I got nominated for a “One Lovely Blog Award”!


Thank you to Creeping Tyme’s Blog for nominating me for a “One Lovely Blog Award”!  I love reading Creeping Tyme’s Blog, she can knit up some really beautiful projects!  You should go check it out!

What is a One Lovely Blog Award? This award is given to bloggers by other bloggers, of course there are rules to this game, so if you would like to play along, all you have to do is:

1.  Thank and link back to the blogger who nominated you;

2.  Follow the blogger who nominated you;

3.  List the rules and display the award;

4.  List seven facts about yourself;

5.  Nominate your own Top Ten Bloggers (let them know on their “About” page).

Seven facts about myself?  Well…

1.  I fall asleep on my bus commute to and from work regularly, whether I am reading blogs or books or writing posts.

2.  I have had the same employer for 35 years.

3.  I have two cats.

4.  I will eat almost anything that’s chocolate.

5.  I jog on my treadmill lots to counteract eating all that chocolate.

6.  I like mysteries and science fiction and horror.

7.  I have been sewing since I was little and never knew until about a year ago that there were other sewists out there who could share their projects with me and I with them!

and… My Top Ten:

1.  J.A.M. – JOANNA’S ARTISTIC MUSE – a blog about her art work.

2.  ACCIDENTAL SEAMSTRESS – a blog about up-cycling clothes.

3.  SEWING WITH SCOOBY SNACKS – a blog about sewing and baking.

4.  UTA SEWS – a sewing blog.

5.  JUST SEW THERAPEUTIC – a sewing blog.

6.  MAKING AND MARKING – a crafty blog.

7.  NAVY BLUE THREADS – a sewing blog.

8.  FABRIC, THREAD, CLOTHES? – a sewing blog.

9.  SATURDAY NIGHT STITCH – sewing, knitting blog.

10.  WHAT GLADYS WORE – a sewing blog.

Now you don’t have to play along, your choice, but I just want to let you know that you are lovely!

Happy Sewing!

3 thoughts on “I got nominated for a “One Lovely Blog Award”!

  1. Too kind, I also have to exercise a lot because I eat too much chocolate and cake, you’re in good company 😉

  2. Someone say chocolate. Not a blogger so I can’t blog along but have checked out the sights and love all your stuff. Am a past sewer that still likes to dream.

    1. I am always happy to share my chocolate! Thank you for the compliments! Enjoy reading!

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