Finished … is it a Success?

I thought I would show you what I have been up to this past week.  I have finally finished my black cardigan, McCall’s M7055.  A McCall’s “Learn to Sew for Fun” pattern.  When I opened the pattern envelope, I was surprised to find it was nothing but a CIRCLE with sleeves!

I didn’t have much left to do to finish my cardigan.  A bit of seam binding here and there and a bit of pressing…

… and here we have it!  Now this is a cute little length in the front…

(Sorry, headless shots today – my hair is still wet!)

… and the perfect length in the back.  The back fits so well…

… and it picks up the black in my Black & Blue Ocelot dress just perfectly.

Unfortunately, the front always feels so uncomfortable, like it is always falling off my shoulders.  Of course, there is a total lack of fitting in this “circle with sleeves”!


Is it a Success?  What do you think?

Despite what I might say on Instagram, I haven’t spent the whole week sitting around reading sewing blogs, drinking coffee and eating chocolate.  I have been sewing!

My mom has lost her eyeglasses case.  It doesn’t really bother her.  But after looking at my own case I figured I could easily make one for her.

Fabric cut out.  I have decided on this blue fabric and the black one below too.
Single fold bias tape sewn all around the edge and then folded over and sewn again.
I’ve made the single fold bias tape tight, so my case won’t lie flat.
Then it’s folded in half and sewn.
Eyeglass cases in a jiff!

I’ve also started cutting out my next projects.  This one is a continuation of my Sister’s Sewing Projects.  Simplicity 8510 from 1978 – a vintage pattern!  My sister picked a lovely beige linen look fabric (70% polyester/30% rayon).  It drapes so nicely!

And something for myself… I’ve always wanted a jean dress.  But a nice one.  Something I could wear to the office.  In my stash I have a beautiful fabric – jean like, but so soft.  60% cotton/40% Tencel*.  I’m going to use my Sewaholic Nicola for the first time.  Except I don’t want its short sleeves, nor it’s long sleeves – I prefer to make the sleeves the same as the Simplicity 8510 above, folded up and with a button and tab to hold them.


So what are you working on next?

Happy Sewing!

* “a sustainable fabric, regenerated from wood cellulose. It is similar in hand to rayon and bamboo, both regenerated fabrics. However, Tencel is one of the most environmentally friendly regenerated fabrics, for several reasons. Tencel fibers are grown sustainably.  Unlike rayon and bamboo, Tencel’s supply chain is transparent. It is obtained from eucalyptus trees that are grown on farms—no old growth forests, genetic manipulation, irrigation, or pesticides are used.”  from

39 thoughts on “Finished … is it a Success?

  1. You have been busy this week! Your black cardigan looks lovely and you would never think it was made from just a semi circle. It is a shame that it isn’t comfy to wear around the shoulders though as that will probably stop you using it too often. I love your glasses case – I might borrow your idea and make one for myself.


    1. Thank you! I am hoping I will get used to the cardigan. It goes so well with my dress. I’m happy if I can find any use for scraps and the glasses case was the trick. Now if it’s lost it won’t be of any concern. I’ll just make another from scraps!

  2. If you’re going to wear it I’d say it is a success! I think it looks great with that dress, but you should definitely be comfortable wearing it. Maybe after wearing it around for a while you can see how it goes? I hope you love it!

    1. Thank you, I shall definitely give it a good try!

  3. Hi. OK, I’m not a Sewist so whether my comment means anything well you decide. I think with the black cardigan it is a success, but because it’s black it’s hard to see the folds and draping of the material that’s all. 😊

    Our mother will be very pleased that you’ve made her an eyeglass case. That’s very sweet. She raised us to appreciate the little things and she will really appreciate that. I know I would.

    Tencel! I like it! Cool! 👍 I work in govt and I see things that ddon’t make sense. It sure would be nice to say “apply the Tencel principle.” Great blog.

    1. That’s true, it is difficult to show any depth or variation with black. With the glasses case, at least you can lose a hundred cases and not feel bad because you have only lost scrap fabric! You are funny… You are going to be thinking Tencel when you go to work now! 😃

  4. I am going to be making myself a black Nicola for work – probably with a short sleeve as I am in Texas and it’s too warm most of the time for long sleeved clothing! I have not decided if I am going to use my cotton/silk voile I just ordered from mood or the black rayon I put on IG yesterday… Decisions decisions! I just got some Tencel from Fabricmart but it was 100% Tencel and it smells horrible (like something out of an automotive garage) and does not feel nice at all. Lesson learned – it should be a blend with something else. I will probably end up throwing it away! And it was such a pretty charcoal grey like chambray… I have a lot of plans – I may need to blog them later so I can keep track! Look forward to seeing your new projects soon!

    1. I saw the black rayon. Rayon is a lovely fabric. Sorry the 100% Tencel smelled. Can the smell be washed out or is it permanent?

      1. I washed it Linda and it is still very smelly… Plus it is still rough. 🙁

  5. Could the position of the sleeves (back width) be what makes the cardigan uncomfortable to wear? I’m sure you will solve the difficulty, and maybe even make this again.
    I tend to feel that the fewer seams in a pattern (and the simpler it is claimed to be) the less happy I am with the initial outcome – and it’s more difficult to make adjustments.

    1. Good to hear your ideas…. I was actually thinking about the lack of seams too, because the back and sleeves feel good. It’s the front that falls off. I was thinking of putting it on my “Dolly” and seeing if I could give it shoulder seams, cutting some of the large ruffle out of the front. That way it would hug my shoulders better in the front… Possibly?

      1. Might give it an ‘anchor’ point.

  6. I have a jean dress planned so I’m looking forward to seeing your Nicola dress – that pattern seems to have passed me by. I’ll have to pop over to sewaholic to take a look. 🙂

    1. Ah! Well you will have to let us know when you pick a pattern!

  7. Currently wearing a blanket cardigan (RTW) that fastens with a kilt-like pin. Might something similar hold your’s on more? Looks lovely from the images. A very busy week 🙂

    1. Good idea! A pin would be a quick fix.

  8. Okay, I came on last night, read your blog and made a comment but when I tried to post the comment my computer decided to do a dirt nap, so here I am again. I love your cardigan but I think maybe you (like me) have been conditioned to think that a cardigan should have a shoulder seam. It looks good; now you have to allow yourself to experience something new. Don’t think square shoulders think free flowing fabric. As we get older (again me not you) we become somewhat rigid in our thinking. Let go of what once was and allow something new to occupy that space (says the girl that asked you to make garments from vintage patterns). Hey, what can I say “those that can’t do……teach” Don’t close your mind, let your body decided. if it feels good wear it.

    1. There you go, I have to be “free flowing” and not “rigid”! I will TRY! Then I will take my scissors to it. 😈

  9. Okay there girl. I don’t see where “take my scissors to it” is the least bit free flowing. It is more ninja…

  10. I think it’s a success and you should definitely wear it! Looks great with this dress. I bet your mum will be pleased with her new case. That Sewaholic dress will look fab in the denim type fabric.

    1. Thank you! I just realized I made the cardigan and the case from leftovers. I love finding use for the leftover! Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Yes I think you can say it’s a success! I really like the jacket. Your Mum’s glasses case is great too.

    1. Thanks! I just realized these two projects are scrap busting. I should go over to FB and tell everyone at Stash busting the good news!

      1. definitely!

  12. I’d call it success because it looks great on you – and it works with a dress you already have! I’ve made cardigans that are circles with ‘holes’ for the sleeves. One was really uncomfortable. I figured out it was because the space between the arm holes wasn’t right for me. It was hard to fix but I wear it anyway. I’m working on a jeans dress too by the way using a classic shirt dress pattern. I envy your tencel.. It’s great to sew and to wear!

    1. Thank you! I think if I wasn’t quite “the size” for a circle cardigan it would be murder to fix! I wouldn’t be able too! Looking forward to seeing your denim too!

  13. Great Job Linda! You finished it which makes it a success. 🙂 love the glasses cases too .. Great idea.. 🙂 I am currently working on a basket full of item I kid you not. I have at least 12 work in progress!!! 🙂 The things I do 🙂 But I am having fun. can’t wait to share.

      1. I 🙂

  14. It’s a success. I agree with one of the ladies above, give it an anchor point! Put it on where you want it to sit and pin in some shoulder darts?? They might be the best answer, just give it a try!
    Denim dresses are very on trend over here just now, great idea to make one.

    1. Yes, I think I shall try to anchor it down! I hope my denim dress is still in fashion by the time I finish it! 😃

      1. Haha!! It’s only the beginning of March! Still too cold. You’ll get it done in plenty of time.

  15. Okay this is cheating, but just saw Susannah (of Trinny and…) safety pin a similar ‘jacket’ to her bra straps. She was making the point that with generous chesticles jackets often fall to the side. Worth a try?!

    1. Haha! Chesticles! I love it! Yes there is definitely going to be some pinning, nipping, and tucking and not of the Chesticles!! 😂

  16. I got a good laugh about the circle with sleeves! It looks cute with your dress! I love that Sewaholic pattern and I can’t wait to see your finished dress!

    1. It was a strange pattern. I like Sewaholic patterns. FYI the dress was from the previous post and I love the blue fabric and the pattern!

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