A SHOUT OUT TO MARY ANN! (and my #mmmay15)

A few days ago I was speaking with Mary Ann, the accountant at our office, about the “world” of sewing and sewing blogs.  She asked me how I started and I told her that for about a year before I started blogging, I was just a sewing blog stalker.  Then I felt bad only clicking and reading and I thought it was about time I joined the party.

After more discussion, I confessed to Mary Ann that my technique is simple – just babble away about sewing and always write thinking I am having a conversation with my sisters.  Well, Mary Ann gave me the best “hurt” look she could muster and said “You mean you aren’t writing for me?”  Umm…  Ok…  Yes!  So here’s my SHOUT OUT to my follower, Mary Ann!  This post’s for you!  (… and for my sisters, and for the clickers, the followers, the readers, and you, and you, and you, and you…)

Thank you!

Now let me show you the black top I just finished up.  I needed it to fill in one of the gaps I found in my wardrobe that I discovered in anticipation of Me Made May 15.

I used McCall’s M6563, view A, an easy pattern.  I pulled a solid black fabric from my stash.  Yay for “Stash Busting”!  This fabric looks and feels like a polyester knit.


What did I change about this pattern, if anything?  The pattern suggests a back neckline 4″ deep.  I only made the back neckline 1″ deep as I thought the cowl front would hang better and the shoulders would not be falling off my body.  I also shortened the hem line a little.  I want to be sure that the skirts I wear with it are the star and not the black top.

I did like how they instructed to attach the front (with the cowl neckline) and the back at the shoulder seams.  At first I could not understand what they were talking about (maybe I was having a bad day), but I basted it together as instructed and realized that it was a perfect way to go!  Here are a couple of shots of my inside shoulder seams.  None of the raw edges of the shoulders seams are exposed.



Here are a couple of photos of “Dolly” wearing my new top.  I will be able to get some better #mmmay15 shots during the week.  Now that I have a solid black top, I can wear some of those colourful skirts I have hanging in my closet.


Here’s a photo a bit washed out (deliberately) so that you can see the cowl neck better.


I have only one more thing to do on my new black top.  I have to sew a penny in it.  In Canada we don’t have pennies anymore, so good luck with that!  But any small weight will do.  I am going to sew it onto the centre point of the cowl neckline, hanging it in the inside to make the shape of the cowl better, and stay put.  It works!

Next comes my solid red top.  Again to fill some holes in my wardrobe.  For that one I am using McCall’s M7093, view A.  Someday, I would like to make it again with some colour blocking, but right now I really need a solid red top.


Oh, yes, and before I forget… here’s my #mmmay15 garments for the last week.

Are you enjoying your Me Made May experience?

Happy Sewing!

A final note:  Every time I wore this cowl neck top I used a safety pin on the inside to pinch the curved cowl piece together about a couple of inches up from the centre point, so that it was not so loose (and exposing …).  Finally I just put a couple of little stitches there and now my cowl neck top looks like a cowl neck top – puffy, layered, but completely modest!  Try it!

28 thoughts on “A SHOUT OUT TO MARY ANN! (and my #mmmay15)

  1. The cowl on your top looks lovely, look forward to seeing it modelled. Isn’t me made may good for finding the gaps in your wardrobe? I really need a white top or two. Great post title, my names not Mary Ann but i still wanted to read it.

    1. Thank you! It’s been a good month for getting things organized. I have a really wild print skirt that I am looking forward to wearing now. It looks like a Picasso painting to me. (I hope all the Mary Anns out there like the title!)

  2. Great top! Have a suggestion for you on that penny ~ check around for fabric weights. There really are such things, and this is one of their uses.
    Along with your story of starting your blog, I did the same thing before starting my blog. Fancy that!

    1. Hey great idea! I was going to start my search of the house for something I could use, but that’s better!

  3. May 12 dress is so pretty! Love the print for the last one too. Very interesting that you sew small weights into cowl necks, does it affect washing the shirt? Lol I hate pennies so it’d be awesome to find a use for them.

    1. Thank you. I have another batch of fabric, similar to the May 12 dress. It was bought at the same time. A lighter pink/blue pastel. I think I might have the right pattern for it now! The last time I sewed a cowl neck pennies still existed. I enclosed the whole penny in fabric and had no problem with washing. Just think of the number of times money is put through the wash without incident! 😃

  4. Love the top! I have never made a cowl neck top before and I love them too! The insides look so professional did you use bias tape? It looks so tidy 😊

    I am nearly done my bodice sloper only 3 months in the making lol and the current course I am taking shows how to draft for a cowl neck, so it is on my list😉

    Ok I feel so out of the loop. When did the penny go away? How am I Canadian and I didn’t here about this, from my relatives at least 😕 lol

    1. Thank you. The pattern had instructions on how to wrap the front/cowl piece from the front to the back of the back piece, sew the shoulder seam, and then turn it inside out to hide the shoulder seam. The bias tape is my idea. I use it on almost everything. It will be interesting to see/hear how your course says to do it. There wasn’t much of a picture on the pattern instructions, just words on how to do it. And since I used black it was very difficult to photograph. Oh, I am sure you and your relatives have better things to talk about than the demise of the penny! 😄 Now my wallet is loaded with more nickles than I can carry, so will nickels be the next complaint?

  5. Most fabric stores carry drapery weights in the Home Dec section which are already wrapped in fabric and can be sewn to seams. I have used them in jackets when the clients ask for them, they must be dry cleanable at least. Love the new black top, I bought the new pattern that you plan to be made in red…looking forward to seeing it made up so I can get started…you first, Linda….

    1. Thanks for the tip! I am almost finished my red. It certainly hasn’t been difficult so far.

  6. ‘HELLO MARY ANN’ all the way from England!! And I thought Linda’s posts were just for me!

    Like the tip with the penny, I’ve not heard of that, what a fab idea! And love the colour red of your lazy day top! 😀

    1. Thank you! I always seem to be drawn to a certain red and a certain blue when I am looking for fabric! (And you are a very funny girl!)

  7. I’m enjoying cowl necked tops at the moment too, having never tried them before. Yours look great on you 🙂

  8. Love your new top! Cowl necklines are my favourite, but I don’t really enjoy making them.

    1. Thank you. I think this one was done differently than the last one I sewed (a while ago). I like how this one is put together the best.

  9. Love the cowl neck! I don’t think Ii’ve ever made one before. It looks super comfy, and not too hard?

    1. You know, I don’t know why I couldn’t understand the directions, because after I did figure it out it was so easy to do it was ridiculous!

  10. I like black. I’ll wear black even in the summer, usually sleeveless. I know what you mean about too deep necklines. I have one shirt I love but I find the neckline slips so I end up trying to discreetly tuck it under a bra strap. Not a classy move but…Very nice job.

    1. Thank you for the compliment and thank you for the “dressing” tip! I wonder if a small safety pin would work too.

  11. a penny, what a great idea to make the neck drape better…

    1. Another blogger suggested fabric weights too! That’s why I love sewing blogs… So much inspiration, so many tips and lots to learn!

  12. I found it! And it looks amazing Linda! The solid black makes it perfect for any occasion!!

    1. Thanks! I needed a black top and I was dying to try this pattern. I am quite happy with it.

      1. I think I’m about to splurge and just make 4 different cowl neck shirts for myself.

        1. One in every colour you need/like!

          1. Oh yeah! I may end up needing to reinforce my pattern when I’m done with it. 😉

            1. Have you ever tried tracing patterns? It takes a bit of time, but the tracing paper lasts longer than the pattern tissue paper and is usually strong enough to take the abuse my cats give it!

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