Let me talk about new toys…

For as long as I can remember, I have been sewing in my invisible zippers with a Singer Zipper foot that fits on my Janome sewing machine (below right).  It bounces around a bit, but it’s ok.  A few months ago I purchased this “Unique” brand package.  A plastic Zipper Foot with a variety of shanks to fit any machine – supposedly useful for sewing in invisible zippers!  Sorry… I found using my Singer Zipper foot to be more accurate.


I recently decided that it was time to splurge.  After searching for a Janome Invisible Zipper foot – only to discover there was no such thing – I found a Janome Concealed Zipper foot… and I bought it, despite it’s silly name!

Here is my invisible zipper, fresh from the package, ironed open and ready to be sewn in.  Yes, it is recommended that you iron open each side of an invisible zipper to make insertion easier.

See how flat it lies now and how perfectly the teeth fit into the Concealed Zipper foot.

I ironed on a strip of interfacing where my invisible zipper was to be sewn in.

A perfectly close, straight stitch line with my Concealed  Zipper foot!

Both sides.  Notice that I am sewing the right sides of my fabric and my invisible zipper together.  I will turn the fabric to the inside afterwards.

I do switch to my Singer Zipper foot to sew up and close the bottom of my seam and I do a couple of stitches to anchor down the bottom of my invisible zipper.


Another new toy that I discovered while searching for my Concealed Zipper foot was this heat resistant measuring card for pressing up my hem up to the perfect length, prior to hand sewing.

Now the only thing left to show you is the finished garment – a dress made for my sister – Vogue V1406.  Since she isn’t here to try it on, Petunia will have to stand in.  My Her fabric is a 100% rayon Batik.  So elegant!

I love the neckline and the back details THE BEST!  The draping, the gathering, the godet at the bottom back hemline!

 A second look…

During the last week, I cut out FOUR garments.  Now I’m ready to sew two Sewaholic Hollyburn skirts (one denim with red topstitching – see vote on Instagram), a cardigan from Butterick B5789 and another dress from McCall’s M7169 for my Sister’s Sewing Projects.  Oh! When I went to look at the link for McCall’s, that pattern was on sale for $1.99 – don’t you just hate that!  

All I want to do now is put the dinner on, put the laundry in and SEW!

Do you have a proper Invisible (or Concealed) Zipper foot for your sewing machine?  How is that working for you?  Or are you able to get the job done using something else?

(Just a note:  I don’t advertise here right now, but even if I did, as always when I talk about something, I either LIKE it or DON’T LIKE it!  You’ll get my truth!)

Happy Sewing!


43 thoughts on “Let me talk about new toys…

  1. I have the same concealed zipper foot for my Janome and Elna and it works great. Some days you have to move the needle away from center to accommodate bulky or sequined fabrics but is is perfect. If you like to sew down the edge of the zipper tape unto the seam allowance, you don’t have to switch feet, it just fits right along that edge and I lengthen the stitch for that. Lovely batik dress!

    1. I’ll have to try NOT switching feet next time. I’ve always been so cautious about that, so nice to hear it works fine!

  2. corrineappleby June 19, 2016 — 3:59 pm

    I also have that concealed zipper foot (but I call it an invisible zip foot too) and I love it. I haven’t put in a dodgy zip in yet with it. I’m interested in your hem tool – I hate hemming! Love the fabric of your dress!

    1. There’s another vote of confidence! Thanks for the compliment too!

  3. OMGoodness! I definitely want one for my machine!

    1. Good luck in your search for the right foot! 👍😄

  4. That concealed zipper foot is handy little tool. That’s such beautiful material and a lovely dress. Good job. 👍

    1. Thank you! It’s amazing what you can do with the right tools for the job!

  5. Lovely job with your new zipper foot. I do love the way that dress falls in the back and the material is beautiful as well. Looks lovely

  6. I use a concealed/invisible zipper foot and love it. I prefer the term concealed to invisible.

    1. Concealed sounds more mysterious! I’m just not used to it.

  7. I must look one up for my machine, my only way of inserting is still sewing at an angle with the needle shifted over! thank you for the share

    1. It took me a long time to decide if I needed a proper needle (edit: sorry, I meant FOOT!). I thought I was doing okay with my Singer zipper foot, until I got this one.

  8. I have that zipper foot for my Janome too and it is great, although I’ve never actually ironed the zip first – I’ve always worried that I’d manage to melt it! You’ve done a beautiful job with the zip on this dress. I’m impressed with that hemming tool – I must look out for one of them.

    1. Thank you! I was worried about melting it too, but I read that it was okay to do this as it wouldn’t melt. I press alongside the teeth and not directly down on the teeth.

  9. I use the one sided with a notch variety of zipper foot. Sewing down one side and back up the other. At work there are several styles ! I’ll have to give them a go?
    Great dress, lucky sister

    1. Thank you! I would love to be able to have access to many different styles of feet. That way I could pick which one I really like the best without paying out the money for it!

      1. I’ll send you a picture of all the different types and if I ever get round to trying them I’ll let you know my favourite, although people like different gadgets for different reasons, so it’s great to share opinions.

        1. You should put a photo on your blog so everyone can see!

          1. Someone else suggested something like that, I have to get it tidy first!!! Wait till you see the irons!

            1. I’m starting to get a jealous feeling about this… 😕😃

  10. I have an invisible zipper foot for my Bernina which I’ve only used once as it’s fairly new but I love it! I didn’t know you were supposed to iron the zipper first , great tip. I love that dress! What a lucky sister you have.

    1. Thank you! I read somewhere to iron the zipper first. Not the teeth, but close to the teeth as it helps keep it open so you can get close – then after it’s in it pops back. Unfortunately I have read so many things and watched so many videos, I can’t give credit! I certainly didn’t know about the ironing before!

      1. It totally makes sense, now that you’ve pointed it out 🙂

  11. Linda I bought the exact zipper recently and it does wonders! This dress is lovely, hope your sister is happy with it!

    1. Amazing how the right tool for the job makes things so much easier! Thank you for the compliment!

  12. I have an invisible zipper foot that I bought on Amazon. It’s some generic company but the foot looks similar to your’s. Works really well, and pressing the zipper really helps!

    I have never used interfacing on my zipper. Does that help?

    1. I use interfacing if it is a light, stretchy or slippery fabric. This was a light fabric. It could have been lined but a slip underneath is good enough. (I have been trying to avoid fabric shops at all costs!) I didn’t interface when I put an invisible zipper in my heavier rayon pants.

  13. I love that foot too. Have you tried following the instructions that come with it though, they tell you to sew the seam last. Sigh. Love it

    1. Haha, I didn’t read the instructions. Although I think I do remember someone else saying they do it that way.

  14. The invisible zipper looks great! I love the smoothness of the seam with this technique but I have fallen out of love with invisible zips.. mostly because no matter how much I try, the end of the zip ends up a bit messy. I tried hand sewing, but I still end up with a bump, so I have gone back to normal zips.

    1. So sorry it’s not working out for you! I don’t sew in my zippers all the way to the bottom. I sew as far as I can with the invisible zipper foot then I make sure the seam is sewn closed to cover the bottom of the zipper and I tack the bottom of the zipper down with a few stitches. I’ll have to get a photo next time. But I agree, sewing shouldn’t cause stress or aggravation! 😖😤

      1. Thanks for the tip!

  15. That zip! That fabric! It’s all so wonderful. I love my invisible zip feet (I have them for several of my machines) and could not live without them.

    1. Several! Now that I would like to see. I’m curious – are they all different? Or are they all similar, just made for the different machines?

      1. They are pretty similar – they look a bit like your’s with a groove for the zip coils.

  16. Wow! That dress is amazing!
    Re zipper feet, I could not live without my invisible zipper foot. My machine did not come with one, so it was the first thing I bought when I got my Pfaff in 2013. Best thing ever! (Except maybe the edge stitch foot).

    1. Thanks for the compliment. It was lovely fabric and a lovely style! Glad to hear you like your Pfaff!

  17. Loved the article and of course the gorgeous dress! I have an invisible (concealed) zip foot for my Bernina 180 and like you , find it very effective. You need to rethink zip insertions completely though, especially sewing the seam up afterwards! Many thanks for the info, I need to do more dressmaking after reading about all your makes!

    1. Thank you! I have heard of it being done both ways – sew seam up first or sew it up last. I guess whatever you are comfortable with, or works for you, is best!

  18. That fabric is dreamy and the dress came out lovely. Your sister must be pleased! I fought the Epic Battle of the Invisible Zipper Foot with Pfaff South Africa this year. The day I bought my machine, I ordered the optional invisible zipper foot before may payment was even processed. Had a generic one that fitted on my old machine (and looks very similar to yours) but it did not fit on a Pfaff. The zipper foot remained INVISIBLE until I finally became so impatient with the Pfaff agent that she sold me the one from her demonstration kit. Had it for a month now and already used it twice (-;

    1. Thank you! You must have been so frustrated with them… Waiting! Glad it turned out well for you!

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