What I liked, didn’t, and still wanna do!

Over the last few weeks I’ve had a lot of non-sewing time which I just couldn’t tolerate.  To pacify myself, I spent my spare time reading sewing blogs – a lot of them had their roundups of last year.

It made me think about what I liked, didn’t, and still wanna do with my sewing.

So for my first post of the new year, let’s keep it simple!

Let’s start with what I liked…

By far, last year I was happiest with my jackets, like my MotorCycle Express by Islander Sewing Systems.  It was a complicated pattern for me to tackle but using the excellent instruction book included, I learned how to “bag” the lining properly and make sleeve gusset zippers and zipper pockets.  Then there was the added bonus that the fabric was a gift from a friend!


My Sister’s Sewing Projects, the “Snake Skin“, “Picasso’s flowers” and the “Clark Gable” were all made with a 1989 vintage pattern, McCall’s 4408.  I enjoyed them simply because I felt I was on an episode of a TV show where they give you ingredients and a recipe and say go to it.  The fabrics my sister picked made me feel like I was learning a new style … and adjusting Petunia “The Dress Form Formerly Known As Dolly” to someone else’s measurements was a first!

Last year, I found my favourite skirt pattern (my TNT), the Sewaholic Hollyburn – there will be more of these in my future!


I also discovered a favourite top pattern (another TNT), Butterick B5988.  Do you think I have made enough?


Eww, the nasty one… what I didn’t like… and can’t figure out what to do with…

There just must be SOMETHING I can do with this thing.  I loved the look and feel of the fabric but no matter what I did it still felt like a thin shapeless T shirt fabric.   I made a dress I didn’t like and refashioned it into a top I don’t even want to talk about!  I think it still lies in a heap on the closet floor!


Lastly, looking to the rest of this year, what I still wanna do…

I always love a Challenge and I plan on taking part in a few this year, just like last year.

Jungle January is NOW!  I have two bundles of animal print fabric and I am almost finished my first garment.  Hopefully I will have time to finish my second before Jungle January is over!  (I have the fabric but don’t know what I am going to make… that’s the delay.)  Here’s my last year’s contribution

Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!

I also plan on continuing my RTW FAST on Facebook.  Last year was my first year… the first year of many to come.  I enjoy not buying clothes and making my own.  I tackled pants for the first time, after first tackling the slopers and muslins.  I examined what I really had in my closet and what I really liked to wear, then I filled in the holes in my wardrobe with tops, pants and skirts.  I really need to start on some dresses soon!

I’m also a fan of MAGAM (Make a Garment a Month) on Facebook.  It’s a lovely group of creative sewists, helping each other out, sharing ideas, unveiling plans and trying to sew selfishly.

DESIGNIN’ DENIM – I plan on another pair of jeans this year.  I already have my black denim fabric and am anxious to get my hammer and jeans buttons out and start smashing away!

DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER – What can I say… I think I may have already found my Designer photo to copy this year.  Now I have to find my fabric.  Why buy when you can make it yourself?


There are so many more Challenges and Sewing Groups, as you know …  The Monthly Stitch, Sew It Chic, Me Made May…

Are you planning on joining a Challenge or Sewing Group this year?

Happy Sewing in 2016!

60 thoughts on “What I liked, didn’t, and still wanna do!

  1. I love your Jungle January print from last year. Is the furry thing on your shoulder a personalized addition to the project? As a skirt person, and the benefactor of the 3 skirts above your favorite skirt pattern, I may have to get you to make me one like your fav. It has a really nice flow to it.

    1. The furry thing LOVES sitting on shoulders! The skirt does flow nicely… but I still have some dresses to finish for you… remember? 🙂

  2. Great round up, I loved reading everyone’s too and need to get I with mine. I’m with you on your jacket. It really is stunning. I must get on with making it this year. I’m on with jungle Jan, jeans Jan, and am wanting to contribute more to the monthly stitch this year. We’re planning an extension on our house this year so that might cause promblens with my sewing. I’m thinking I’m going to ask my mum if I can have a corner at her house whilst the work is done. Looking forward to seeing what you make this year 😃

    1. Thank you! I actually had plans for a couple of Monthly Stitch outfits last year that I didn’t get around to doing. I hope I am able to keep up this year. Good luck with your goals! Hopefully your Mom can help you out. Nice Mom! 😄

  3. Great roundup and plans. I’m a member of MAGAM and the RTW fast. Problem is I’m so slow and too much of a beginner still to accommodate my needs and desire for good quality construction! I decided not to recommit to fast this year, though I still intend to follow the principles, as that would be too much pressure when I’m also making wedding dress etc for daughter’s wedding, though I am making my MOB outfit. I love the sewing groups. I’m less keen on challenges because of being so slow and sewing so little that I need to stick to my plans and can’t follow themes. I’m hoping to speed up this year and sew more for me after the wedding.
    Good luck with your plans
    PS I don’t think I’ve said that I love your icon!

    1. Yes, sometimes it is difficult to keep up! It’s like the fabric stash principal – too much to do and so little time. It would be lovely to see the MOB dress when done! I have a MOG dress coming. But I’m not allowed to show it until after the wedding. PS thank you!

      1. Looking forward to seeing your MOG. When is the wedding?
        You won’t see my sewing either until after H’s wedding in June.
        I also attend classes and am getting support from there in my sewing.

        1. The wedding is for my nephew and his wonderful bride. His mother, my sister, asked me to make a dress for her. It’s done and ready to go, except for the hemming. It going to be difficult to let it go though. I am going to have to make one for myself!

  4. I have no plans to join a sewing group but I am in a sewing class right now, so I guess that is a group! Working on a spring coat and would also like to sew with a plan this year.

    1. Yes that is a sewing group. I would love to take more classes, but we live too far from most of them to make it convenient, I have to settle for on line courses, although I do like those too. I’m looking forward to seeing your coat!

  5. I so enjoy your posts. I’m new to selfish sewing, started as a quilter and progressed to grandkids sewing. So far I haven’t made anything I love, it’s been wearable, not lovable. I do keep learning more every garment. Because of your posts, I’m going to try a couple of Craftsy classes to help me along. So, Thank you

    1. Thank you for the compliments! Everyone ends up with some not so favourites, just keep at it. There some free Craftsy courses if you just want to try out the platform – that’s what I did anyway – I also marked which ones I liked and waited for the sales! 😄

  6. I love the picture of you and your cat. Very jungle. 😊🐱 Congratulations on completing so many projects. 👏 I know what you can do with the outfit you don’t like….are you ready….do what you did 30 – something years ago….give what you don’t like to your little sister so she can make Barbie clothes. Hee. 😄 Seriously, congratulations on a great year.

    1. Thank you! Those two cats are so adorable! Now there is a plan! It seems like the fabric is being used for a smaller project every time I try, so it only makes sense to sew doll clothes. 🤔 😄

  7. Lovely post and what a great year you’ve had! I hadn’t heard of MAGAM so I’ll have to check them out. I was so inspired last year by your efforts to make a great pair of pants that I’ve added that to my sewing to do list. And I’m planning on a pair of jeans too. As you know…it’s a balancing act of planning, sewing and learning.

    1. Thank you! I am enjoying the sewing & blogging! I love hearing about new groups, lessons, designers, etc. I already have Patterns picked for more pants and jeans. Now I need fabric and time. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Have you picked patterns yet? Maybe it’s too early for that still! 😄

      1. Still looking for a pants pattern…but narrowing the choices a bit. I want to start out with fabric that has a bit of give to give myself some wiggle room.

        1. Good idea. I had a bit of stretch in three of my pants, not in one fabric though. I had stretch in one of my jeans out of the two. I like the stretch better in both pants and jeans now. Good luck!

  8. Nice Round-up, Linda. I must admit I’m rather fond of your “MotorCycle Express” jacket with all the zippers. That looks like it would be a very difficult pattern… Nicely done. I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ll make in 2016 🙂

    1. Thank you! I too am looking forward to seeing what you can refashion! Maybe I should give you my dress/top I don’t like and you can save it! 😄

      1. Ohh! I never turn down an outfit for refashioning 😉

        1. Ok! I dare you! Email me your address, see ABOUT page for email form. You are in the states, aren’t you? I will squish the dress/top in a tiny package, scraps and all, and when you are done rescuing it for yourself we can both blog about it! I absolutely HATE wasting anything! Deal?

          1. It’s a deal, girlfriend!

  9. Congratulations on achieving so much in the year. I love your jacket and your Designin December outfit. I’m going to make an extra effort to take part in that this year because it’s a great idea! I’m getting into the idea of doing sewing challenges. It gets you out of your comfort zone and you end up sewing stuff that you may not have considered before and I think I’ve improved as a result. Great post!

    1. Thank you for all the compliments! Glad to hear that you are enjoying your sewing! Remember for Designin’ December it doesn’t matter what you make, find an inspiring designer and copy their idea for yourself! We sewists CAN do this! 🎉💃🎊

  10. I really enjoyed reading through your round-up. Lots of great makes and a very impressive RTW fast. Love your final, ‘designer’ outfit 🙂

    1. Thank you! And Happy Sewing to you in 2016! 😄

  11. It’s good to reflect isn’t it. It’s funny sometimes how the complicated stuff becomes your favourite makes of the year. I love your Designing December look (think I’ve said that before, but it’s good to repeat a compliment!)

    1. Well thank you for the compliments! I think it’s partly a feeling of OMG I did it, that adds to your love of the complicated projects! 😄

  12. It is great to find a TNT pattern and I love your Moto jacket. It looks very complicated and very lovely on. I have still not started my “Designing’ December ” for last year yet. Life keeps getting in the way. I am hoping to join in for this year and maybe even MMM if I have enough stuff. Xx

    1. Hey nothing wrong with making it now for blogging in Designin’ December! Love to have you along!

  13. It was a busy year! Lots of really lively makes – well done you.

  14. You’ve made a lot of wonderful garments, and I particularly love that you only found one you’re unhappy with. That is one successful sewing year, I’d say. Love the zippered jacket, and all those skirts and tops. As far as sewing challenges or groups? I’ve committed to the SWAP 2016 and that might quite enough for me. Still planning on Designin’ December, and maybe a MAGAM or Monthly Stitch garment here and there. My wardrobe is in dire need, so hoping these will help me keep my rear in gear! 😉

    1. Sounds good! The SWAP one is a big commitment, I think! Don’t you get a whole wardrobe out of that one?

      1. It will definitely be a great beginning, and give me something to build from. And yes it is rather daunting. Terrifying really! It comes down to one garment a week. For some reason, that hadn’t sunk in until very recently.

        1. Well good for you! 👍😄. I am looking forward to seeing all your sewing in 2016!

    2. And I pressed “send” by accident before I could say thank you for always reading and commenting! Kind words always!

  15. Great year end review. My favourites were your Christmas outfit and the one with the furry thing on your shoulder. 🙂

    1. Hahaha thank you kindly! The furry thing is an extra accessory unfortunately! 😂

  16. You made some great things last year! I especially love your moto jacket- you can tell it was a ton of work! … I will be doing Jungle January if I can my garment cut out and going!

    1. Thanks! Fingers crossed for your Jungle January!

  17. Hi, like I said lots of times before, both jackets are lovely, I especially like little jackets! As for the favourite top pattern, I’m sure there’s always space for more and if you fancied it you could always change the neckline or sleeve! I’m looking forward to seeing the dress that became a top and is now to be refashioned! I’m going to look up the groups you mentioned, I wasn’t aware there were so many on facebook?? And apart from all that, here’s to a great year of more and more sewing, Happy times!

    1. Thank you, as always, for reading and your kind comments. Yes check out the Facebook groups – seriously that is the only reason I have FB is for the sewing and the funny animal videos! Happy Sewing to you in 2016!

  18. I love all these makes, but that first jacket? I want it!!

    1. Thank you! That jacket pattern is so cool!

  19. Late last year I joined the ASG and they have loads of interesting things for a quasi-beginner like me. I’ve already signed up for a knits class next month, and a Sandra Betzina class in the fall. Oh, and I have 3 online classes. I love challenges and competitions (although with my skills I will never, ever win anything) so will probably try some of those. It’s all just fun for me – and much better than spending my life watching TV or playing a game on my iPad 🙂

    1. Oh I am so envious. There is no sewing guild in my area. I do like on line courses though and take lots of them. I don’t care if there is a prize or not, challenges and the like get me thinking about another new project to try! Good luck with your projects this year!

  20. I love the first jacket. Everything looks good. Nice!

  21. Linda you inspire me.. Thanks for sharing this.. enjoyed it.. will check out some of those challenges you mentioned.. perhaps the garment a month as this year I am trying to incorporate more of my staple pieces made by me in the wardrobe.. :)… I will definitely join you in a few.. Once I get a heads up early.. hahaha .. 🙂 Will be posting that could have been a designin december piece soon.. look out.. take care.. looking forward to your posts this year and continuing the sewing journey with you .. take care.. 😉

    1. Thank you! I’m sure there are even more challenges than I mentioned! I’m looking forward to seeing your DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER outfit even if it is January! Good luck with your sewing in 2016!

      1. Thanks Linda..:)

  22. Good picks! You had many successes last year, for sure. Your moto jacket is still awesome (including the lining) and enviable! And how in the world did I miss your dilute tortie’s cameo on the first go-round from Jungle January 2015?!?!? We have one too and I sort of nerd out when I see that another person has one. =)

    I can’t wait to see your Jungle January 2016 submissions. I look forward to that challenge every year: it’s so much fun! (I’m trying to get my garment done before the month runs out–eek!)

    1. Thank you! And yes I am madly sewing and cutting my Jungle January garments. I was hoping for two but I might run out of time! Sophie the tortie hardly sits still and you can hardly hold her unless it is high up! But they are fun, aren’t they?

  23. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who’s come across cursed fabric. I bought some pretty floral fabric last year and made it into an awful dress that simply would not work. It ended up scrunched into a ball and hidden out of my sight, it was that bad. Next, I used part of the rest of the fabric to make some shorts and they were, if anything, worse than the dress. At this point, I decided the fabric was cursed and when I came across the remainder of it in the course of sorting out fabrics the other day, I took it straight out and dumped it in the bin, which is something I never do normally, but I just didn’t want to risk passing the curse on to some unsuspecting individual.

    Good luck with your sewing goals for this year! Here’s hoping we can both steer clear of cursed fabric in 2016.

    1. Yes it is nice to know I’m not alone in this! I sort of compare it to eating dessert, it looks so good, then afterwards I’m groaning cause I shouldn’t have! Well maybe I will think twice next time… Maybe? Happy Sewing to you in 2016!

  24. Wow! You are one busy, creative girl! I’m glad I’m not the only one with bloopers, but you have a lot of successes here! Can’t wait to see what you do in 2016!

    1. Haha there is quite often something that goes wrong. That’s why seam rippers were invented!

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