Pattern Fail VS Eureka Moment

Good afternoon everyone… I was going to push “publish” on my post this morning when I thought I would pause, which is always a wise thing for me to do, and catch up on my blog reading first. One of my sewing blog buddies wrote a post that I just had to show you. (I hope that’s ok?) It is the best description and illustration of how hard we work, and our successes and failures, that I have seen in a long time.
I like to think of sewing as an art form, you take a bunch of fabric, pattern pieces, etc. (pencils, paint, canvas), mix them all together, and hopefully in the end you come up with something unique to you (your masterpiece). We have all been through this, sometimes over and over, so I understand where she is at completely, that being said I still laughed my A** off. So hopefully this reblog works, stop on by “Sewing with Scooby Snacks” and check it out. I’m off to get groceries now, then I will press “publish”! Happy Sewing!

Sewing with Scooby Snacks

I started my project with renewed energy and excitement.  Following along with this new course I am taking has me inspired and looking forward to solving “the perfect pants pattern”.

Basically in this course you take a generic plain pants pattern and according to your measurements do a bit of fine tuning in order to “customize” to your body type. This would be your pattern block in which to make virtually any other pants you want!! Exciting huh? No more multiple pants patterns and spending money on pattern after pattern….

Here I am ready to start the day!!


Here I am trying on the resulting so-called sloper!


WTH!!!  Did I eat a ton of burritos and chow down on Doritos before I took my measurements or does this pattern allow a 1/4 mile of ease in the pattern???? Wow how can I be so wrong and what do I even…

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