and the winner is!

I just took a break from my mending.  Yes this weekend it is mending – boring! – to write all your names from last week’s Give away post on pieces of paper, put them all in a hat (actually a bowl that had two cookies in it previously and now holds nothing but folded names and crumbs) and pull out the winner of the Chaco Liner Pen and the Wonder Tape.

Let me show you… almost real time!

Just in case the video doesn’t work or you can’t read my printing, here’s up close…

The Material Lady!  Congratulations!


I will see if I can get your email from my WordPress site and email you for your address.  If I take too long, don’t hesitate to contact me, I have an email contact form on my “About” page, you could always send me your address that way.

Thank you again everyone for reading and commenting on my stories for the past two years and I also thank you for posting your own stories for me to read!

Now back to my mending.

So this is RTW.  My daughter has a lovely, warm brown coat (quilted and lined inside) perfect for the coming winter.  I think it made it through one season then the zipper jammed and broke.

Picking the old zipper out.


And now with the new zipper sewed in.


All fixed!  And it didn’t take much (new zipper: $4.50 CAN).


Next I have to sew the buttons back on her bomber jacket, another RTW.  These buttons were sewed on with that usual “pull the thread and the button will fall off” technique.  You know the one!

I told myself today, if I get my chores done I can go back to some “real” sewing!

You must have an example of RTW that wasn’t RTW until you made the necessary repairs – anything to share?

Thank you all for playing my Give away game and Congratulations again to “The Material Lady” for the win!

Happy Sewing!

22 thoughts on “and the winner is!

  1. What a fab idea to video it! Wish you’d have spoken as I love to hear other sewers accents from around the world! Well done to The Material Lady ✂️✂️✂️

    1. 😄 Thanks! I did have a coughing fit in the last few seconds I cut off! I still have a cold… My voice isn’t quite right neither! 😜 I sound nasal ly!

      1. Hope you’re soon feeling better 🤒

        1. It’s ok, it’s leaving…. And another one will take its place! 😂

  2. I have such a huge pile of ‘fixing’ jobs to work through, they’re never very exciting are they? Well done for getting yours sorted!

    1. It’s kind of difficult to avoid when your daughter will only wear the one coat and the cold weather is coming!

  3. Congrats to the winner! Now I want a cookie!

  4. Oh, you’ve inspired me! I have a coat that I bought years ago that needs new buttons and a few other repairs. I patched the arm with a crazy applique a couple of winters ago. It’s a Free People coat so yeah, I think they employed that special button technique you mentioned! 😉 So disappointing when the retail price is in the hundreds..Thanks for posting. Ps I love your blog name!

    1. Yes this one is my daughter’s favourite. It will probably end up with a cool patch too someday! Thanks for the compliment! And thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. Great zipper replacement! Congrats to The Material Lady! All my projects are RTW, (brides) but few are ready to wear without massive tweaking! Lucky daughter to have a mom who can make miracles.

    1. Well thank you, but I hardly consider a coat zipper a miracle when I have seen the work you do. If someone bought in to me a too small wedding dress, I would say go buy one that fits! Great customer service, huh?

  6. I have a large/ huge plastic bin that holds more than a few mending projects, many are RTW, but a few are my own makes that need a bit of TLC. I admit that I am a procrastinator when it comes to mending. I’m not sure why though since I feel so virtuous when the projects are back in top shape!

    1. I know, it’s always so nice to start a new project! There has to be some extra motivation for the fixing and finishing of UFOs and RTW!

  7. I actually stopped buying RTW (except for work uniforms) because I hate mending enough on what I make myself. I can’t stand mending, at all. So unless it’s a really special piece I toss it or give it to someone that will take the time to fix it. That’s a really nice coat though, it’s great you’ll do the mending for them! I’m a bit more selfish and only do work for others if they tempt with with free coffee. ;D

    1. This year is my first RTW Fast year. I am enjoying not buying and instead, making what I need. I get what I want and the size/fit I want! Making RTW fit me was something that never happened. So I just wore ill fitting clothes! And when it comes to the mending, I only do it for family! Bribes always help win me over with them too!

      1. I was actually surprised how much I enjoy not buying RTW! I thought I was going to hate not shopping for new clothes but like you said, it never fits right and that leaves you feeling…off. So I’ve been happy to not shop and spend money on fabric instead. You’ve got a lucky family with such a talented sewist in the mix!

  8. I am so excited to have won! Thank you!
    I agree that your daughter is fortunate to have a mum willing and able to repair a favourite garment. It is so sad when you think about how many garments that still have good life left in them get thrown away because of problems like this.

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