My denim skirt – pockets on/pockets off!

I’m am going to start off by apologizing… this post just might be photo-heavy, but don’t worry that won’t strop me from talking too much!

I am so happy!  I have finished my denim skirt – finally!  It has been a slow process, but for the most part, enjoyable.  I loved all the different techniques involved and I was pleased that I could turn my favourite pattern, a Sewaholic Hollyburn, into a denim skirt.  If you missed some of the posts, I worked on sewing and topstitching the back pockets and the flat felled seams here;     I sewed the fly front, front pockets, faux flat felled seams and belt loops here;  and I pretty much spent this whole post here agonizing over whether to sew on my back pockets or not!

But before I get all bent out of shape over the back pockets again, let me show you one of my favourite sewing tools – The Hammer.  Perfect for attaching jeans buttons and rivets and letting go of all that stress bottled up inside you!

My supplies today, besides a rivet kit and a jeans button kit from the store, are a small clean piece of wood to put under the garment I am hammering, a corkscrew to pre-make the holes (although I would prefer a brad awl), a hammer for pounding the living daylights out of things and masking tape, just in case.  Sometimes I use the masking tape to tape parts of my garment out of the way from my hammering or to cover a part of my garment that is too close to where I am hammering – I want to protect my denim!


First my jeans button.  I use my corkscrew (I would prefer a brad awl) to make my hole in the proper place.  (Yes, my corkscrew is crooked.  I hammered it once too many.)


The jeans button goes on the big post and the button back goes on the holder – just in case, like me, you don’t want to bother reading the instructions that come with the box!


I poke the button back, which is on the holder, through my pre-made hole.


I put my jeans button on the big post and hold the works together.  I have never ever been able to attach a button using only the gizmo (this thing) that they give you in the box from the store.  Did they mention anything in the instructions about needing to hammer this gizmo together?  (I myself really wouldn’t know, being a person who doesn’t want to bother reading the instructions!)


This took about 10 or 12 good taps.  Just hard taps, don’t go crazy now or you might nail your jeans button (and your garment) to the piece of wood.




Next, the jeans rivets.  Pretty much the same process, except to start with the holder looks different.


I still pre-make my hole.


I still put the rivet back in the gizmo and through the pre-made hole and the rivet top is held in the other side of my gizmo and the gizmo is held together.


Still 10 taps with the hammer or so and the two pieces of my rivet are joined!


The only difference I can think of with the rivets is that the ones that are placed lower and aren’t close to the edge, like near the waistband, you have to use the rivet holder completely open.  Poke the rivet back through the pre-made hole.  Place the rivet top in the holder.


Place the rivet top over your rivet back, tap with the hammer a few times and you’re done! Actually, I would do the same if I was putting a jeans button on in a lower, hard to reach location, like this, too.


Any more tips and pointers out there re:  jeans buttons and rivets, let us know!


It was a beautiful day yesterday – sunny, no clouds, no wind, 24 C.  I finally got home from work and the West Coast winds started up and the fog (seriously!) rolled in.  But it was time for some photos!  Oh Gee!  Me holding my skirt down!


Second shot – hair is a mess, the wind is blowing through my top and puffing it out.


Third shot – so you’re asking… did she put those darn pockets on or not???


Nope!  I just couldn’t do it.  The fabric is light.  The pockets are interfaced and topstitched. They were too stiff and heavy for this gathered skirt.  (Another windy shot!)


That’s ok!  I can live without the pockets on this skirt.  Last night I fell asleep thinking about what kind of top I am going to make with the remainder of my denim and where am  I going to place my pockets on that top?  (Am I the only one that dreams of sewing?)


I thank you all for reading along and throwing in your ideas … now which project should we tackle next?

Happy Sewing!


36 thoughts on “My denim skirt – pockets on/pockets off!

  1. Hahaha ! Almost couldn’t bear the suspense over the back pockets…..Your skirt has turned out great without them. I’m just about to embark on my first pair of jeans and you buttons and rivets comments are very helpful, thank you. No you’re not the only one that dreams about sewing !!!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post! 😂. Thank you for your compliments! I’ll be watching for your jeans!

  2. Looks great! You’re so brave with those rivets. I bought some ages ago and have made jeans (or perhaps I should call them just trousers without the rivets) since, but bottled out of adding rivets. Hope you can think of an imaginative use for those beautiful pockets.

    1. Thanks! I’ve got the top with pockets planned in my head. Now, like the rest of us, I need the TIME!

  3. I’m glad you left off the pockets. Are you going to try them as breast pockets on a shirt? You can actually buy jeans buttons that don’t require hammering. The button part screws into the back part. Personally I find the noise of the hammering hard to bear.

    1. Thanks! No actually I found somewhere else to put the pockets on my imaginary top. I’ll surprise you! I’ve seen the sew on buttons, they are definitely easier. (My Dad did construction. I’m used o noise!). 👍😃

  4. Love that red top-stitching!

  5. Your skirt looks fab, and I love all the hardware you’ve attached. What about a denim bag with the left over fabric, and you could use the pockets on the outside? 😀

    1. Thanks! Yes, the pockets would be a perfect addition to a denim bag! They definitely won’t be wasted!

  6. Looks great! The pockets will look great on a top.

  7. That looks awesome! Geez, if you’re stressed at all I could see myself pounding the hammer into the wood. I love the little rivets. Your denim skirt looks great.

    1. Thank you! The hammer is really, really fun! You should give it a go sometime!

  8. Great skirt. I love hammering buttons and rivets. Very therapeutic 😉

    1. Thank you! 🔨🔨🔨👍😃

  9. It looks fabulous! I think it looks great blowing in the wind too! Congrats!

    1. Thank you! Who needs a big fan for your photo shoot when you live on the West coast!

  10. Great skirt, and I think it was a good choice to leave off the back pockets. Love your red topstitching and those rivets – perfect way to work out stress (I wonder…..could one just hammer rivets into random bits of fabric? It would be so therapeutic.)

    1. Sure! We should market it and make a ton of money!

  11. Had I known sewing involved hammering I might have stuck with it! 🙂

    1. Actually I plan on marketing this stress relieving technique and making millions!

      1. If you could market hammering and popping bubble wrap you’d be a billionaire!

        1. That would actually be a perfect gimmick! Popping bubble wrap with a hammer!

  12. Looks great! I’ve enjoyed the saga of this skirt!

  13. There was a time, many light years ago, when rivets were all the rages. I took a pair of store bought jeans and put star rivets all down the side seam and I was hip. Loved the hammer. Must admit that your skirt is beautiful and classy where my jeans screamed “disco”. Like I said, it was many light years ago. I can hardly wait to see what you do with pockets on a top….

    1. Ok… I remember those! They were fabulous! You must have been hammering for hours! The top will be fun! Fingers crossed that I have enough fabric to do what I wish. Oh well, at least the pockets are already made!

  14. Your skirt turned out beautifully and I love it with or without pockets. The metal button and rivets really make it look very professional. Xx

    1. Thank you very much! I’m going to have to get more of those.

  15. Congratulations, lovely skirt. And this post will be pinned on my sewing tech board on Pinterest for the day I finally have the courage to hammer some real jean pockets!

    1. Thank you! Glad I can help in any way. I actually just bought my own hammer so I don’t have to borrow my husband’s anymore. First time in my life I’ve owned my own hammer. Amazing, huh?

      1. Congratulations then on owning your own hammer too. Girl power! {-;

  16. Love it! You’ll get lots of wear out of it, and you’ll get to say “thanks, I made it!” all the time! Seeing it on, I agree about the pockets. Now where will they end up? More suspense…

    1. Thank you! Yes, my life is full of suspense. Every little thing seems like a big adventure to me! 😂

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