m going to attempt sewing it tomorrow.

    1. Well you practice with the material, your machine, the right stitch and the right needle and sooner or later it all falls together…. And if it doesn’t you grab your handy seam ripper, carefully pluck it all out, and start all over again! Happy sewing!

  2. Wow, great job!!! What a good friend you are!

    1. Oh thank you! But it was fun!

  3. Love this! I can’t wait for warmer weather – although I won’t be wearing a bikini!

    1. Me neither! But I guess some people can just pull it off.

  4. Very nice job. Your friend is a lucky girl!

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