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Did a run on the weekend…

so no sewing.  Sad for the no sewing – Happy that I can still do 10 k without having a heart attack!


I did post to The Monthly Stitch for their April Challenge though – Flower Power Two Fabrics, so if you have an interest in expanding your sewing community, or are curious, come on over for a visit!

Have you tried a Monthly Challenge from The Monthly Stitch yet – which one?

Happy Sewing!

20 thoughts on “Did a run on the weekend…”

  1. Congratulations on your accomplishment-I feel that sewing needs to be balanced with physical challenges.

  2. Well done on completing your run! Plenty of time to sew next week… I’ve kept up with the monthly challenges so far, but this month it’s looking difficult to fit in. Sometimes life just gets in the way…

  3. Well I haven’t done a monthly challenge but I’ve started training for another run–The Goddess Run. Supposedly at the end you get a hug (if you want) by a fireman waiting at the Finish line. Works for me. Feel sorry for him. I know how I sweat.

    I hope you had a good run. Good for you for going out and doing it. Your heart appreciates it. ❤❤ ❤

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