I am committed …

to joining the “Ready to Wear (RTW) Fast” created by Sarah of “Goodbye Valentino”!

from "Goodbye Valentino"
from “Goodbye Valentino”

In 2015, I will (as Sarah proposes) “refrain from buying ALL clothes including outerwear, dresses, tops, pants, shorts, sweaters, coats, fitness apparel, jeans and bathing suits.”  (Shoes, socks and under garments are permitted! Whew!)

How do you like THAT New Year’s resolution! 🙂

I am joining a large group of sewists sharing this goal.  Check it out on Sarah’s post.

And you ask… WHY???

Well… I love to sew!  For years, so many I can’t even count, when I needed a garment I would wander in and out of one store after another, rarely finding anything I loved that I couldn’t have sewn up for myself, sometimes for less money and/or maybe even better!  That was always the guideline for my purchases – can I make this myself for less money and/or maybe even better?

I saw Sarah’s “RTW Fast” last year, a few months into the year, and I thought it would be a fabulous thing to try.  I followed her group unofficially and realized that I could survive without spending, so I made the pledge to myself right then to make my own garments and not buy them. Did I make it through 2014?  Well I must confess… I did break down once.

On a short quick road trip to visit my parents last year I HAD to make a detour to buy clothes.  I have the habit of DESPERATELY NEEDING COFFEE while driving.  So off I went down the road with my large Timmy’s Latte.  Almost there, the sudden change of a light required me to hit the brakes a tad forcefully, while holding my cup.  I did stop safely, but ended up with a hoodie and yoga pants covered with the sugary mess that is a Timmy’s Latte.

So I pulled into a … let’s say, “large box store” and bought myself a hoodie and yoga pants and changed right away, putting myself back on the road (with NO more coffee) in minutes.

That was my only garment purchase last year.  I still have the hoodie but the yoga pants kind of pulled to one side after I put them through the wash… they ended up at a charity store.

So… moral of the story?  Don’t drink coffee and drive… no, that’s not it!

MORAL:  This year I am committed to Sarah’s “RTW Fast”.  Wish me luck!  I wish all my other “RTW Fasters” a whole passel of luck and, more importantly, LOTS of sewing time!

Happy Sewing!

29 thoughts on “I am committed …

  1. Does that even count? Purchasing clothes when you’ve spilled coffee on a road trip to see the parents? I think you did amazingly well on your challenge last year.😊

    1. Yes, I guess it might be considered a technicality? 😀 We shall see if I can pull it off without technicalities this year!

  2. YAYYYY Linda….. Congrats and all the best.. I will be here waiting to see those pieces and your wardrobe as it grows with all Linda Made pieces.. Happy New year and Happy sewing.. That’s amazing.. You can totally do it… 🙂

    1. Thank you for the support! I hope you meet all your challenges this New Year!

  3. I did this last year and amazed myself by only buying one commemorative sports top and new bras. Good luck with your challenge.

    1. Yes the running gear would be difficult, just the fabric alone! And then the undergarments – that’s a few sewing lessons all on its own!

  4. Good Luck!
    I can’t wait to see what you make 🙂
    Although it looks like 2014 was very successful for you in terms of not buying RTW!

    1. Thank you! I wish you a successful sewing year too!

  5. I’m joining the RTF fast as well this year! I started sewing again after many years when I searched the shops looking for a wedding dress. I couldnt find anything i liked, so made my own. From then I was hooked. See you on the fast and good luck!

  6. Oh I don’t know…seems to me the RTW fast would be so much more interesting if it meant no more clothes, not no more STORE BOUGHT clothes. Just kidding. This is a terrific idea, it’s a great way to break away from the over priced, poorly made clothing and replace it with well made things that you really like. Good on you!

    1. Thank you! I did think carefully about doing this as I wanted to make sure I DID have enough RTW, so I wasn’t forced to wear the same three things over and over again!

  7. Good luck! Can’t wait to see what you create!

  8. Oh, I think your coffee disaster really doesn’t count! You did impressively well. I’ve only just got to the stage of thinking I could make that myself, only better, for a few items. I no longer need to buy skirts (unless it really is a fabric I couldn’t source or sew) or some simple, knit dresses. It’s a good feeling nonetheless. I’m looking forward to building up this list this year 🙂 Good look with your pledge, I’ll look forward to hearing how you get on 🙂

    1. Thank you for the support! I must admit there are some things I still have to learn how to sew – they are on my “sewing list of things to do”!

      1. Sure you’ll manage them. Might surreptitiously follow the group too to see how you all get on 🙂

  9. I’m with you in spirit. I can remember spending money on clothing items that ALWAY seemed to shift to the right as soon as you put them in the wash. No matter how careful you are, gentle cycle, cold water wash……the material shifted. Obviously “cut on the grain” never came into play. I wish I could sew again.

    1. Well you might not be able to sew now… But you have been part of the action – helping me shop in the fabric stores! You are the only other person who has seen my pattern and fabric stash! Thanks for the support!

  10. Wow!!! Congratulations on joining!!! I can’t wait to see what you make!! Loved the coffee confession…I consider it extenuating circumstances!

    1. Thank you – I was extenuating circumstances, wasn’t it!

  11. Good luck for the fast! I fasted in 2014 and have a joined again for 2015. It makes you focus on making what you really need in your wardrobe.

    1. Yes, I was just thinking about what I need this morning and since sometimes I am short on sewing time, I am going to have to be really organized about this! Good luck to you too this year!

  12. I wish you the best! I love to sew also. 🙂 I only bought one pair of pants last year. I rarely see anything that I like. It’s the right color, but a style that I would never wear. Or, it’s the proper style, but a dull muted color that I won’t wear.

    I’ve sort of done this already, not purchasing RTW items, but I just occasionally put myself in the sewing equation. I sew a lot, but it’s mainly for my daughter or doing costumes for some group. Towards the end of last year, I promised myself I’d start putting myself back into the equation… and I have! Over the past three months, I’ve made myself two outfits and I’m working on a knit dress over my three-day weekend.

    1. Good for you officially joining in! I am quite fussy with RTW too. With me it is usually not finding something that I like that fits well too! I just give up on RTW! Looking forward to seeing what you make for yourself!

  13. Ooh I like this!

    1. Looks like a lot of sewists have taken up the challenge! Sheesh! There will be NO ONE in the RTW shops!! 😉

  14. That sounds like a great challenge! I might have to do the same 🙂 I pretty much do it anyway, because handmade fits waayyy better.

    1. I always think, when looking in the stores, can I make this better (like the colour, style, or fit) for less money? I usually end up talking myself out of purchasing anything!

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