Just Speechless…  Tonight for DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER I have the pleasure of introducing the one and only Mads of Life in A “Mads” House.  Mads might have come to her design in a roundabout way but she has made a lovely copy of this designer dress by Elie Saab.




Mads has definitely got “the look” to go along with her designer dress!    And where did she get that fantastic ombre fabric??? Although it was a rocky road for Mads, she did manage to finish and her reward was this exquisite dress!

Be sure to head over to  “Mads” House for more details, photos, and antics!

Myself?  I have pretty much finished HALF of my DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER garments.  So far I am very pleased with the outcome!  I plan on copying this outfit designed by Marina Hoermanseder, with a longer, more office appropriate, pair of wide pants!


My blue fabric is right on!  (I think)  It’s a 80% polyester, 15% rayon, 5% lycra Ponte de Roma Knit.  I am using McCalls M6965 for my wide pants (such a silly thing to call them… is that what they are really called?).  This is such an easy pattern!


Last time, I left off wondering whether I wanted a single pleat or gathers.  I picked out most of my waistband/skirt seam and sewed my waistband back on with no pleats, only gentle gathers…

pleats only
pleat on the left, gathers on the right

I’m going with all gentle gathers.

The only things I had left to do was under stitching the waistband facing with my 1/4 ” seam foot.


Sewing the waistband facing down with my blind hem foot (stitch in the ditch)!


And hemming.  My next dilemma… Hem length.  What do you think?  My Sewaholic Hollyburn has a length of 25 inches here.


My wide pants are not hemmed yet so right now they are 29.5 inches long with a rough edge.  How long should they be?  Should I just hem them up an inch and a half and try them on to see how they look?  Are they supposed to be long?  Should I take the plunge and chop and hem them to the same length of my red Hollyburn?


What do you think?

(Sorry, I am not going to model them properly until I get my jacket done, for the full effect!  Jacket next!)


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The party has only just begun!

Happy Sewing!

19 thoughts on “DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER! Speechless

  1. I actually like this length, why don’t you baste at this length and wait till the jacket is ready so that you can see how they look on you together? If you don’t like it than you can always shorten!

    1. Yes, that is the better plan, isn’t it!

  2. very impressive, love your inspiration shot 🙂 I might still make it, thinking of a Chanel style jacket, just need to get some lining fabric (oh, and start making it 😉 )

    1. Those styles of jackets are lovely! December is such a busy month!!

  3. Beautiful and Mads looks beautiful in her dress. In fact I prefer her version to the original!
    As for the skirt length. If you’re going for the look of your image, the shorter version, but I would go for whichever one you would wear the most!!

    1. I agree, the original, like most designer fashions, is a little bit too much. She did a lovely job!
      I think I might baste it and try it with the jacket, as suggested previously. It is so warm to wear at this length. We shall see!

  4. Gorgeous inspiration – love those long, flowing dresses with colours that float into each other.
    Your skirt length (love that pattern) ~ Is this a winter weight? Wearing it with boots? Dark tights & heels, as in your photo? If the bottom half is gonna be “heavier” in weight & colour (i.e., dark boots & tights) I’d leave it longer. If you want to wear it for multiple seasons, and the fabric is medium weight and can do that, then I’d chop it.
    How’s that for avoiding an answer?! Hope to see that jacket started, too!

    1. Thanks for the pointers! You know I think it could go either way! I’m going to try the long boot style first and see how it goes. It is a medium weight fabric, so I think it might work both ways. And yes, Ma’am, I have started on my jacket! It’s coming, it’s coming, slowly! 😄

      1. Yeah, for that coming along jacket! xx

  5. You are too kind–thank you for sharing my dress! And “antics” is right, especially with this project, LOL! 😉

    I agree that the color of your fabric is a dead ringer for your inspiration! I really like the way you dispersed the gathers, too. As to the length, I say try both and see what you prefer–basting stitches can always be removed if you decide you like them better longer. I can’t wait to see your jacket!

    1. Yes, I thought the gathers looked more like the real design, than the pleats. I am going to try both lengths. I have been convinced to do so. 😀

  6. I have nothing to add….glad you’re doing a baste test at both lengths. The outfit is going to be wonderful when all put together! Love Mads’s dress, the colors are just spectacular.

    1. I agree. I don’t know where she got it but it’s beautiful fabric!

  7. I really want to see your whole outfit, I like the trousers a lot and I vote for the longer length. Have you started your jacket now?

    1. Yes I have started my jacket now. I have a funny looking shell and I am checking the fitting on it!

      1. ooooh, I can’t wait to see it!!

  8. As your non-sewist sister I have an utterly irrelevant comment. When you model the finished outfit will you be sporting Mads’ hairdo? I loved it as much as the dress!
    Oh and I like the trousers in the longer length. Very nice.

    1. Well I think Mads hairdo probably takes some time and effort to look that great. Me… Well if I flat iron my hair, I am then to tuckered out to put on lipstick! I too am thinking the longer look is pretty warm and welcoming for the damp weather we have been having.

  9. Beautiful Mads!! Love it.. 🙂

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