The voting is over for last week’s post and you left me with a perfect TIE for my dilemma – which fabric should I choose for my Sewaholic Yaletown dress?

from Google
from Google

Guess I am going to have to flip a coin! or sew both?

… unless anyone has any final suggestions or comments to offer to tip the vote?

Thanks for playing along!

Happy Sewing to you!

5 thoughts on “Noooo!

  1. I still say the rayon it will have a slight advantage in the drape department that would suit that pattern very well. Also I love, love, love the print 🙂

    1. Yes, although it is like choosing between my two babies, I think I will have to pick the one that is better for this job! And save the other one for a job that it is best at. I love both fabrics, but the rayon it is! 😃

  2. Love the cat, he’s perfect.

    1. You know it is always going to be a “cat” picture, don’t ya!

  3. ooh the cat is hilarious.. 🙂

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