Me-Made-May’14 (1st post)

This is so fun, being part of this Challenge!  But can I do it?

I have no time to speed sew up some outfits like a “Road Runner” to fill up my month of May.  But I do want to take a serious inventory during this Challenge – what is really in my closet?

Quite often you open the door and say there is nothing to wear.  I thought I would try Me-Made-May’14 and see what’s really in my closet and what I need (to sew) to fill in the gaps!  Do I have 31 outfits?  That’s my Challenge.  So every weekend you will hear from me, whether I made it through the week or whether I have added an item of clothing to my never-ending list of things-to-sew! (and I so cherish that list!) 😀

Thursday, May 1 – it was 23 degrees Celsius today (73 F).  Time to pull out the summer dresses.  Don’t have the faintest idea when I sewed this up, which pattern I used nor what it is made of, but it is very flow-y and comfortable!  And it doesn’t need ironing, probably a polyester of some sort, not a knit.


May 2 – Friday casual (jeans) day at work.  Jeans and a top.  I haven’t made myself a pair of jeans yet, maybe someday.  I do want too.  After all, I have black jeans fabric and the pattern for them – just need the time! (On the list)  I made the top from a polyester knit.


Saturday, May 3 and Sunday, May 4 – the usual Mom uniform.  T-shirts and yoga pants, comfortable and hard working!  Apparently all my T-shirts are store bought and there are a lot of them!  When they wear out I will have to sew some more up.  (On the list for years in the future!). I do have quite a few hand made yoga pants so I have that covered.  These are my favourite!


I made it through the first week (ya, alright, it was a short one!) with one item on my list – sew Jeans!

Happy sewing!

8 thoughts on “Me-Made-May’14 (1st post)

  1. Loved your dress, floral fabrics are so trendy this summer. Congrats on making it through the first week of MMM14. I am not participating but so enjoy all that are doing so.

    1. Thanks! I love seeing all the different clothes, etc., too!

  2. I love the idea of the MMM14 challenge, especially since you get to challenge yourself and you’re not in a battle to the death with someone else (you’re not are you?). And the best part is at the end of the month you’ll have lots of new outfits you made yourself. Brilliant!

    1. No, there’s no battle to the death. Just a challenge! So far so good too! Hopefully the rest of the month will be the same!

  3. Love the dress. That print is awesome!

    1. Thank you! Sometimes you’re lucky with what you can find out there!

  4. What a great idea! This might be something for me to strive for next year. Can’t wait to see how you do this month.

    1. Oh well it won’t be a total win this year. But I am hoping it will show me what I am missing in my hand made wardrobe! Thanks for reading/commenting!

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