Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge and MAGAM …

I can’t turn down a good Challenge!

I have slowly realized that I am not one to make New Year’s Resolutions … in life or in my sewing.  Instead, I just blather away about all the things I want to try this year … sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t … sometimes I plan one thing and it ends up being another!

I am finding though, being exposed to so many new things on these wonderful sewing blogs, that there are many, many “Challenges” out there and I am having a difficult time saying “No”.  Give me a Challenge and I will sign on!

So that is how I find myself signed up for FOUR Challenges in 2015 – this is going to be so fun!  There’s the RTW Fast 2015 and Jungle January and the 2015 Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge! and the Make A Garment A Month Challenge!  I think I can do it all… really!   Seriously!

I already roared through the Jungle January Challenge.   Yippee!  Now I have to conquer the RTW Fast, the MAGAM Challenge (that one might be difficult!) and the Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge.

I have a few vintage sewing patterns, given to me by my sister, that I could sew up.  (Thank you, Rose!)  I would like a vintage dress.  I would like a few actually.  I am unsure though how much time I have this year for sewing up vintage dresses.  So give me a hand here … which dress should I sew up first?  Let me know and I will start hunting through my fabric stash!

1989 - lots of bodice variations.  I'd probably make the short sleeve version.

1989 – lots of bodice variations. I’d probably make short sleeves or a 3/4’s length sleeve.

1978 - a little plain for me.  Would have to be short sleeves too and a nice fabric.

1978 – a little plain for me. Would have to be short sleeves or a 3/4’s length sleeve  too.

1980 - looks plain but a nice fabric would really show it off!

1980 – looks plain but a nice fabric would really show it off!

1989 - I would have to leave out the shoulder pads - sorry!

1989 – I would have to leave out the shoulder pads – sorry!

1980 - would have to find a nice fabric for this one too!

1980 – again, no should pads please!

Here’s some more patterns from the 2 boxes my sister gave me …

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Now these are not vintage, but they are “retro” patterns.  (click on one photo to start)

What do you think … can I pull off all these Challenges? and which vintage dress should I do first?  Love to hear from you!

Happy Sewing!

35 thoughts on “Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge and MAGAM …

  1. You’re gonna be one busy lady! I’ve voted for the simple dress as I think you need to make something you’re likely to get most wear out of – too practical??
    Good luck 😀


    • Isn’t there a saying about “idle hands”? I can’t stop sewing, so I might as well have some direction, I guess? 😝 that’s a good idea – choice of dress – I spend most my time at work or home, so something practical is a good choice. We shall see what the vote says next week! Fingers crossed! And Thank you!

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  2. I’d definitely have a crack at the last three, the 80spatterns can be voluminous. I used one in a PR pattern stash contest and took eight inches out of the bust.


  3. I’m with Thimberlina on the classical dress. A good honest wardrobe staple. LOVE the coat pattern to the point of pattern envy….. I would make the jacket first purely for trip down memory lane value. Had one very similar in a bright burnt orange in the early 80’s and wore the thing to its grave.


  4. I do like the full simplicity skirts and the Simplicity coat pattern is just amazing! I haven’t tried anything vintage yet – I keep meaning to check out my mum’s attic for old patterns! Good luck with all the challenges



  5. springystitches says:

    7238 in a lovely print would be my choice. Great set of patterns though – I look forward to seeing which one wins the vote!


  6. Rose says:

    Well, I just had to vote. As you know, I have had all of these in my closet and the one that, so far, has gotten the most votes is the one I got married in (at city hall). Now, the one I found to be the most casual and comfortable one was 9045. I made that dress, as a summer dress, and loved it. Never did make the jacket. I am definitely with you, shoulder pads are vintage but a definite thing of the past. Good luck to you on all your projects.

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  7. 7238 gets my vote! Though I know you would totally rock all the patterns – they are all so lovely👏. Of course you will be able to do all the challenges, looking forward to seeing your makes😄


  8. I voted! I remember wearing styles exactly like these lovely patterns – does that make me vintage too? It’s like going to a museum and personally recognising some of the exhibits!

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  9. I must admit I rarely wear dresses anymore, but if I could lay my hands on some vintage clothes that might change. I love styles from the 1920s, 30s and 40s but that may be going back just a little too far, who knows. Mom always used to say whatever is old is new again.
    Can’t wait to see the finished results!


  10. I like the Butterick retro pattern. BTW, it really bothers me that something as recent as the 1980s is considered “vintage.” I guess I really am getting old. 🙂


  11. I absolutely love the first pattern – it has a bit of a late 40s vibe, which I love. The current front runner would have been my second choice, though. As you say, it’s a dress where the fabric is the star. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished result!


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