What day is it today?

It is/was Family Day today (in British Columbia)!  A long weekend away from work/school, etc. – most people enjoying the first long weekend since Christmas with traveling to relatives and other fun activities.

It was a beautiful weekend, sunny and 13.5 Celsius (approximately 56 Fahrenheit).  Surprising, since Friday night started off with wind and rain – leading to power outages again in our neck of the woods!  My sister came to visit in the middle of the storm.  Luckily the weather improved for our trip up Island to visit other relatives and it stayed nice all the rest of the weekend for my husband and I to enjoy a walk today on the Galloping Goose Trail.

Thought I would share our walk with you.  We only did 30 minutes in and 30 minutes out on a trail that is over 60 km long, but there was still a lot to see…

The starting line for our walk.
Even waterfalls along the way.
We kept a steady pace along the trail, passing cyclists, other walkers – some with dogs, some with baby strollers.
The view we left behind.
Would you like to stop for a breather?
It’s almost too hard to believe – the trail drops off a cliff on one side.
Another stop for a breather.  This time on the edge of a cliff.
The view from our bench … way down.
The sun is fabulous!

Amazing how a walk in nature can clear your mind, and mine is always buzzing like bees, so that is quite amazing!  Lately my mind has been buzzing about “shrugs”.  A couple of posts ago I showed you my new dress, my Black & Blue Ocelot.

This dress, using my Sewaholic Davie pattern, has short cap sleeves.  I just know I am going to be cold in the office.  Warm fabric though.  So cold arms, but warm body.  A “fix” was suggested by Curls n Skirls – make a “shrug” to go with it.  So I googled (is that a word) shrugs and besides getting this:  “raise (one’s shoulders) slightly and momentarily to express doubt, ignorance, or indifference.”, I got this:  “a woman’s close-fitting cardigan or jacket, cut short at the front and back so that only the arms and shoulders are covered.”  Unfortunately, I need something to cover my love handles, so I think I am going to make my shrug a bit longer in the back.  I pulled this McCall’s pattern from my stash.  Do you suppose I could alter this pattern to make it shorter in the back?  and still keep the ruffle effect?  I could probably re-draw the curve to fall where I like it?  What do you think?

Excuse me while I go dig through my fabric stash for some black knit.  Fingers crossed so I find some!

I hope you had a lovely Family Day today – even if you don’t have Family Day today wherever you are – I hope you had a lovely Day with Family!

Happy Sewing!

29 thoughts on “What day is it today?

  1. It looks like you had a beautiful day for your lovely walk. I love the idea of family day – – what a great way to reconnect after the stressful holiday season. I have several shrugs since it’s part of our costume for the classical choir I sing with. They’re so versatile and we have them in black and velvet (stretch). We wear them over a sleeveless black dress to make it work in the winter too. I love our shrugs, but the style is a bit shorter than the pattern that you’ve chosen, but other than that, the cut is the same, so I say, go for it:). The only thing to be aware of is that the draped fronts don’t close all the way, if you should decide you really need to be warm. But I love my shrug for making short sleeves tolerable and highly recommend the style!

    1. A “shrug” is a first for me. I saw some images which were beaded and short to wear over a satin gown, although lovely, it wasn’t the look I was going for. I basically just need my arms covered. I guess if I shorten up the back hem a little at a time I can find the back length I am comfortable with! Thanks for the advice!

  2. Happy family day! It’s pancake day here in the UK. Whilst the UK don’t have family day our family have a Children’s Day. It’s the 16th March and started when I was 10 or 11. We still have it and my sister and I have continued the tradition with our kids.
    Your walk pics make me want to put my boots on and get out there! And your dress patter – looks a very flattering fit, but if day a long shrug would be called a cardigan! 😃

    1. Good idea with the Children’s Day! I am torn on the length… Cardigan or shrug? I guess only trying both will tell?

  3. Hi, Linda! Was missing you t’other day, and now you’ve up & written a post, kindly mentioning me. Thank you! From somewhere back in me memory banks I kept thinking I had a free pattern for a shrug . . . and I found it! Not suggesting what you’ve got there wouldn’t be perfect! (note to self: see if it’s available ‘cause it’s reeeally nice) Just here’s an add-on to your collection, or food for thought. 😉 See Isis’ blog: http://tanitisis.com/2011/01/23/a-probably-vintage-shrug/
    Your walk looks much more scenic than mine, and I don’t think we have this holiday down here… but I could be wrong. (she said with a shrug!)

    1. You are too funny! I have read that blog before. I will go take a look! Thanks!

  4. I like the idea of family day, and your walk looked lovely.
    I don’t see why you couldn’t shorten the back on that pattern – just be sure to check the length of the ruffle piece to go on later.

    1. Thanks for the tip! I’m hoping for lots of ruffling… And enough fabric in my stash to make it!

  5. I love a cardigan! For me, the longer the better (I’m easily cold), but I think you could shorten your pattern to make it a shrug. Like you said, a bit a time till it’s right. And I like the pattern Del mentioned, too, the back length is quite nice.
    Beautiful walking area, and you’ve taken lovely pictures…I love looking down the walkway into the woods.

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence! And the complement regarding my photos. I just love the infinity look of the trail!

  6. That looked like a very nice walk, especially with such nice weather. I really like this shrug and I’m sure you can alter it to make it shorter. Have you had any luck with finding suitable fabric?

    1. I have found one piece that is big enough to wrap around me. I am not sure if I can get sleeves out of it too. Maybe I should cut the sleeve length I want first and then use what’s left to make the body, however much I have left! This is definitely fabric stash busting! I don’t dare go to the fabric store though!

      1. Stash busting is the best, remember we were saying how it makes you more creative! Look forward to seeing it when it’s done!

  7. Your walk looks lovely! I’m off for a girls weekend to Arran soon, where we’re planning walking so I hope our weather is as nice as you had!
    The pattern should be fine to use. I would draw a line horizontal to the grainlines, front and back and fold away the length you don’t want. Then measure the new outside edge for the new frill length. You should be able to make it any length you want! Then you can show us.

  8. Shrugs are a great idea. When I worked at the Red Cross eons ago the volunteers would knit shrugs with short backs so older ladies wouldn’t get cold when they were reading in bed. At the time I thought it was goofy but now that I’m (ahem) older I too get cold reading in bed. I’ve taken to wearing–this will sound silly but it works–a cardigan backwards so my arms and front are covered but it’s not all bunched up at the back. A pretty little shrug would be a whole lot nicer. 🙂

    1. Maybe you will get one for your birthday! 😄

  9. Family day is a gorgeous notion, I wish we had something like that. The walk you did is spectacular, And is a great way to spend a work free day. I’ve got lots of shrugs in my wardrobe they are the perfect way to dress up an outfit or to keep your arms warm. I look forward to seeing yours.

    1. We should start a petition so everyone can have Family Day! Thank you for the support of my sewing ideas!

  10. About 5 years ago blankets with arms were all the rage if you stayed up late and watched the shopping channel. You appear to be just a little late on your timing there Susan. I do love the “shrug” but I am not sure I would like it long enough to sit on. I will just have wait and see what lovely creation you come up with.

    1. The length of it is still something I have to consider. I know I am wearing it to keep my arms warm, but I am not sold of the idea that the shortest version will look good on me. (Apparently, it is “all about me”!)

  11. It looks like you and your husband had a wonderful walk. Sunshine. It sure is lovely to see brighter skies. 😊

    1. I agree! The nights are getting shorter and the days are getting sunnier!

  12. Looks like BC was living up to its license plate moniker 🙂

    1. Haha how right you are. THAT day it was “Beautiful British Columbia” … Not today though! ☹

  13. Beautiful! The great outdoors.. 🙂 we have our family day in Toronto Monday coming.. Yayy looking forward.. 🙂 But its freezing this weekend so no walks fo rme.. probably stay in and catch up on some sewing.. lol

    1. There is nothing better than an extra day for sewing!

      1. Oh yeah..:)

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