So bad I couldn’t give it away!

Hello All!  How’s it going?

Last week, I blogged about a fabric I love…  this 100% rayon Batik.

Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!

and a pattern I hate…  McCall’s M7080.


I’m allowed to hate a pattern, right?

I offered to give it away. Guess what… NO TAKERS!  Hundreds of views and not a bite.  You’d think I was trying to sell ICE at the North Pole.  GOT THAT McCALL’S?

But I won’t dispair, instead it will go to a charity shop.  For that matter, I plan on sending quite a few things to the charity shop in the coming month.  I have time off work the end of June and a proper purging of the house contents is in order.  Maybe there is someone out there who will need my “stuff” (and this pattern).

I seem to go through a spring cleaning  every year, but this year while making many trips to visit our parents, to help empty out their home of 40 years worth of “stuff”, I have had a revelation.  What is important about my “stuff”?  Pretty much nothing!

We need food, water, shelter.  We need enough clothing so we don’t have to do our laundry naked.  We need work, a hobby, rest, companionship.  Boatloads of “stuff” isn’t ever going to give us that.

Uncertain if I was having a mental breakdown, I googled “give away my stuff” and found this blog post – “Why you should give away 50% of your stuff“.  Apparently I am not going crazy.  I love the lines from this article “… you are not your stuff.” and “… it will never love you back.”

I remember doing a big closet clean out in April of 2015, blogged here: “I was ruthless…”  Now it seems I didn’t go far enough.  So the first long break I have from work the end of June – the purging starts and off to the charity shop it goes!

If you could only possess a few frivolous “things” what would they be?  Mine would be my Mother’s and my Aunt Helen’s antique sewing machines.  I’ll have to show you those machines someday!

P.S. Since I was travelling last weekend and not sewing, I didn’t accomplish much on my shirt.  I have to do the collar, sleeves and hemming next.

Let me tell you though, I’m still happy with it! 😍

Happy Sewing!

35 thoughts on “So bad I couldn’t give it away!

  1. You rang so many bells in your blog, I reckon I get so attached to clothes I make it is very difficult to even send them to charity, even if they could sell them! Good luck with the de clutter.x

    1. Thank you! I am one of the worst. I still have my 28 year old wedding dress! I do plan on getting photos of it and passing it on to someone else.

  2. I have times when I’m really good at getting rid of stuff and others where I just seem to accumulate, so I sympathise with you. I’m having a huge clearout at the moment – where does it all come from?

    1. I’m similar, things sit for a while and are then put away out of sight, then one day you can’t even open the closet door… It’s amazing!

  3. Maybe that pattern reminded a lot of us of “Little House on the Prairie”? Who knows? This week I am cleaning oiut my parents home as they have gone into assisted living. They hoarded for 70 years and the task is a full-time job everyday for hubby and I until we can get to the back of the closets and attic and have a huge garage sale and charity shop giveaway. I too love rayon batik but with the lengthwise stretching (saggy butt at the end of the day) being an issue, I had read that cutting pieces crosswise keeps that from happening…may try that in the future.

    1. Well, I sympathize, our parents have moved into senior’s homes too, that’s why there’s all the travelling and the big dean up there, but we have only 40 years of accumulated stuff to take care of. I am happy they are happy with their new home, but it is a lot of work, isn’t it! Thanks for the tip on the Batik. I might try it next time!

  4. That’s a funny bit, the bad pattern with no takers! I’ve been attempting to declutter for quite some time now, and have made some progress. It’s not easy, but having fewer items lets each one carry more importance, don’t you think? Good luck with your decluttering, but don’t toss that pretty batik top! 😉

    1. You’re right. I read somewhere that a woman was asking her daughter to choose which toy stays and which goes to charity, apparently she pretty much had two of everything and it made her decide which was more important. No, the top stays now, as a dress I would have gotten rid of it, as a top it will become a staple in my wardrobe!

  5. OOh Linda… don’t get me started on the stuff..This post is on point.:) I just moved so my mind is on purging and cleansing. So many useless things or should I say things that just accumulate. You ask a really important question. Will take some time to answer that for myself indeed. All the best with the cleanse. 🙂

    1. Thank you! All the best to you with your move too! That is the best time to clear out the unused stuff. But it is a lot of work.

      1. It is a lot of work .. 🙂 Thank you

  6. Ha! Can’t believe no one wanted that pattern :). Honestly, I have so much I should part with in my closet and I’ve decided that some of my old makes that I don’t wear should be passed on in spite of the fact that I loved them in their day. I read on a blog (I can’t remember where) that you should take photos of the items you are having a hard time parting with and that makes it easier because you know you won’t ever forget them.Would love to see those cool sewing machines in a post :). I love how the old ones look, and they’re surprisingly functional too.

    1. Well, like I might have said earlier, I still have my wedding dress that I made for myself. I do want to blog about that (photos) before it falls apart! So taking photos is a good idea. Perhaps set up a Gallery of them in your blog? I will blog about the sewing machines when I get them. One is a name I have never heard before, but apparently a good machine, and the other is a treadle Singer which my sister, who doesn’t sew, says is a work of art!! 😀 I am so happy my mother kept both of them.

      1. I can’t wait! When my grandmother’s was sold by a relative who didn’t understand I was so sad. I wait to see your wedding dress too.

        1. That’s too bad… Thank you for your interest!

  7. I have that pattern! I’ve yet to try to make it, though. I actually like the style, but I think I was thrown off by the amount of ease in the bodice. There’s a fine line between “loose fitting” and “baggy.” It’s great that you could save the fabric, though!
    I personally find it really hard to get rid of my own things, although I can be pretty ruthless when helping others clean house. Moving usually helps me purge, but I’ve been in one place for several years now and the stuff just piles up!

    1. Yes, I did find it to be baggy, and the waist should have been higher. I prefer it as a top too. I think there will be a little less pink then! I’m looking forward to seeing your version when you make it up. Moving is always an incentive to clean up. My parents moving into a senior’s home was a great motivator for me to take a good look at myself!

  8. I love that material, so pretty.

    Well, I started going through my daughter’s closet. Books, Archie magazines, children books, magazines, it’s all going to a thrift store. I’m starting small. If I do small trips then I’ll get started, if I think of a big trip I won’t get anything done.

    What I would keep? Photo albums and art supplies. 😊

    1. I have done one step at a time too. I know now that our kitchen contains only what we use now. Next comes a closet at a time and a room at a time. Photo albums are always a must and something to keep you happy, such as art supplies, etc.

  9. What a lovely & generous thing to do with this dress & pattern!
    💕 Have downsized quite a bit during my last 2 moves, and continue to keep at it. Am finding it’s a constant push/pull effort ~ adverts constantly saying “buy” and me needing to reply, Why?, and walking away. 😉

    1. Aww.. That’s not good. A lot of work and no interest? Well we only have so much time so if there aren’t many bites for our ads, it will all end up in charity. (Perhaps I shouldn’t say that too loudly!).

  10. Good luck with your clear out. There was a lot of ‘Kondo’ talk on blogs a while back but I found that approach a bit severe. I try to purge on a regular basis but sometimes it feels like the ‘stuff’ is breeding in the cupboards!

    1. Yes, I saw the Kondo talk going around. I’m sure it was great for some people. But I was afraid if I got involved it would mean buying another self help book or course and I spend too much on fabric to allow that to interfere! With my method – I get a claustrophobic feeling and half the stuff is out of here – I don’t have to buy a book! 😂

  11. I just took bags of stuff off to the charity shop, but I should just dump several boxes of patterns as well as my mother gave me all hers and they seem to be predominantly 1980s, which is not my favourite era. I quite like your pattern, but it would not suit me, but I’m stunned that someone else didn’t claim it. Good luck with your purging!!

    1. I don’t like the straight lines of the dress but the curved hem on the top will do well on me! I always am happy to give things to a charity. There is so much stuff in the world, we should share!

  12. Good luck with all your decluttering. I am in the same mind as you about what we “need” but “want” is another matter and I am such a crazy hoarder that I will be found buried one day under my fabric stash. Definitely a Kondo-Free household. 🙂 Xx

    1. I heard a story from a friend. They had to go clear out Great Auntie’s house. Her fabric stash was on shelves and filled a room. Unfortunately, it was half infested with bugs, moths and mice! Horrors! 😱

      1. A story I heard: When sorting out the belongings of her late mother, the daughter could not help but admire her for how orderly she had been in spite of being unable to throw anything away. EVERYTHING was neatly labeled: “Fabric scraps for patchwork”…”Paper scraps for card-making” …”Bits of string too short for use”…

        1. Oh my! And I thought I was finding too many single buttons with no mates to make use of. It could be worse, I guess! 😃

          1. Hehehehe you can still use those! I made a patchwork throw some years ago, from a fabric sample book…and all the no-mate buttons came in handy to be sewn over the holes where the samples had been punched ;-D

            1. Oh boy! Now I will save them for sure. I might need them someday.

  13. I never buy patterns that have already been cut from second hand stores, therefore I never donate my used patterns ugly or not. Patterns that have been cut could have been altered to fit the original seamstress but not me. Pattern pieces could easily have been lost in the process. I wouldn’t want a dress pattern that was missing an important piece. Just my two cents worth. I advise just recycling the pattern.

    1. Good points. I like uncut patterns too. That’s why I never cut my patterns but trace the pieces I want, make my adjustments on the tracings and then fold the original pattern up carefully and flatten it out so it will go in that teeny, tiny envelope 😄. I then put the whole works in small plastic bag that is just the right size – the original pattern and my adjusted tracings.

  14. You really had me laughing out loud at “Got that, McCalls?” ;-D I am so sorry your poor pattern did not find a loving home (yet…)
    Good luck with the clean-out!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post! 😄 The clean out is a LONG process, but at least it is moving forward!

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