My lucky day!

My pattern has arrived!  Thank you Sew Much 2 Learn!


I was the lucky winner of Sew Much 2 Learn‘s Giveaway!  I seem to remember having the original Jiffy pattern in our house long ago when I was small.  It does look familiar.  Maybe it was my sister’s?

I have thoughts of fabric running through my head now …  Not a solid colour… Maybe this…


maybe that…


Or maybe this…


No… That looks too familiar… Kind of like wallpaper… Where have I seen that before?

This will take some thought, but I will add it to my “To Sew List”!

And I will blog about it too!

Don’t you just  love getting a New pattern? Fabric? Sewing notion? …

Thank you again, Sew Much 2 Learn!

18 thoughts on “My lucky day!

  1. You are a lucky girl, these dresses look seriously cute! Which view will you make? Enjoy yourself!

    1. Thank you! I’m not one for bows, but I do like the view with the collar. We shall see which material I end up with, if it is too “busy” I will do the plain dress. If not, I will do the one with the collar.

  2. Love the new pattern – very retro! I’ve recently gotten pretty obsessed with these older style patterns as well. There is so much you could do with this – looking forward to the result!

    1. Isn’t it funny how everything that is old ends up being new again? Isn’t that lyrics to a song??? (Ok I just googled it. It was used in the 1979 movie “All that Jazz”, which I do remember. I thought for a minute I was remembering a song from before my time!)

      1. Yes yes! The scene where Ann Reinking and that kid are dancing! I love that scene actually because I used to be a dancer and I just love it when I see people just have fun with dance. Here is the link:

  3. That’s super cute. I think I could even do that lol.

    1. Oh of course you can! Here, I will loan it to you after I am finished with it! 😉

      1. How fun! I picked up some awesome ideas at a sewing expo I vendored. I’ll share those with you when I’m done. Yah for a sewing exchange 🙂

  4. Glad it made it, and I love the bottom fabric with the unique design

    1. Thank you very much! I just love getting new things in the mail! It usually takes me forever to choose a fabric for a pattern I already have. Funny though how if I have a fabric already the pattern choosing is quick!

  5. I think it needs more of a 60’s pop- maybe a bolder print? I love this style- I have to make this one!

    1. 🙂 You should! Then you could blog about it and show me your’s!

      1. Mine will be scary!

        1. Scary like “dracula” or scary like ? I’m going to go over to your blog to see what you mean.

          1. More tastelessly scary!

            1. PAH! I’ve been to your site – looks great! (except those funky clothes the models are wearing!) 🙂

              1. Oh those are just for inspiration!

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