and the Liebster Award nominees are….

Again thank you, Sewing with Scooby Snacks, for nominating me for a Liebster Award!

Now on to the game…..  My nominees are…

1. Accidental Seamstress

2. Bon Bons & Bootcamp

3.  The Material Lady

4. Sew Much 2 Learn

5.  The Simple Seamstress

6. Dressing the Role

7. Sewing Battles

8. Sewing Adventures in the Attick

9. Said & done: handmade by Chris

10. Seams right to me

11. Fabric, thread, clothes?


And the questions are…

1. What is your favourite snack?

2. What is your favourite movie?

3. Do you have pets?

4. How long have you been blogging?

5.  What is your favourite project that you are most proud of?

6.  What is your least favourite project and why?

7.  Do you have any formal training in your craft?

8.  Do you have your own craft room?

9.  How do you get your ideas?

10. Does your partner support you in your ideas?

11.  Where do you see yourself in ten years?


If you are wondering about the Rules of the Liebster Award, they are here.


Happy sewing!

2 thoughts on “and the Liebster Award nominees are….

  1. Thanks for the nomination!

    1. You’re welcome!

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