Diving into knits! Part Two

Back on schedule again!  Perhaps some of you remember my other “Diving into knits”  post?

imageI have been using McCall’s 4261.

I sewed up my red T shirt, it was such an easy pattern to put together, but I think now it might be too nice to workout in!


Now on to my blue yoga pants.


Don’t worry! I ironed my pattern piece after taking this photo and before cutting!

I made some changes in the pants pattern too.  I decided that I would cut out my pants a size smaller than my actual measurements.  They just seemed so baggy as is.  So I just folded the middle of the pattern piece over an inch.  I also decided that I would not do a drawstring waist.  I just don’t like them.

I got the crotch seam and inseam sewed up on my serger.  I made a casing at the waist for running my elastic through and then couldn’t get my elastic through!  Between the stretchy material and the stretchy elastic it just wasn’t working.  Curses!


So I chopped the casing off.  I do that sometimes… Let’s fix this by chopping it off and throwing it away!

Now I need a waistband.  I decided to add on a wide yoga pants type waistband.  So I cut some red knit material left over from my T shirt, twice as wide as the wide elastic I was going to use, plus seam allowances, and as long as the top of my pants.  Then I sewed it together in a circle.


Next step, putting right sides together I serged my new waistband to the top of my pants.


Just to help hold the pieces steady I then pinned the wide elastic to my new waistband on my pants on the front, back, and sides.


Then I folded the rest of my new wide waistband over my elastic and pinned it again to the top of my pants, making sure I took out my previous four pins from the inside of my waistband!


Then I serged the waistband edge together with the top of my pants.  The extra material of my waistband was cut off with my serger blade.  I probably measured my seam allowances too wide and therefore had some to cut off.  Oh well better more than less!


Finished!  Much better!


I guess you just have to “crack a few eggs to make a waistband” or is that “an omelette”?

Happy sewing!

6 thoughts on “Diving into knits! Part Two

  1. Love these yoga pants, I like how you added the wide contrast waistband. And, Kitty and I must remark on your wonderful and I’m sure extremely helpful sewing aids.


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