I figured it out!


I have been sewing up exercise clothes in a frenzy lately and looking at what’s on line and in the stores and therefore the most fashionable.  I found a pretty gathered fold over waistband on a pair of $62.00 (Canadian) name brand yoga pants and I just wanted them – not for $62.00 though!  I borrowed a pair from a friend and examined them closely.  Then I started…


I bought a small piece of beautiful orange polyester/spandex that just felt SOOO soft!  I cut some wide elastic to fit my waist comfortably and cut the orange just as long, plus seam allowances (as you can see, both are on the fold), and 3 times the width of my wide elastic.  I marked the fold line so that I would know where to sew on my  skinny 1/8″ elastic.


1/8″ elastic sewed on.  I held it stretched over my drawn on fold line and zigzagged over it and then when done it sprang together.  I was careful to not sew it on where the wide elastic was to be attached.  I don’t want gathers there.


I then sewed the orange waistband on to the top of my pants.


Then I sewed my wide elastic on, sewing both edges of it.  A small zigzag stitch on the sewing machine was able to sew it all.


Next I folded the waistband down to meet up with the top of my pants and started pinning.  I had some extra seam allowance on the orange waistband so I just cut it off before sewing.


Almost there…


I top stitched the top and bottom of the orange waistband and anything else I could find as that orange thread was such a great colour!  ALL DONE!

What next?

Stay tuned!

9 thoughts on “I figured it out!

  1. Rose says:

    Getting myself to exercise may be easier if I looked like a million bucks doing it. I may just have to rethink wearing my husband’s old shorts and a t-shirt (he refused to wear) that he got “free” from work.


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