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Me-Made-May’14 (2nd post)

To recap my first MMMay’14 post, so far, missing in my hand made wardrobe and now on the “To Do” list is … jeans.  Let’s see what is next then, shall we?

Monday, May 5 – I wore a cardigan over my summer top and pants because the office always has cold spots in it.  (I think it is supposed to be air conditioning.)


Tuesday, May 6 – this is an “old sew”.  I can’t remember when I sewed it up, but I still love it.  It’s a light material with a full skirt that you can twirl around in!


Wednesday, May 7 – You’ve seen this navy blue skirt before – the one under Simon.  (As usual I spread out the skirt, turned to get the camera, and this is what I came back to!). The weather is still nice here so skirts and tops are a great choice.  But I hear the rain is coming again.


Oh, and the evening only got better from here because then Simon did this…..


And then he rolled and stretched some more and fell off the bed!

Thursday, May 8 – The rain did come!  So it was pants today – no dresses – I don’t like being cold!  I did wear another “old sew” though, this top.  I made it out of a cotton blend fabric a while ago.


Friday, May 9 (Jeans Day at work) – nothing exciting here, jeans and hand sewn T’s – already posted about last Friday.  Looks Friday is always going to be a repeat of some sort!

Coming up… Saturday, May 10 & Sunday, May 11 – the Mom Uniform Days.  I already posted about this last week so no bother repeating it here!

Love reading and seeing all your wonderful “me mades” out there!

Happy sewing!

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  1. Oh, cats…they have a way of looking like they’ve been there all along despite having plopped down only seconds before, don’t they? =) Looks like you’ve got some great wardrobe staples here; I especially like your cardigan!

    1. Thank you! The old boss probably could have been tricked with a line like “I’m practicing for The Sound of Music”! The new one would probably just ignore me and ask me for a file!

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