Did a run on the weekend…

so no sewing.Β  Sad for the no sewing – Happy that I can still do 10 k without having a heart attack!


I did post to The Monthly Stitch for their April Challenge though – Flower Power Two Fabrics, so if you have an interest in expanding your sewing community, or are curious, come on over for a visit!

Have you tried a Monthly Challenge from The Monthly Stitch yet – which one?

Happy Sewing!

20 thoughts on “Did a run on the weekend…

  1. jvandervlugt says:

    Well I haven’t done a monthly challenge but I’ve started training for another run–The Goddess Run. Supposedly at the end you get a hug (if you want) by a fireman waiting at the Finish line. Works for me. Feel sorry for him. I know how I sweat.

    I hope you had a good run. Good for you for going out and doing it. Your heart appreciates it. ❀❀ ❀

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