A Sewaholic Hollyburn… and the Evils of having a Fabric Stash!

It’s Indie Pattern Month at the Monthly Stitch.  As is my tradition, this is the month that I dive into the Indie Patterns that I have collected over the last year.  I have always wanted to try Sewaholic’s Hollyburn skirt but was always looking for the right fabric.  Me Made May showed me that I do not have a solid red skirt and I have so many tops I could wear with one, so I decided to put the two ideas together.

I trotted off to my Fabric Shop and purchased this fabric.  It’s hard to tell from this photo, but it is a beautiful red Ponte knit.


Unfortunately I forgot a matching thread and zipper.  Digging through my Fabric Stash I found a plastic bag in a bin that contained not only a matching thread and zipper, but MORE beautiful red knit fabric.  Thus, the Evils of having a Fabric Stash.  Now not only do I have 3 meters of beautiful red Ponte knit, but I have the additional 3 meters I just found in my Fabric Stash!

Patternreview is having a Fabric Stash contest so I decided to use my Fabric Stash red, probably a polyester, but who’s to know after all this time, and put my 3 meters of new red Ponte knit away in my bin – to be forgotten I am sure.

I guess if you buy the same fabric twice, it means you really, really like it?

I suppose I have a strange way of approaching PDF patterns.  I started to lay out the 60 + pieces on the dining room table and as soon as I saw a whole pattern piece appear I stopped to tape and cut it out, then I moved on until the next pattern piece appeared.  I just read on Sew 2 Pro that some sewist use a glue stick to put their pattern pieces together.  That’s going to be my “new thing”!  In the process of putting together my Hollyburn PDF I ran out of sticky tape and masking tape!  Glue sticks are in abundance in this house for some reason.

Sewaholic’s A line skirt pattern is the greatest and I really like her instructions.  I automatically under stitched my inner pocket piece, then I thought oops! I really should follow the instructions and lo and behold Sewaholic gave instructions to understitch the inner pocket piece!

imageOne little design I did differently than the pattern (I couldn’t resist) was adding an inverted pleat to the centre front seam, like so…

imageI added exactly 2 inches to my CF seam when I cut out the skirt front.  I sewed the CF seam as instructed.  Then I folded each skirt front piece under at the 1 inch mark and back again at 1 inch, pinning and stay stitching it down.  The wrong side…


and the right side.


This fabric was very soft, with lots of drape, but not too lightweight.  I tried sewing in the zipper (a couple of times).  I was able to sew it in properly into the waistband, but not in the skirt.  So I did my first hand picked zipper and I was quite surprised with how easy it was!  I pinned the zipper in and hand sewed it with a backstitch down one side and up the other, making sure that the right side had a tiny stitch and the wrong side had a stitch about 1/4 inch long.


I was pretty happy with my first hand picked zipper.  There were only a few squiggly thread lines showing through, I think.


Stretch lace on the hand sewn hem.


Again, my challenges getting photos.  I think this time I only took about three dozen shots with my camera/tripod to get these two shots.  This time my son “helped” me smile.


If you are interested in reading about my top, I blogged about it here.


How did my Son help me smile?  I was nicely posed at the fence waiting for my timer to go off (where’s the click, can I move yet?), then I heard the click and headed for my camera to have a look, only to have it go off again – with my Son whooping and chuckling in the background!  (Apparently the first “click” was him.)  Well after that I just couldn’t keep a smile off my face.  Thanks for the help, Son! 🙂


So what have I learned?  

  • Check the Fabric Stash first!
  • Try using a glue stick on my PDF’s!
  • Don’t trust my ears when my Son is around!
  • The Sewaholic Hollyburn is my TNT skirt.

I have some lovely black fabric in my Fabric Stash.  I wonder if I can squeeze out another Hollyburn?

Have you got a TNT skirt pattern?

Happy Sewing!

33 thoughts on “A Sewaholic Hollyburn… and the Evils of having a Fabric Stash!

  1. Oh no, check the fabric stash indeed, but yes it must mean the fabric is meant for you. Great skirt, I like the addition of the pleat.

  2. Nice skirt! I hear you regarding the fabric stash – I have several repeats of fabric. I also use a glue stick for the sticking together, as I find it much easier to manage.

    1. Nice to know I’m not the only one! And nice to know the glue stick will work!

  3. Love the inverted pleat! Will do that on my next Hollyburn – which is also my TNT skirt pattern! I have made 5 so far!😆

    1. Thank you! And it was you I was thinking of when I wrote about the Hollyburn! Such a great pattern!

  4. PS. You look fab!

  5. I have purchased lovely ivory linen, anything in browns or purples, only to find that I have some similar fabric at home. Hence my decision to sew only from stash this year (barring things for my girls, who don’t like the same colours as I do). Red it such a fun colour to wear. It’s cheery to sew, too.

    1. Linen would be a lovely fabric to have on hand… And the purple such a rich colour! I think the red will be good for the summer months, but I should try a rich purple linen Hollyburn for the fall/winter months. Better check my stash first though!

  6. That is a lovely red skirt. I like it a lot. Boys are “stinkers” whether they’re your son or your spouse. 😀 Have to admit your little diagram of the inverted pleat threw me back to grade 8 geometry and I shuddered. Good job.

    1. So that pretty much covers it, MEN are stinkers! And sewing is easier to DO than to describe, I think!

  7. Great skirt Linda. I love the CF pleat you added and you did a fab job on the zipper insertion. I will have to look at that stretch lace next time I am at the fabric store what a nice touch to finish off your lovely skirt!

    1. Thank you! I do like this pattern – I am thinking I could even change the pockets next time with flaps and buttons, or ?

  8. Cute skirt and I love the clever inverted pleat! Of course, my favorite part of this post was the ‘stash confession’. LOL! I’ve purchased a few (ahem) pieces of fabric, only to discover I have an identical piece in my stash. Red is such a lovely color on you!

    1. Thank you! I want to make another Hollyburn, except this time do something different again – maybe with the pockets? I am glad to hear someone else has made the same mistakes with their fabric purchases! Not that TOO MUCH FABRIC is a mistake! 🙂

  9. Totally meant to be, love it! 😉 looks great and really like the inverted pleat detail. Yet another skirt to add to my list…

    1. I know… That’s what I say when I see your makes (and other’s) too. I want one!!

  10. I just blogged my first two Hollyburns – such a lovely basic skirt! I like the idea of a pleat at the front and your red fabric looks lovely!


    1. I was just heading over there to read it and I’ve been called away again. :(. Thank you for the compliments!

  11. Lovely dress for you!
    And yes, I’ve had this same experience with duplicating fabric… just located more of the orange used to make my first renfrew… agh!!!!! The ups & downs of stashing!

    1. Yup! I figure I must like it if I keep buying it. I just don’t sew it up quick enough!

  12. This is a lovely skirt Linda!! How about a Teal or black version.. 🙂 Love it.. Great Job.. ( I hear you on checking the stash first)… There are always fabulous finds… 🙂

    1. I am trying to get a basic black one done. And teal would be a lovely colour!

  13. What people don’t realize is that hand-picked zippers, if done with a back stitch, are very strong! If you ever try to remove one, you will soon discover that! Cool skirt and now that you have extra red ponte…what else will you make to go with it?

    1. I have read that they are strong. I’m hoping that this one, my first, is too! I have 3 meters so I could easily make a jacket to go with this skirt. I would have to take a close look in different degrees of light though to make sure they were the same. I would feel funny if there was any noticeable (to me) difference in the two! If they are slightly different, well then… A dress? Also, how much red can I get away with wearing all at once!

  14. It looks lovely! I like the pleat too.i think red is just such a statement colour, very elegant. Although I have to be in the right mood to wear it do you?!?

    1. I like wearing red (& bright colours) when the sunny weather comes. It’s kind of hard to wear red in the winter!

  15. Looks great! I’m going to try the Sewaholic Crescent skirt sometime very soon – my plan is to cut it out this weekend. I’ve bought a few Sewaholic patterns as they are made for my body type. I may have to get this one as well!

    1. Thanks! Looking forward to seeing the Crescent skirt. I don’t remember seeing it made up yet.

  16. Loving the red skirt! I think I need to rustle up my sewing mojo and get cracking on one like this myself.

    PS I think the sewing stash gives us sewing addicts the ultimate fix – go the stash! 😜😜😜

    1. The Hollyburn is a great pattern. I love it. It is a sloper for me to make all sorts of skirt designs from.

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