A little bit of this and a little bit of that…

I usually find lots of sewing time on the weekends, tucked between chores and errands and spending time with my family.  Last weekend was a busy one though, with not much sewing time.  Instead, it was a fun weekend in Vancouver with my sister, who would like me to sew a MOG (Mother of the Groom) dress for her for her son’s wedding in February.  We spent the day shopping for fabric for her.  I thought you might like to see what she bought and sent home with me … I’ve got lots to blog about in the future!

I like this dress pattern, McCall’s M7084.  My sister likes the top with the contrasting inserts shown in view C, but with the collar and sleeves of view D, so we have a blue made of 97% cotton, 3% spandex, with the white print for the inserts, again 97% cotton, 3% spandex. 


This one is McCall’s M7169, view A, with view C sleeves, with the brownish flowers in the centre panel and the black for the sides.  Both these fabrics are cotton with spandex too.


This one is a vintage pattern from 1978, Simplicity 8510.  It must be a favourite of my sister’s for her to keep it safe all this time.  The fabric is a similar beige as in the pattern photo, linen-like, 70% polyester, 30% rayon.  (It is deceiving sitting on my bedspread so ignore the pink flowered fabric!)


Next, another vintage pattern, McCall’s 4408, and another pattern favourite from 1989.  She would like the skirt shorter, just under the knees, than in the pattern photo though.  The black print is a 100% polyester, the brown print and the “Clark Gable” print are both 100% cotton.

imageMy sister’s last purchase was the MOG dress fabric.  

Unfortunately I have been sworn to secrecy regarding the MOG dress until after the wedding is over so that she can have the element of surprise!  Even though my sister has assured me that she does not expect anything but the MOG dress by February, and I am to take my time sewing these garments for her, I plan on dialling in my sister’s measurements on “Dolly” so that I can start cutting fabrics soon.


And yes, I did buy fabric.  My will power broke at the cutting table when a beautiful fabric was cut and the remanent just tossed to the floor like an old shoe.  I bought it.  Then at the next fabric store I bought two more lovely fabrics.  Good thing we ran out of fabric stores.  As I said my will power broke.

I did manage to get a bit of my Motor City Express Jacket sewn during the last week.  This is the pattern I received when I purchased the Craftsy course “Sew Better, Sew Faster: Smart Construction”.

The construction order on this jacket is a little different than usual, but I like it.  I’ve got the jacket lining completely sewn and pressed, some of my fashion fabric pieces are sewn together too and most of the zippers are in.  This jacket has 7 zippers!  Imagine my surprise when I sat down to sew one evening to find that I had only purchased 6 zippers!  No matter how many times I checked my bags and supplies, it still added up to 6.  Luckily the one that I was missing was the most common length so when I returned to the fabric store a couple of days later there were many still in stock.

This is the first time I have done a sleeve gusset zipper and surprisingly I found it rather easy.  (Click on the first photo for the slide show with comments.)

This fabric is a soft woven and it was very difficult to mark my pocket placement, etc.  I tried my usual yellow chalk marker and the fabric pulled and bounced so much my attempt at a narrow line ended up being 1/4″ wide mess!

I tried tracing paper and a tracing wheel and most of the markings landed in between the woven threads and therefore, were invisible.

I tried my black Pilot Frixion erasable gel pen, luckily on a scrap of fabric, and found that some of the line soaked through to the right side of my fabric.  (It usually goes on and irons off.  I didn’t want to chance it.)

Finally, I used Steam-A-Seam, and not as it is intended, but just as if it was tape.  Steam-A-Seam is similar to Wonder Tape and has similar uses but it needs to be ironed on to permanently stick, unlike Wonder Tape which sticks on its own.  So I used the Steam-A-Seam to temporarily mark my lines and then easily peeled it off after my pieces were sewn on.

I also started on my zipper pockets, like so… (Click on the first photo for the slide show with comments.)

Perhaps you feel the same, but it scares the crap out of me to cut a pocket slit in my fashion fabric – no matter how careful I have been!  But now I have my sleeve gusset zippers and zipper pockets done.



I am left wondering – how many different ways are there to trace pattern markings on fabrics?  I almost ran out of options with this soft woven fabric!

(I apologise for the photo heavy post, I find it easier to describe what I did with words and pictures.  You should see me when I tell a story… my hands are flapping all over the place, drawing pictures in the air!)

As always, looking forward to talking with you and … Happy Sewing!

30 thoughts on “A little bit of this and a little bit of that…

  1. How exciting and you certainly have a lot of options for the MOG dress 🙂 I bet you’ll really enjoy the process together.

    1. It will be fun working with her. I am so used to making things for myself all the time, I need a break!

  2. You have so much work to do there Linda, I wouldn’t dare engage myself with that. Really looking forward to seeing what you’ll make.

    1. I’ll be sharing like usual. I don’t consider it work though. There really isn’t a deadline and I’d be sewing anyway, so…

      1. You’re right, probably it seems intimidating to me because I don’t do any serious sewing plans.

  3. Being the benefactor of all the lovely outfits I once again say “thanks sis”. Reading your post each week it is great to see your beautiful creative projects grow, so, let me just say (in my defense) this is all your fault. I am so excited as I wait to see your creations, my future wardrobe, blossom on the pages of your blog.

    1. You are so kind! Like I say, I was going to be sewing anyway. No harm in alternating one of mine, one of your’s! And maybe I will learn something, by not sewing for my own body, for a change!

  4. How exciting – and you are a very kind and generous sister! Hope you know that.

    1. Well thanks! But this is just getting embarrassing now! 🙂

  5. What a lovely thing to do for your sister! Will look forward to viewing your new experiences working with a different person’s measurements, something I don’t have an opportunity to do. You’ve lovely fabric & patterns for motivation!

    1. Thank you! She has made it easy for me with the skirt – she gave me one that she made 10 years ago, when she could sew, that fits her perfectly still. Hahaha, 10 years old! That’s why she needs some new ones, I think!

      1. Yes, I guess she does!

  6. How exciting, all those projects! the zip pockets look excelllent and I agree cutting into the fashion fabric is always scary. A clever use of Steam-A -Seam, now I wonder if I can get hold of any, by another name maybe….

    1. Thanks! I am sure it comes under another name too. When I bought it in the fabric store there were other companies (Unique, Clover) that sold similar products. I guess it would just depend on what you have access to where you live.

  7. I have both of the McCall’s dress patterns that you chose but haven’t sewn them yet, so I can’t wait to see how they turn out. I love the blue and the print you chose for the shirt dress – – the panels on that dress will pop with that wonderful contrast. 7 zippers!! The jacket looks challenging but really cool – worth the effort, I’m sure.

    1. Hopefully everything will turn out fine with my sister’s garments. I am so addicted to blue and colour blocking (which this is a form of), I am going to have to trace one for myself to do later too! The jacket pattern is going well, I am happy with it so far!

  8. Very intriguing – all those zippers. Looking forward to the finished product! Your sister’s dress is going to be fabulous, I love the contrast colors in those first two patterns.

    1. The jacket construction certainly gets you over any fear of zippers! She/we made some nice fabric choices.

  9. Can’t wait to see how it comes out! Love the slide show btw, I think it helps to see a story in pictures like that.

    1. Thank you! Pictures are better than my words! 😄

  10. That’s going to be a very nice jacket! And you’re not the only one who hates snipping into their fabric pieces – also welt pockets – gives me the sweats. The zips look great. For marking the position of any pockets I cut lightweight interfacing just a bit bigger than the area and press it on. Then I mark this with pencil then push a pin through to the right side and mark again with a pencil. The interfacing helps to make the fabric more stable and if you think the interfacing edge is going to show through to the right side then tear it instead of cutting. This really softens the edges. Now do I sound like the dullest person ever by getting excited about zips and worse still, interfacing!?

    1. Dull, nope! That’s why I blog… Mr. G.T. (My husband) thinks it is all boring! Using interfacing that way would work. I have sometimes marked the lines on interfacing completely by chance, not deliberately, and it worked out well. I just realized that this pattern did NOT instruct to use interfacing on the pocket openings – I’m not used to that! Maybe they thought the zipper would make it stiff enough? Still, not something I am used to.

  11. Wow! You’ve been busy! Your zips are awesome! Still no sign of me starting mine but loving seeing yours come together 😀

  12. Never apologize for too many photos…there is no such thing!!!! some sewers are visual learners and some just want to read words and some have to actually handle the fabrics…you have addressed all 3 in this perfect post! Cutting into fashion fabric is scary even after 45 years of sewing for others but with proper planning, it gets easier…really.

    1. Thank you! I read the words over and over sometimes and it is just ridiculous! I prefer the photos/diagrams to go with them. I will patiently wait for the day when I have no fear and just keep on as I do. 😃

  13. Those are some good-looking zippers! I have never done a welt or zippered pocket, but I imagine that I would also be scared to cut into my nearly-finished piece like that! O_o

    1. Thanks! Well I am definitely getting zipper and welt practice with this one! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  14. Wow! You had a busy weekend AND you’ve been busy. All material is very nice but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Clark Gable print. LOVE LOVE LOVE 💚💛💜💓💖

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