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My “burrito” experience – Part 2

I promised you photos of my finished Sewaholic Nicola.  I was lucky!  The weather was pretty good today and I was able to model it outside!  

Perhaps you remember from my previous post a few of the details…  I used a cotton/Tencel fabric, similar to jean fabric but much lighter and “glossier”.  I found the buttons in my stash, lovely gold coloured metal ones with a little crest on on them.  My stash has actually tripled because my sister brought me more sewing supplies and notions that a friend of her’s didn’t need anymore.  I love making a new dress without even having to enter a fabric shop!

Like the collar and the neckline?
Or the lace channel for running the self tie belt through?

Now here are some quick shots of the whole works!

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I’ve already cut out my next project!  What are you working on?

Happy Sewing!

37 thoughts on “My “burrito” experience – Part 2”

  1. Your dress looks lovely Linda. I love the buttons and lace detail around the waist.

    Debbie x

  2. That burrito technique, does it have another name? I was telling someone about it (in relation to swimwear gussets) and was met with blank looks!

    1. Another reader – Linda – in the Part 1 previous post where I describe the details more, said it is just the way that “traditional Men’s shirt yokes” have always been done. It was labeled “burrito” by Janet Pray in the Craftsy course I took just as a way to better describe how it’s done. It could possibly have other names, that are unknown to me, but this name has stuck in my head. I suppose these techniques just get passed down – like, here’s how you sew these pieces together!

  3. It looks fabulous! The cuffs are great, and I like how that lace looks like a belt instead of a casing. Right now I’m doing some spring cleaning of my stash so that I can dive into some spring sewing!

  4. Linda, your dress looks great. I agree with all the others–the lace is lovely. Also your backyard looks fabulous! It’s still brown and gritty here in Calgary.

  5. Beautiful dress, Linda, I love that shade of blue. I have some pink chambray In my stash that is waiting to be a shirt dress one day. I like the collar on yours.

  6. That lace channel is gorgeous. I learned something again, here: one of my outfits last month was from a fabric that I knew nothing about, except that it was beautiful and I wanted it. The fabric shop I buy from is very “creative” on their invoices. So on this invoice I had “Mix-and-match linen” and “Tinsel denim”. Well I thought tinsel denim was a nice description for it, since it has a metallic sheen in sunlight that reminds of tinsel on Christmas trees, right? At least now I know about cotton tencel, thanks {-:

    1. I have worn my pants and top a few times and it does crease easily…and it is a demon to iron. Have to use a press-cloth and medium iron otherwise it shows the ironing marks too easily. But you know what, I will definitely use it again, it is so beautiful and I am certain with your dress as well you will find people commenting on the unusual fabric texture.

      1. I have recently purchased a … I can’t remember what it is called now… But it is a Teflon (plastic looking) cover for my iron and it replaces the need for a press cloth at any temperature setting. It also doesn’t leave any iron marks. Using that on my steam iron makes the job easier.

  7. That dress is great. I actually need something like that myself but I’m attracted to colorful prints like a kid is attracted to candy and neglect to sew the basics.

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