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A “boo boo”…

…and a true sewing challenge!

Perhaps you remember the day I ambitiously chose to cut out material for three shirts in one afternoon full of interruptions, blogged here, with terrible results?  I have yet to take a close look at my work to see what size all three fabrics, indeed every pattern piece, has actually been cut to.  Which line did I use?

Well now it is time to start sewing them up.  Upon opening up my first set of pattern instructions, for McCall’s  6076, (I can’t even remember what view I cut out!), I find eight pages of instructions!  Apparently it is a “Palmer Pletsch” Classic Fit shirt.  Who needs a book?  Who needs a course? These pattern instructions are full of details and diagrams for getting the tissue ready, making adjustments to the hip and waist, back width, full bust, princess seam placement, on and on… Hmmm… Things I should have read and done BEFORE I cut out the fabric!  Oh Joy!

BTW here is my pattern and my two lovely fabrics.  I can’t remember what kind of fabrics these are, they were just pulled from my stash, but they are probably a polyester, even though they feel like silk.


I think I should sew these two tops up with my fingers crossed!

Below is the third fabric I cut out on that day.  McCall’s 6606, view C.  Again, I am unsure which size I cut out – did I cut it too big or too small, which line did I use?  At least this one, being “not fitted” and having a lot of design on the fabric, will be more forgiving.


I think Dolly is going to come in very handy when I am putting together these tops, with me trying and adjusting every piece on her.  First I will have to double check her measurements with mine to make sure she hasn’t been jogging too much or sneaking too much chocolate!


Now not to offend anyone, Palmer Pletsch, or even you Oprah, honestly!

(Maybe I should write in this popular clause…  “The opinions expressed in this blog do not necessarily reflect the views of the rest of the world!”)

But, the funniest words in this Palmer Pletsch pattern are:

“…this is the blouse neckline style that Oprah claims is most flattering.  Stores who had a blouse with this neckline couldn’t keep it in stock.”

Read it yourself!  Palmer Pletsch even call their pattern “the Oprah blouse” on their website!


Makes me very happy that Oprah didn’t claim this was most flattering…


or this…


because Palmer Pletsch would have had their work cut out for them! (No pun intended!)

To sum up… 8 pages of instructions, 4 of which are a lesson on how to adjust your pattern BEFORE you cut out your fabric (too late for me now!) and one page that says this…


When I started sewing long, long ago you knew you were done the outfit when you finished all the steps and could wear it! Now you know you are done when you read “This page is intentionally left blank” .

Makes me laugh every time!

Happy Sewing!

P.S. Remember the most important rules – Read the instructions first!  Then – Measure twice and cut once!


17 thoughts on “A “boo boo”…”

  1. Ha!
    I always use that phrase “measure twice, cut once”.
    Happy sewing!
    It looks like you have your work cut out – no pun intended

  2. I have a couple of Palmer/Plesch(sp). I have not cut into them because there are so many pre-cutting instructions my head spins. I hope you are able to get your blouses together.

  3. Love the lace medallion fabric, that is going to make a great blouse. Eight pages for one blouse?! WOW. I am working on a 1940’s pattern that includes a skirt and a jacket and I only have one sheet. Front page tells you how to cut and the back sheet how to assembly both pieces! Love the measure twice and cut one phrase, but my problem is I spend so much time measuring that I delay getting things cut!

    1. …and I do not like cutting at all, I wish you could buy the pieces pre-cut (like Lego) and just sew them together! Thanks for reading/commenting!

  4. I have never made a Palmer/Plesch pattern but I am intrigued about the detail of their instruction. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to take precut patterns and figure out what the heck I did lol. You are super funny and witty I love your Dolly mannequin that is so funny! Cheers 🙂

    1. You should get a “Dolly”. It sure saves on getting dressed and undressed to try stuff on! Although I read in some blogs that some women just give up and sew in their underwear! Thanks for reading/commenting!

  5. That photo at the end really made me laugh. I would love to see a pattern for Bjork’s swan dress. Now eating it is another matter. Love your medallion fabric. I bet that these will all be lovely when they are done. Xx

  6. My older sister talked me into buying lime green with navy blue swirl colored material, thank goodness “swan material” was not available then. When I could sew I always made 2 sometimes 3 of the same thing and wrote all over the pattern what I did. We did not have detailed instructions then. Your shirts will be grand, ask dolly.

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