Jungle January and I made it just in time!

Technically speaking, it is still Jungle January here.  Hop on over to Pretty Grievances to see all the WILD garments that she has rounded up!  In the last few waking hours of the day I would like to show you my second Jungle January garment – something that I am very happy with… even if I got off to a bad start.  Let’s just say that I still haven’t learned the lesson:  Read the instructions first!

I have this pattern, Vogue V9107, which is not meant for knits, but who am I to follow the fabric recommendations!  (Surprisingly enough, this time it worked!)  I decided to make view A, the top.

I also have in my stash a lovely, soft, stretchy, comfortable Jersey knit, 96% cotton and 4% Lycra, my grey and black leopard, and a stable black ponte knit for contrast.  After I cut all my knit pieces out all the edges curled up… but I wouldn’t let stretchy fabric deter me!

Full steam ahead… I started by sewing together the black contrast pieces.  I sewed them together, thought I had done it incorrectly because my leopard print pieces didn’t seem to fit, unpicked the sewing in my black contrast pieces and then sewed them up differently, only to find out that it was sewn right the first time!  So I stopped to read the instructions (for the first time), did some more unpicking of seams and finally got it right!

I sewed the long seams on my leopard print pieces with a soft cotton/polyester hem tape to give the seams some sturdiness.

I trimmed off the excess.

Ironed the seams to press them flat.


I decided to do some top-stitching too, which was easy with the sturdy hem tape underneath, and I ended up with some pretty stable seams.  I used the same cotton/polyester tape to stabilize the hem.

After the initial set backs, I ended up with a quick and easy (if I would have read the instructions first) top.  Look at the crazy hem line on this thing!  Can you see that I rounded the corners?  On a woven fabric it would have been easy to have the corners end in points, but with this knit fabric rounding the corners definitely made things easier.

It wouldn’t be Jungle January without a real live animal… Here’s Shy Sophie!

Here’s Shy Sophie trying to scramble away!

The front view, without cat, for your examination…

I really, really want to say “Thank You!” to Pretty Grievances for hosting Jungle January!  It is always a treat to use a fabric that I would not ordinarily have looked at and also a treat to see what my fellow sewists come up with!

And with that, I think I have made it in under the deadline… it’s the final hours of Jungle January here!

Happy Sewing!

38 thoughts on “Jungle January and I made it just in time!

  1. Gutted I didn’t manage to join in with this one, next year!
    This looks great, the section of black you’ve add to the animal print really makes it. Looks incredibly useful too, great make!

    1. Thank you! I can’t imagine how much fabric it would take to make the dress!

  2. Looks fantastic. Clearly kitty thinks so too 😉

  3. Lovely top. I hope shy Sophie didn’t leave any claw damage!

    1. Thank you! Yes, she is certainly one who holds on tightly. I have had a few tops snagged before.

  4. Very nice top, fab print and the asymmetric hem is very on trend just now! Nice to see the other cat – at least yours look different from each other – beautiful! Was thinking I should have sent my faux fur scarf to join in! Maybe next time.

    1. Thank you! Hard to believe they are brother and sister, isn’t it. You should join in next year!

  5. I really love your top. I must keep this event in mind for 2017. I can use the few animal prints in my stash. Love your real animals too.

    1. Thank you! I always did love sewing challenges!

  6. Nice. I love the asymmetry

  7. I love this! I have this pattern in my stash but haven’t made it yet. The asymmetric hemline is great and the solid fabric on top is a nice balmce for the print. Clever to use stabilizer so that you could adapt it for a knit! The drape looks perfect for that.

    1. Thank you! I do like it. I might try a woven, instead of a knit, next time.

  8. That’s an interest pattern and I like how you played with solid and print! I used once a stabilizer for the hem but maybe it was a bit thick for the fabric I used and the result was not flattering at all, yours looks grate though!

    1. Thank you! Maybe I was just lucky? This hem tape wasn’t very thick though.

  9. Congratulations ~ looks lovely & super comfy!

  10. I usually don’t like asymmetrical clothing but I really like this. Well done!

    1. Interesting… I never knew that! Thank you!

  11. This shirt looks lovely!

    1. Thank you! It’s an easy pattern (if you read the instructions! ☺️)

  12. What a great top – casually elegant. I love the fabrics you chose and you certainly fit the JJ theme!

  13. Nice looking top. My jungle January entry is running late but almost finished.

    1. Thanks! Deadlines are difficult to meet sometimes. Looking forward to seeing your’s though.

  14. It looks a perfect pattern for knits, and I think your colour blocking is perfect too! 😀

    1. Thank you! The top turned out rather well considering it was a pattern originally meant for wovens!

  15. This is really cool.👍 I like that 3/4 length, covering the bum, because then I can wear jeggings. I love the slant of the cut because it’s different. Your top looks great!

    1. Thank you! I am pleased with this pattern. Next time I do it I will make sure I do it right the first time so I don’t have to unpick it twice! 😂

  16. Looking good! Love the asymmetric lines of this top – very wearable. Loved your blue jungle January dress too!

  17. Your top looks even better than the pattern illustrations! Nice choice for sleeve length, too.

  18. I saw your creation in person and it is beautiful. I would like to see a live action video next time so we can see the outfit flare. It is great. I love contrast in outfits.

    1. Thank you! Now there’s a thought – mini movies in sewing blogs. Good idea!

  19. Nice pattern, and a great version!

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