Progress? So far – Two out of Four! (and the DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER Challenge button’s up!)

I am making progress!  I have needed new pants in my wardrobe for a while now, but since I signed up for the RTW Challenge last January, I have refused to purchase any.  There has been a lot of sewing this year – thoughtful sewing!

To start the pants-making process, I made my muslin, and then my first pair, my brown pair with the invisible zipper.  Time to move on to my 2nd pair.  I used a black 100% polyester that I was unsure would be suitable for pants, especially this pattern with its zipper and many seams, so I considered this pair might be another muslin – a stretchy knit muslin.

I decided to make some changes to the design of pants to accommodate its stretchy-ness and watched the my Craftsy course again, “One Pattern, Many Looks:  Pants” with Kathy Ruddy – the chapter on elastic waistbands.  Her way of inserting elastic into zippers worked so well, I decided it was going to be my “new” way to sew in elastic waistbands from now on.  (Click on a photo to start the slide show.)

I like this procedure better than how I used to do it.  The elastic is sewn on all around, but the outside of the waistband doesn’t show any of the stitches.

My stretchy knit muslin has turned out to be a comfortable pair of pants – something I could even wear to work with a tunic top!  Have you ever been lucky enough to have a muslin turn out wearable?

It was a bit dark in the house to take photos when my pants were finished but I went ahead and did it anyway.  I had to lighten my photos up a bit.  (sorry!)





On to my third pair now!

And before I go, in preparation for the DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER Challenge, if you would like to participate, I have a button for you to post on your blog:


You can copy and paste the code on my sidebar into a Text Widget on WordPress or a Gadget on Blogger…I think! 😉  I will keep it in my sidebar, so it is easier to find later.  How is your search going for your Designer Outfit photo?

Happy Sewing! and

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

23 thoughts on “Progress? So far – Two out of Four! (and the DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER Challenge button’s up!)

  1. I REALLY like that way of doing an elastic waistband! And congratulations to a totally wearable muslin! As you say, it sure doesn’t happen everyday…

    1. Yes, I learn something new every day! Thanks!

  2. I love wearing my muslins, or toile as I would call it, and I do it all the time! The trouser looks like a good shape on you.
    I started looking for inspiration for Designin December, and got sidetracked into the 70’s! Good fun though!

    1. Thanks! I am rather fond of some of the vintage designer originals!

  3. I think the fit of this pair is perfect as I can see from the pictures!

    1. Thank you! I try (and try, and try, … !) 🙂

  4. Always a pleasant surprise when they turn out wearable 🙂 Great job, I really need to get back on the case for trouser-making, far too many distractions…

    1. Thank you! I always think my sewing plan is like that dog in the movie – you know … “Squirrel!” and off he goes in another direction!

    2. Really admire all the work you’ve put into fitting your pant pattern, Linda. Maybe someday I’ll do the same. But won’t hold my breath! 😉

      1. Thanks! Every time I learn something new!

  5. Nicely done Linda. Oh and Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving! Your trousers are looking good and that’s a neat trick to join the elastic in a piece of scrap, anything to reduce wiastline bulk 🙂 Im stealing that idea! I missed your designin december, just went back and read that. Nice idea, I’d like to give it some thought and see if I can join in.

    1. Yes, I can hardly believe that when I first started sewing I just TIED A KNOT in my elastic! Talk about bulk! I am glad I quickly learned better. Hopefully you can find some “Designer Original” that you can “copy”! 🙂

  7. These pants look great! Way to go! I really liked the slide show.

    1. Thanks! I learn more about sewing AND blogging everyday!

  8. Great waistband trick and your finished pants look really nice! As for the muslin, you are very diligent and it pays off. I am promising to start that with my very next project (did make an unsatisfactory top that I’ve since dubbed my muslin).

    1. I never used to make muslins, but fitting pants on me is quite a challenge! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

      1. Fingers crossed………

  9. Congrats on making a wearable muslin! I like your new elastic waist band process. I think I’ll just clip that into my sewing notes…..Thanks!

  10. It’s rare that I sew a muslin for a new pattern, but when I do I try to use a ‘wearable’ fabric just in case it turns out awesome, LOL. Case in point…the classic black pants you’ve made. Well done.

    And lovely to meet you Linda.

    1. Thank you! Nice to find a blog that doesn’t talk about £ and € for a change! 😄

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