I’m baaaack!

I promised to return with the finished dress.  The Orange Extravaganza I blogged about here.

Well it is done.  For a moment we thought that it would not be worn to my friend’s daughter’s grade 8 “graduation”, due to the teacher’s strike.  No teachers, no school, no  grade 8 “graduation” ceremony.  Now I don’t want to get into that here, but good news!  The parents banded together to go ahead with their children’s graduation without the teachers and the school.  They have a neighbourhood park lined up, are renting chairs, getting BBQ’s ready, getting food, desserts, and drinks – even corsages! – and all by donation from a dozen or so companies and stores.  So her grade 8 graduation is back on!

Three cheers for the parents and those who donated!

I was unable to get a photo of her daughter wearing the dress, but I did get a photo of the dress before I handed it over.  Hopefully, her mother will let me have a photo of her daughter wearing her dress, new shoes, new white shrug, corsage and fancy hairdo!  I bet she will look lovely!  I hope the orange colour of this knit fabric comes through correctly here.  (Sorry, I was too lazy to adjust Dolly to fit the dress, but then it doesn’t have to fit Dolly!)


Happy sewing!

10 thoughts on “I’m baaaack!

  1. First, WooHoo to the parents and all who donated for the Grade 8 Graduation. WooHoo.

    The dress looks beautiful. The wave material is really neat. The pleats are perfect. I tend to wear a lot of solid colors so I like material that has a pattern woven into the fabric. Great job.


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