Three (almost three) Out of Four Done!

Let me explain…  This past week our household was hit with the worst “COLD” in its history.  It started with our Daughter, then Me, then Mr. Green Thumb.  It hasn’t hit our Son yet, but Heaven help us if he gets it as he is in the middle of a University term and can’t afford to be ill.

Those of us who have been through it or haven’t had it yet are extremely wary of being near anyone (Mr. Green Thumb) who has it.  So much so that the Poor Man came out of the “sick room” for an Advil once and we chased him back in there with fiery torches and pitchforks!  Stay away!  Get back!  Poor Man.  It was even suggested that we just throw all the cold medication, chicken soup, and hot tea in there and shut the door quick!

So that, Teacher, is why I don’t have my homework done!

To recap, I have done my pant’s muslin, my brown pair and my black pair, all with my Craftsy course, “Pant Fitting Techniques” with Sandra Betzina and her pattern, Vogue V2948.

In order to make all four pants different in some way I took inspiration from my Craftsy course, One Pattern, Many Looks: Pants” with Kathy Ruddy.  This time I used the chapter on pockets and chose to insert Slash Pockets in my pants.  The fabric I used is called Blue Horizon Suiting, 100% polyester, but no stretch.  I love the feel of it and the colour.  I wish I had bought more!  (Click on a photo to start the slide show.)


That’s all Folks!

I got the princess seams in the fronts and the backs sewn and half of one Slash Pocket done before I got ill.  I completed the Slash Pockets after I felt better.  It’s a sad day when you don’t feel like sewing!  😟

In preparation for next time – hopefully there won’t be a next time – do you have any home cold remedies to share, to get us sewists back behind our sewing machines quickly?  😄

Happy Sewing and Good Health to you all!

22 thoughts on “Three (almost three) Out of Four Done!

  1. Wow! I was wondering where your post was. It’s my Sunday morning reading. 😊 Hope you and your family get better soon.

    1. One of those little bumps in life every one goes through! Thanks!

  2. Glad to here your back sewing and feeling better. Love the slash pockets – will have to check them out. I paid for Craftsy viewing all video just for a month. Just paracetamol and lots of fluids for colds in our house. 😷

    1. Thanks! I have bought a few courses from them that were just not my style, so it is nice when I hit on a few that I watch over and over again! Thanks for the remedy tip too!

  3. Poor family!! Over here the cold of the moment is with a nasty cough, and I’m hearing it everywhere! You’ll be in full sewing swing again soon!

    1. Thanks, I bet it is the same cold or flu that travels the world before its done, in these modern times!

  4. Awww, I hope you all feel better soon. I had the dreaded airport lurgy last week and it was awful. It just drains you so much that you end up with no energy for days, sometimes weeks. Sadly I have no miracle lurgy recipe to share either 🙁
    I hope you all get better soon. xx

    1. Thanks, getting there! Sorry to hear you were down with illness too! Nothing worse then thinking of all the things you could be doing but too tired to do it!

  5. Fell better to all.. 🙂 And great work on those pockets.. I sometime forget I have that course on the Pants as well at craftsy!!..hmmmm challenge myself.. 🙂 ..

    1. Thanks! I’m glad something productive resulted with my sewing this last week! 😄

      1. You did well!! 🙂

  6. I’m glad you are feeling better. We are in the midst of the dreaded cold right now. The Kiddo just got over it and I now have it. My remedy is lots of hot tea, home made soup (unfortunately I have to make it), and Netflix.

    1. Get well soon! Oh, but I can just imagine how lovely the home made soup would would be – our’s came from a can. 😟

  7. I hope you are all better soon. Your trousers look good, and I like the pockets. You will be back up to full speed soon.😃

    1. 😀 Thanks! I’m getting the sewing-itch right now!

  8. Sorry you’ve been under the weather at your house! My favorite cold remedy is ginger tea for general aches and blah and getting rid of the stuffed ups. Feel better!

    1. Thank you! I have a variety pack of tea in my cupboard. I haven’t tried the ginger yet. Maybe I should give it a go?

      1. Absolutely..

  9. Ughhh! It’s a nightmare when everyone gets it and then passes it back, isn’t it? Thankfully, we haven’t had something like this in a good while now. Hope you’re all feeling better soon x

    1. It’s all good now. Well, until the next one comes!

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